The Ur-Berliner Guide Curated by Born & Raised Berliners

photos: Amanda Artiaga

There are so many reasons why we heart Berlin. In a fast-paced city like ours, it’s hard to keep track. People move in and out, places come and go. What one person loves about this city, might be completely unknown to others, and possibly gone before they even find out about it. Every city guide, every restaurant recommendation, list of cafés, clubs or bars can only give little indications and reflect someone else’s love for this city, but in the end why you love Berlin, is your own story.

Those who have been born and raised in Berlin, and, after all these years, still decide to call Berlin their home, have a genuine love story to tell. We asked some of these ‘Ur-Berliners’, with lifelong experience how they would spend a day in Berlin. The results are a collection of hidden gems and nostalgic places that never lose their charm. #whyiheartberlin

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on March 15th, 2018
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Christmas Markets & Events in Berlin 2017

Gendarmenmarkt, photo: Michael Setzpfandt

Although this year it may feel like the Christmas Markets season came exceptionally early, with still no traces of snow and surprisingly mild temperatures, the festive frenzy is upon us – and we’re excited for all the Glühwein, Plätzchen and proper christmas shopping! In this year’s guide, we’re reacquianting you with some places from last year and presenting others that are happening for the very first time.

When it comes to christmas events, Berlin’s just as versatile as you might have expected – you’ll find a few traditional markets, some really design-oriented events, a film festival and even a masked ball.

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on December 1st, 2017
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A Fleamarket Guide for Berlin

photo: Axel Kuhlmann / CC

Berlin is the capital city of flea markets and visiting these iconic institutions is a great way of spending a couple of hours of your weekend (singles watch out: there is a strong possibility of starting a flirt with a handsome stranger at the innumerous stalls) but as I walk along the Spree towards my first destination, the Arena Indoor Flea Market, feelings of smallness start to unsettle. In fact, I could not have chosen a worse day to venture out into flea markets – it is freezing cold, bloody foggy and there is mud everywhere due to the melting snow and I cannot stop thinking to myself that only a strike of luck will prevent me from slipping and falling into the river. It would not be the first time…

on March 24th, 2017
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The Turkish Market: The Land of Plenty Across the River

illustrations: Johanna Dumet

For some people it might be shoes, for others clothes or “high tech stuff” – a term that does not exactly prove my awareness in this area. For me it has always been food, especially the process of purchasing it. There have always been two things that could make me happy no matter what: a beautiful, sunny weather and a huge supermarket full of quality products. The Turkish market combines both these elements into one fascinating extravaganza of color, scent and lively sounds. On top of that, the market is situated at the river bank known as Maybachufer offering people the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing lunch break while gazing at the playful swans in front of them. When the sky is cloud free and the sun shines, it feels like walking into an oasis, where a highly convenient trade-off takes place: you walk into the market as if you are walking into a safe haven, which will suck all your stress and negative energy and replace it with tranquility and a sense of relief.

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on September 29th, 2016
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Experience the Power of Flowers in Berlin

Flowers are totally hype these days! With quite a few flower related start-ups and projects on the rise it seems they are taking over the reign from the trending positions of food delivery and dating apps of the last couple of years. The slightly antiquated job of the florist is now totally in fashion again.

Flower services such as Florale Welten, Damerius, Flowerstudio Berlin, Bloomon and many more are now reinventing the classical flower bouquet to make it into the contemporary, Instagram-worthy little pieces of art that people just can’t help but fall in love with. is an online magazine that is dedicated to the beauty of flowers and promotes all these little projects that we have here in Berlin. They also have a huge map and search function that let’s you find the best flower shops in your proximity.

This coming weekend they are organizing a huge Flower Market at Bikini Berlin that you shouldn’t miss. The amazing flower installation by Rebecca Louise Law in Spring showed us that flowers and the Bikini Berlin go really well together, so we are looking forward to this new flowertastic event.

Frank by
on June 22nd, 2016
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Exploring Berlin: A Guide To Moabit

photo: Till Krech / CC

Moabit – this district between Mitte and Charlottenburg. I can’t say exactly what it is, but it seems like an area that is not overloaded with places that push a ‚healthy‘ lifestyle, full of cool start-ups or snobby places. While much of Berlin evolves on the cutting edge of trends you could say that Moabit keeps it real.

