A Guide to Berlin’s Best Alpine Restaurants


If you ever went skiing in the Alps, for instance in Kitzbühel, you know that there is nothing better after a full day of skiing than a warm lunch on the top of a white mountain inside a cosy hut. You don’t need a master in geography to notice that the Alps are not really nearby. Luckily to appreciate some mountain flavors you don’t have to leave Berlin since this city has some really nice restaurants serving savory Alpine cuisine.

To recreate a little Alpine feeling we put on our Ultra Light Down jackets from Uniqlo (previously featured here) and went on a little culinary excursion. Filling our bellies with Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarn and Käsespätzle we had some nice evenings around town. Check out the resulting list of our Top 5 Alpine restaurants in Berlin after the jump.

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on November 11th, 2014
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What Bar Type are you? – A Bar & Cocktail Guide for Berlin

Tier (640x434)


One of the things that’s awesome about Berlin is the fact that it has something for every taste. This applies not just to the art galleries that range from big snobby ones to small playful ones, or the theater culture that has big name actors on huge stages on the one side and experimental pieces in improvised settings on the other. It is also something that you will notice in terms of nightlife. There is basically a party for every type of crowd and for every taste in music. The same goes for the bars and this is something I want to explore today.

What bar type are you? You like the classic ones with the best cocktails in the city? Or are you all about friendly and cosy atmosphere? Or do you like to have an awesome view over the city while sipping on your long drink? In our new comprehensive Bar Guide for Berlin we tried to split up the bar scene of Berlin by different types and give you some recommendation for every taste and occasion.

To save you from having to study the drinks menu for 10 minutes in every bar before you know what to order we consulted the cocktail archive of and selected a few suitable drinks for each of our bar types. This website comes in handy when you are looking the right cocktail for you as you can search by occasion, spirit or ingredient and also have a look at the recipes that range from cocktail classics to new trendy drinks. Very practical! But now enjoy our bar and cocktail guide after the jump!

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on October 31st, 2014
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Film Fest Galore: Italian Film & Lakino Festival


The Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Mitte is diving head first into the film festival circuit. Two great festival programs will commence at the old beauty Kino Babylon and the massive Volksbühne this Friday. From Oktober 2nd through 5th the Tuscia Film Fest 2014 brings the highlights of the Italian art of filmmaking onto the silver screen. And while the final film of their program is still flickering in the Babylon, the Volksbühne opens the gates for Lakino. The Latin American Film Fest will present films, discussions and art from the faraway continent until October 12th 2014. Details after the jump.

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on October 2nd, 2014
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A Contemporary Art Guide for Berlin-Mitte

A Contemporary Art Guide for Berlin-Mitte

Ai Weiwei at Boros Collection

When I went through my city guide archive on iHeartBerlin I noticed that I neglected one of my favorite districts of the city a little bit in recent months. I lived in the North of Mitte for about 4,5 years and I quickly grew very fond of my neighborhood there around Rosenthaler Platz. Even though I live in Prenzlauer Berg now I still go there all the time and I really miss some of the places that I used to frequent on a daily basis. Mitte might have the reputation of being overly commercial, but I think still it is the best place for food, fashion and art as it has the best fashion shops, most important art galleries and the most popular restaurants in town.

As part of the brand new Heat Map by Heineken I was asked to create a list of my favorite places in Mitte. This Heat Map features the most interesting places not only in all the districts of Berlin, but also in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. For my list I decided to create a little art tour through Mitte with some of the most important galleries for contemporary art as well as some of my favorite places that you will come across on the way. This walking tour is my ultimate suggestions on how to spend a day in Berlin-Mitte dedicated to art. Keep your eyes open on the way, as you will come across some nice shops, cafes and restaurants as well. Enjoy and be inspired!

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on September 5th, 2014
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The Colour Parade

The Colour Parade

Considering the excruciating stiffness and dreadfully boring sense of fashion of us Germans (it’s true! just look around!) it comes as no surprise that it takes a looney pair of Aussies with a lot of sun in their hearts to create something like The Colour Parade here in Berlin. What it is is a fun little gathering of likeminded excentric individuals who want to praise the glory of self-expression in the most of colourful ways: with crazy-ass outfits and make-up. What a joy for the eyes and just what the grey, conformative crowd of Berlin needs to lighten the fuck up. The details after the jump!

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on August 29th, 2014
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Let It Rock! – Berlin Mitte 10 Years Ago

Let it Rock

A bit more than 10 years ago film makers Igor Paasch and Frank Künster premiered their documentation Let It Rock! about Berlin’s most controversial district Mitte at the Berlinale 2003 and showed their film at several festivals over the course of the following 7 years. Now, 11 years later they finally released the film online for everyone to see.

Several Berlin personalities who the younger ones of us might not even know anymore but who were somehow famous and involved in the Berlin scene at the time are talking about Mitte and its nightlife, some praise it, some complain about it, but everyone has their own unique perspective on it. We recognize a few people that are still quite involved today, such as Johann from Circle Culture Gallery, Cookie, Sasha from Jahcoozi, Mieze from Mia., Miss Kittin and Ellen Alien.

