Our Friends from the Peachbeach

Vidam The Key


If there is one thing certain about the Urban Spree gallery in Friedrichshain it’s that they will always deliver about their exhibition. Few galleries manage to be so consistant about their style while still being always full of fun and surprises.

The new group exhibition opening tonight curated by the artist duo behind the collective Peachbeach is one more example for Urban Spree’s genious choices of arists. They got all their favorite fellow artists together to create a spectacular show and of course yet another huge mural that is going to cover the outside of the gallery. Apart from Vidam and Look from Peachbeach there will also be the work of DXTR,BASE23, Mike Friedrich, Martin Krusche, Deedee Kid, John Reaktor and Zipper die Rakete. After the jump you will see a preview of the show, but make sure to come by the vernissage tonight as there is going to be quite the party going on.

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on November 21st, 2014
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A Guide to Berlin’s Best Alpine Restaurants


If you ever went skiing in the Alps, for instance in Kitzbühel, you know that there is nothing better after a full day of skiing than a warm lunch on the top of a white mountain inside a cosy hut. You don’t need a master in geography to notice that the Alps are not really nearby. Luckily to appreciate some mountain flavors you don’t have to leave Berlin since this city has some really nice restaurants serving savory Alpine cuisine.

To recreate a little Alpine feeling we put on our Ultra Light Down jackets from Uniqlo (previously featured here) and went on a little culinary excursion. Filling our bellies with Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarn and Käsespätzle we had some nice evenings around town. Check out the resulting list of our Top 5 Alpine restaurants in Berlin after the jump.

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on November 11th, 2014
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What Bar Type are you? – A Bar & Cocktail Guide for Berlin

Tier (640x434)


One of the things that’s awesome about Berlin is the fact that it has something for every taste. This applies not just to the art galleries that range from big snobby ones to small playful ones, or the theater culture that has big name actors on huge stages on the one side and experimental pieces in improvised settings on the other. It is also something that you will notice in terms of nightlife. There is basically a party for every type of crowd and for every taste in music. The same goes for the bars and this is something I want to explore today.

What bar type are you? You like the classic ones with the best cocktails in the city? Or are you all about friendly and cosy atmosphere? Or do you like to have an awesome view over the city while sipping on your long drink? In our new comprehensive Bar Guide for Berlin we tried to split up the bar scene of Berlin by different types and give you some recommendation for every taste and occasion.

To save you from having to study the drinks menu for 10 minutes in every bar before you know what to order we consulted the cocktail archive of and selected a few suitable drinks for each of our bar types. This website comes in handy when you are looking the right cocktail for you as you can search by occasion, spirit or ingredient and also have a look at the recipes that range from cocktail classics to new trendy drinks. Very practical! But now enjoy our bar and cocktail guide after the jump!

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on October 31st, 2014
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Dubl Trubl – London Street Art in Berlin

Dubl Trubl – London Street Art in Berlin

photos by Yuto Yamada

Dubl Trubl is the funny title of the current group exhibition of one of our favorite galleries for urban art, the Urban Spree gallery at the RAW area in Friedrichshain. Curated by Discreet over 90 street and graffiti artists, mostly from London, had paired up and sprayed over every inch of the outside and inside walls of the gallery. This is a continuation of the fascinating concept to use the entir building as a canvas for art and this exhibition has made use of it in the most extensive capacity that I have seen so far. Even the trash cans were used for the art! What I like about the exhibition that it somehow seems like it’s still from one artist as most of the work kept in the colorspace that includes black, white and yellow. It looks pretty iconic this way and will be very memorable, though it will soon be painted over by the next exhibition I assume.

This Thursday the exhibition will celebrate its closing night so it’s your last chance to see it up-close. To make the finissage even more exciting it will also be the release of the Dubl Trubl documentary video and zine that was produced in parallel to the exhibition with lots of behind the scenes and making of material. Urban Spree is also celebrating the launch of Chrisse Kunst’s print collaboration with the artists Dave The Chimp, Billy & Alex, Thierry Noir, Aeon, Christiaan Nagel, Reka and more. So come by and check out all the shiny new things and discover all the Dubl Trubl street art and graffiti around the place. Some previews after the jump.

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on October 29th, 2014
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Welcome to the Neue Heimat

Welcome to the Neue Heimat

Since its opening 3 weeks ago the new location Neue Heimat at the RAW grounds at Revaler Straße in Friedrichshain has been pretty much the talk of the town with its amazing street food market events on Sundays. The concept is not really new as the street food hype has already been successfully established by Bite Club and Markthalle 9. But after all of our team members have visited it in the past few weeks we agree theirs came out really nice and is a great addition to the street food event scene of Berlin. The space is just really fun to hang out, versatile in its design and so much space to sit and enjoy the delicious food which is really an advantage to some of the other street food markets.

But Neue Heimat is not just going to be about street food. Tonight they are hosting their first Berlin Summer Market which brings together fashion, design and interior products in one big market. The list of sellers is really long and diverse and includes familiar names such as The Shit Shop, Mayflower Vintage, Mies Nobis, German Garment, Majaco, Perlensäue, dyn and many more. The market has been so far scheduled for the two remaining Wednesdays of August, so check it out today and next week. More dates to be announced. After the jump we have some impressions of the location during its Street Food Sunday market. Enjoy!

