Bixels is back – Only this Week!


The delicious baked potatoes of Bixels are dearly missed since the cute little restaurant at Mulackstraße had to close a few years ago. Luckily the Bixels potatoes pop back up every once in a while and we are always glad to get another chance to taste them. This week they have another one of those pop-ups at the Club der Polnischen Versager in Mitte. More details about after the jump.

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on March 26th, 2014
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CLASHWALL – Be Part of the coolest Streetart Mural of Berlin



Murals are one my favorite forms of art in public. I just love it when artists turn buildings into giant canvases. Not only do these artworks stand out by their size, they also change the city landscape into something creative that is much more than just concrete, steal and glass.

As part of Converse‘ SNEAKER CLASH series of artistic installations in 16 cities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa the three Berlin-based street artists and illustrators Wurstbande, Gogoplata and Rylsee will create the CLASHWALL here in Berlin. The CLASHWALL is a big mural covering the entire front of a house on Torstraße in Mitte with drawings that have been especially created based on the suggestions and sketches of street art and sneaker fans. Find out more about the artists, how to be part of the mural and the big live event here in Berlin after the jump.

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on March 18th, 2014
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SG APARTMENT - Magnus Petersson_C

One thing that is really amazing in this city: The options for design are limitless. Yes, we have a lot of mass produced products here as well, but we also have countless shops and labels that sell very individualistic and unique designs. This does not only apply for fashion, but also for interior and product design. Especially here in Mitte we have great shops, one of them being the showroom of sustainable design label Supergrau.

Their line of products has some truely beautiful and original pieces, all of them made of high quality, sustainable materials such as stainless steel and local woods. I personally love their lamp collection Furore that comes as a table lamp and a ceiling lamp in a variety of colors and materials. I’m also a big fan of the high chair Love15 that is like a slick designer version of the ones in front of the St. Oberholz. This coming Thursday you will have a great opportunity to take a closer look at the Supergrau products at their Christmas party in their showroom at Gartenstraße in Mitte. More imressions and details after the jump.

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on December 11th, 2013
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Superconscious Store Berlin

Superconscious Store Berlin 1

Only a few months ago the lower end of the Weinbergsweg at Rosenthaler Platz got a brand spanking new fashion store called Superconscious. I was quite surprised to see something new pop up in this area as this street is mostly filled up with quite established bussinesses that never seem to change. But here we go, hello newbie!

I pressed my nose against the window of the interesting looking space quite a few times before I finally went in during their opening hours. It turned out to be more than I expected. The store is particularily interesting for men, even though they also have some womenswear. The selection of brands is what makes it so appealing for me: Unlike comparable shops like SoTo and Civilist this place has mostly upcoming street wear brands with different styles while maintaining a similar aesthetic. I’m always interested in labels that are either brand new or not so overly popular, so this is just my cup of tea. And I did sip of that tea quite a bit lately ;) You’ll find great pieces by The Hentsch Man, Enclave, Topo Design, Muttonhead, Sheriff & Cherry and many more.

Get some impressions of the store after the jump and do drop by at Weinbergsweg 22.

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on September 19th, 2013
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RATS from New York City


RATS is an exciting new temporary store concept that popped up recently at Torstr. 68. With their fine selection of items the charming New Yorker creatives Keren and Gabriel pay tribute to the thriving underground creative culture of the Big Apple. In their cute shop they present an interesting variety of independent and innovative jewelery and product designers, zines and art books, ceramics and hand made products and unique objects that they have collected during their travels.

This Thursday, as part of their event program, they host an exhibition opening titled CUSTOMS that features the artwork by David Black, Agnes Karin, Jeremy Liebman, Olivia Malone, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Keren Richter, Ben Roth, Alessandro Simonetti, Justin Sloane, and Tina Tyrell. The works range in media from portrait photography to collage to color silkscreen. Some more impressions of the awesome store and the details after the jump.

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on August 14th, 2013
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Out of the Cinema and onto the Lawn!