It’s quite interesting what parts of Mitte’s scene this documentary is showing. I was already living in Berlin and going out at the time, but somehow nothing seems familiar what I see in the film which proves once more how many microcosm coexist in Berlin next to each other. What’s interesting is that all this was filmed before places such as Bar 25, Berghain and Renate even openen. Tresor was still in its previous space at Leipziger Platz and Weekend, WMF and Watergate where the hip new clubs everyone in their 20s went to. For me personaly back than there was no district that was particularily cool or better than the other. The places you went to were all over the city, some even in the (geographical) West of Berlin.

Today everything is quite different in that respect. Depending on the person who is talking some districts have a bad reputation for the one or other reason. That’s a bit sad in a way because ultimately every district is going through the same kind of developement, just in a different time and speed. Ultimately they all make up the Berlin that we know and love and sometimes it’s also important to acknowledge the past of one area to understand and appreciate the present of another. Enjoy the film after the jump.

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The All-Day Breakfast Guide for Berlin

Spreegold 03

I’m a total breakfast person. Well, I’m a food person in general, but breakfast is the most important meal for me and even if I have a busy day ahead of me I will take my time and endulge in my daily breakfast routine.

I love eating out for breakfast with friends or for business meetings. It sets me in the perfect mood for just anything to be serviced with coffee, scrambled eggs, pancakes or cakes. But sadly the majority of cafes and restaurants don’t align with my nighthawk schedule and super late breakfast sessions. I never understood why restaurants decide to limit the time they serve certain dishes even though they still have the same cook and the same ingredients in the house. It seems to be one of those German beaurocratic rules that you just have to oblige.

But Berlin wouldn’t be Berlin if there wouldn’t be at least some places that operate outsite of these silly rules. I have selected 6 of my favorites places that I gratefully visit on a regular basis and put together a little all-day breakfast guide for Berlin.

If you are looking for more places to have an amazing breakfast (also at more common hours) I have curated a list of the 10 best breakfast places for the brand new and phantastic Friendly Berlin offline city guide iPhone app. You should definately download and check out this app if you want to get some inspiration on how to spend your days here as I have written many original themed routes about Berlin.

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Type Hype – Milk and Typography Products

Type Hype Concept Store_Bildquelle Ailine Liefeld-7804

photos: Ailine Lietfeld

Mitte has a fabulous new place for coffee at Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße. But Type Hype is not just about coffee, even tough theirs is really nice. The new concept store by the label of the same name is specialized in typography-related product design, so you will find things such as pillows, posters, wine bottles, mugs and stationary with big letters in different styles on it. Such a simple idea, but the design is so contemporary and clever that you just want to stack up on the A, B and Cs and decorate your home with it. By the way, you can only see a small selection of the width of products and letters in the shop. On the Type Hype website you can get much more as well as order sets of products with your own letter combinations. Get some first impressions of the beautiful shop after the jump along with the details.

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on July 23rd, 2014
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A Fashion Week Cool Downer

A Fashion Week Cool Downer

When it comes to Fashion Week you have two choices: Be a good fashion blogger and rush to all the shows and write about the collections later. Or you can skip the hassle of the shows and enjoy all the relaxed side events taking place all over town with free drinks, snacks and other amenities.

The Samsung Fashion Cool Downer at the #Inland pop-up shop offered exactly this last Thursday and I was happy to drop by to cool down a bit and enjoy some Thomas Henry cocktails and Glacéau vitaminwater. At the event I was once more educated about the coolness of Scandinavian fashion with the #Inland showroom presentation of a group of Finish designers who make amazing fashion and clever products. The collaboration with the Samsung Food Showcase also introduced the terminoligy “kitchenista” to me which pretty much means that you do not only use your fridge for food but also for make-up and lotions as well as leather and cashmere goods which apparently keeps them look fresh and new. The huge deluxe refridgerator offers lots of space for exactly that in their practical showcase shelf in the double door. Nifty!

The #Inland showroom has now turned into a proper shop once the Fashion Week was over, so now the general public can shop some great Finish design and check out the fancy Samsung Food Showcase until the end of August. Some impressions after the jump.

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Bite Club is coming to Mitte

Bite Club is coming to Mitte

The huge success of the street food market Bite Club is coming to Mitte! In addition to the big version at Arena that is happing several times over the course of the summer we will have a regular smaller edition with a selection of booths at the Platoon Kunsthalle in Mitte. This Saturday there will be a soft opening starting at 14h with booths by Buns Mobile, Jolesh, Mogg&Melzer, Pic Nic 34, Bun Bao, Heisser Hobel, Maria Maria Arepas and Orlando. Which delicious street food is behind all those names you can check here. After this Saturday there is going to be a little break of one week, but starting from June 7th there will be a Mitte Bite Club every Saturday during summer. Yeay! Get a preview of whats expecting you after the jump.

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on May 21st, 2014
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