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on August 20th, 2014
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The All-Day Breakfast Guide for Berlin

Spreegold 03

I’m a total breakfast person. Well, I’m a food person in general, but breakfast is the most important meal for me and even if I have a busy day ahead of me I will take my time and endulge in my daily breakfast routine.

I love eating out for breakfast with friends or for business meetings. It sets me in the perfect mood for just anything to be serviced with coffee, scrambled eggs, pancakes or cakes. But sadly the majority of cafes and restaurants don’t align with my nighthawk schedule and super late breakfast sessions. I never understood why restaurants decide to limit the time they serve certain dishes even though they still have the same cook and the same ingredients in the house. It seems to be one of those German beaurocratic rules that you just have to oblige.

But Berlin wouldn’t be Berlin if there wouldn’t be at least some places that operate outsite of these silly rules. I have selected 6 of my favorites places that I gratefully visit on a regular basis and put together a little all-day breakfast guide for Berlin.

If you are looking for more places to have an amazing breakfast (also at more common hours) I have curated a list of the 10 best breakfast places for the brand new and phantastic Friendly Berlin offline city guide iPhone app. You should definately download and check out this app if you want to get some inspiration on how to spend your days here as I have written many original themed routes about Berlin.

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on August 18th, 2014
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Carrots, Unicorns and Vegan Burgers – A Visit to the Holzmarkt

Carrots, Unicorns and Vegan Burgers – A Visit to the Holzmarkt

Have you already been to the Holzmarkt? It’s the new cultural and social space that has been built on top of the former, legendary Bar 25 directly at the shore of the Spree. The Bar 25 is probably one of the most notable clubs of the post-millenium era and even though it has been closed down for years the legand never died with films and books coming out and new places opening up of people from the previous group of owners. The Kater Holzig across the Spree was one of them that was also open for a few years, and the Chalet at former Heinz Minki beer garden is yet another.

It’s pretty much a miracle that the grounds of the old Bar 25 are now back in the hands of the same people even though this area was meant to become one of the construction sites of the city developement catastrophy that is the Mediaspree. Gladly this could be prevented with the efforts of many people getting involved and maybe also some luck and good will of people in high places. The concept was far too tempting: A new cultural and social meeting point with lots of small alternative projects coming together in one place to create a little haven for those who want to escape the commercialized metropolis Berlin is slowly but surely becoming. Here you can grow your own carrots, have your children play on the adventurous playground, eat your vegan burger, watch independant theater productions and performances or simply enjoy the sunset with a view over the river Spree. And what it turned out to be is exactly that. A place that is open to everyone (without the ruthless door policy of the previous Bar 25) to come and feel a little free from everything.

I’m curious what else is going to grow at Holzmarkt as there are still some areas in construction. Right now you can also see the urban farming projects, some food stands and a bar, lots of seating and lounges, the playground, and the amazing looking Ding Dong Dom theater. I hear there are also plans for another club, artist studios and a gallery. I’m sure many events will take place there soon. Go and have a look for yourself. Some impressions after the jump.

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on June 2nd, 2014
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The Urban Greenhouse


The Urban Greenhouse is a wonderful project from Denmark invinted by Line Grüner and produced by Anton Balle that is making its Berlin debut this Sunday at Urban Spree gallery. The 2sqm mobile greenhouse fits two chairs and a coffee table and about 1sqm of ground to grow whatever you like. It’s like a little green garden paradise in a box, on wheels.

Those wheels will make a little tour through Friedrichshain on Sunday and than at 15h will arrive at Urban Spree where it will remain until the end of June. Everyone who is curious about this cool invention is invited to drop by during the tour or at the opening reception at Urban Spree for a chat and some tea. Some more impressions and the details after the jump.

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on March 28th, 2014
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Closing of Peristal Singum – The End of the Magical Labyrinth

photo: Karmanoia

Defining Berlin as a magic wonderland we are actually quite sad that one of our favorite playgrounds and Berlin’s most special experiences will close its doors this week. The magic labyrinth called Peristal Singum created by art collective and community Karmanoia inside the club Salon zur wilden Renate is a supernatural adventure into a psychedelic, artificial and very elaborate fantasy world. From tremendously funny to excitingly scary – entering the Labyrinth was always a roller coaster ride of emotions. This week is the last week of this famous location. And as usual in Berlin there will be a 4 days closing party to commemorate this wonderful place. I wish you will get a chance to experience it before it closes its doors. Opening times and the address after the jump.

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on March 24th, 2014
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Narrative Urban Poland



Fans of street art should check out the opening of Narrative Urban Poland tomorrow at the Urban Spree gallery in Friedrichshain. It will showcase the artworks and a mural by four prominent street artists and painters from Poland: M-City, Magda Drobcyzk, Otecki and Zbiok. After the jump you can get a preview of the show, but you should definately enjoy it in the amazing space of the gallery.

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on March 14th, 2014
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