The Hot Tub Cinema hasn’t made it from London to Berlin yet, but the times of watching movies in a theatre with red velvet seats or cuddled up in bed are over none the less. We want to get out, sit in a deckchair or a blanket underneath the stars while the films flicker on an outside screen. Summer has finally come and it’s time for some Open Air film fun! Recommendations after the jump.

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on June 18th, 2013
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Mogg & Melzer Delicatessen

Mogg & Melzer Delicatessen

I’ve been hearing lots of good things about the Mogg & Melzer deli at the former Jewish girls school at Auguststraße since it opened and always wanted to check it out. Last night I finally made that happen. Even though this place is probably mostly frequented for breakfast and lunch by all the agency folks in its Mitte neighborhood I actually went there for dinner. As it’s a deli they mostly offers simple dishes like sandwiches, salades, soups and platters. But if you are looking for a light meal, this also works quite well in the evening. On a quest for a low-carb experience me and my friend both opted for two different variations of goat cheese salade with a side of Pastrami. Both were really delicious and starting at 6 EUR not even that expensive. I also couldn’t resist to try out the NY cheesecake and I was stunned as it’s the best one I’ve had here in Berlin for a long time. We were also a fan of the wines they offered  - and that comes from someone who normally doesn’t drink wine. On top of that the service was really good and super charming. You should definately check this out if you can! More after the jump.

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on March 11th, 2013
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Pret A Diner at Opernwerkstätten


We’ve been following the pop-up restaurant Pret A Diner now for a few years already. They have been opening up in Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week for the last couple of seasons, but also had pop-ups in other cities all over the world. I always liked their interesting set-ups and creative menues, but I must say, this time, they have out-done themselves. The location, the old Opera workshop at Zinnowitzer Str. in Mitte is absolutely stunning and the set-up is especially nice this time. They teamed up with Circle Culture Gallery who have a very good urban and contemporary art exhibition going on there. They also have cute little thrift-store-esque shop that features items from all the places in the world they have opened up in. It’s really charming.

And now to the food. Wow! They offer a 3 course menue for 55 EUR with lots of options. They seperate courses start are 15-20 EUR which is really fair considering the style and quality of the dishes. The US filet steak is the best steak I had in Berlin so far, it’s so good you will be out of words. I also enjoyed the ox cheeks and the cod, they are amazing (and I normally don’t eat fish!). The best dessert is the “Zimtblüte”, at the opening I ate like 4 of them, so good.

In addition to the amazing location, exhibition, shop and food they also offer an entertainment program with live music on Thursdays and special events and parties on the weekend. Next week they will host the 1st anniversary of the Berlin Film Society with a special screening and dinner. More on that in our eventguide.

If you like good food and want to enjoy it in a very unique and impressive set-up you should definately make a reservation at the current edition of Pret A Diner. You will love it! It’s still going on until the end of Febuary. Enjoy my impressions after the jump.

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on February 8th, 2013
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Aktionsforum Shift

Aktionsforum Shift

Mark your calendars, kids, on January 24th 2013 Berlin will get a new playground for experimental and excentric ideas and events. The Aktionsforum Shift will officially open its doors at the Kraftwerk Mitte, the same building that is also home to the Tresor Club and the big event space where the Show And Order fashion trade show takes place during Berlin Fashion Week. Shift will not just be another random club, it will be a space for performances and theatre, music, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings and much more. The preview event of the space during NYE already presented a very eclectic event with a live performance by Aerea Negrot (former vocalist of Hercules & Love Affair) and an experimental video installation which you can see part of after the jump. Stay tuned to our event guide for everything going on at Shift!

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on January 2nd, 2013
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Repainting Mitte

recreate berlin

In their latest episode of the web-tv show Recreate Berlin the guys from Vice have finally arrived in my favorite dictrict of Berlin: Mitte. This time the task of the Galaxy Note Lab was to repaint Mitte. I really enjoyed how workshop leader Clé gives some insights about the development of district that are beyond the typical touristic and commercial hotspots while the participants get creative with the photos they have captured at places such as the Circle Culture Gallery at Gipsstraße. Have a look at the video after the jump.

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on September 19th, 2012
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