Moabit has the former JVA Moabit (correctional facility), and the embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. But of course, Moabit is more than these things. You’ll also find Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof and the district has a myriad of possibilities for artists to display their works. And you will start to appreciate the very earnest facet of the district.

We put together a list of things to do in Moabit. Once a part of Tiergarten, in 2011 the traditional working-class district separated. Still, some of our suggestions might be on the verge of Tiergarten. See them right after the jump.

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on March 15th, 2016
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Street Food around the World

Food is a way of coming together, a huge chunk of culture, a defining moment of – you guessed it – taste.

While in some cultures street food has always been a big part of daily life, it is on the up-and-up in Berlin, bringing delicious and quality street food that matches the fast pace of the metropolis. Next to the long-existing bratwurst, currywurst and döner there are numerous opportunities to expand your taste buds. Korean, Japanese, Mexican, you name it: Food is like a language, ever evolving. Time to get behind the magic.

Together with filmmaker Karsten Boysen, the guys of OSK made a lovely video about street food, following their hunger and ideas behind it. Observing and portraying the fast (but good) food on the streets in New York, Beijing and of course Berlin. See the foodie-licious result with a good chunk about the popular Street Food Thursday at Markthalle IX after the jump.

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on March 11th, 2016
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Exploring Berlin: A Guide To Schöneberg

photo: Urban Nation / Nika Kramer

Schöneberg, oh Schöneberg. You are underestimated. Although you have so much to offer! The late and beloved David Bowie wasn’t the only one to notice your charm, but also numerous artists such as Iggy Pop and Klaus Kinski lived in your hemisphere. There’s something about you, something mature and unagitated but still exciting. Something that feels like home yet still comes up with surprises of the unknown.

Founded as a tiny village and first documented in 1264 (that’s… a long time ago), Schöneberg was merged in 2001 with the adjacent district Tempelhof and is now called: Tempelhof-Schöneberg. We will focus on the Schöneberg-part of the district today, presenting you the best options to eat & drink, see some art, spend some leisure time in the most beautiful spots and learn something about the history of the ‘beautiful mountain’ aka Schöneberg.

FYI: Even though the district is located at a quite elevated spot, the name ‘Schöneberg’ that includes the ‘mountain-theme’ is rather a wishful-thinking-name than a geographically correct one. But who cares, right? Let’s start with our guide to Schöneberg!

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on January 20th, 2016
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A One of a Kind Christmas Market

Every year it’s the same: What to give your loved ones for Christmas? It’s not easy these days to find something really unique because we live in a world where everything exists a thousand times and in the end nothing is really special. But of course you want to give something that is different and special. Something that only exists one time.

This month there is a Christmas market taking place inside Bikini Berlin that took this desire to heart and specialized in one of a kind products. Here you’ll find artisanal products, garments, delicacies, design objects and so much more – but all of it is hand-made and one of a kind and not mass-produced. The idea of the market pretty much aligns itself with the concept of the Bikini Berlin, because the shops inside here are different from the highstreet chains that you’ll find in regular malls and offer unique products for the sophisticated customer.

The One of a Kind Christmas Market at Bikini Berlin will be open on the coming two weekends from Thursday to Saturday. Have a look after the jump for some impressions from last weekend and more info.

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on December 10th, 2015
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Christmas, Design & Charity Markets in Berlin 2015

photo: Weihnachtsrodeo

It’s that time of the year again! After we’ve already had some little snowflakes, the first official Christmas weekend lays ahead of us. And instead of wondering where the time and year has gone so quickly, we’re so looking forward to some Glühwein, Plätzchen and proper Christmas shopping. Because the best places to find unique gifts and delicious Christmas treats are of course the numerous Christmas and design markets around town.

And because the cold Christmas season is not only about us, but about neighborly love and solidarity; we added some nice charity markets to our selection, so you can not only enjoy for yourself, but also give back something. So here are the best tips to fully embrace one of our favorite German Christmas Tradition: The Christmas Market!

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on November 26th, 2015
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