December Fun with the KreuzbergKalender – Win Tickets!


December is always packed. But before everyone heads home and Berlin feels like completely emptied out everyone wants to do something nice with their friends. Each year the KreuzbergKalender offers small events that provide the perfect opportunity for lasting memories and the team has great things planned for the upcoming weeks…

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on November 28th, 2013
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The KreuzbergKalender returns!


The Advent project will introduce people, places and products in and around Kreuzberg and brings the neighborhood together at their own events again this year. It will kick off with an Opening Party at the Backyard and because the girls won the Party, there’s another big bash on February 1st…

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on November 10th, 2013
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Restaurant Feliu in Neukölln

Restaurant Feliu in Neukölln

Even though I am a big fan of Spain I have to admit that I have never really gotten used to the Spanish cuisine. There hasn’t been one Spanish restaurant here in Berlin yet, that I truly enjoyed eating at. Gladly this has changed now. Let me introduce you to Feliu. It’s a brand new Spanish restaurant in the Kreuzkölln area that I was lucky to try out last week. And it was quite delightful!

The place is located at Pflüger, quite close to the subway stop Schönleinstaße. The candle-lit interior has the typical urban-rustic style of Neukölln and Kreuzberg, with lots of little details and antiques, think of Das Hotel. We felt quite comfortable in the place and were warmly welcomed. We tried out as many things as possible on the menu including vegetarian and fish starters, meaty main courses and chocolaty desserts. Unlike most of the Spanish dishes that I have been served so far everything was really arranged with a good sense of style and love to details. Some of the courses almost looked Asian, which was quite unusual.

The baked egg plant with cheese was really good, so was the pork main course. But the absolute hightlight was the chocolate cake, very rich in taste! And to our big surprise everything was unusually inexpensive for the area. No main course was over 13 EUR. I’ll definately dine here again soon and will probably try out the duck. We also heard they have an amazing Paella for brunch on Sundays. Enjoy our impressions and the details after the jump!

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on March 27th, 2013
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Looking forward to the KreuzbergKalender

Der KreuzbergKalender

Last year around this time I was still very relaxed and the Christmas corners in the supermarkets annoyed me like most other people. But then I sat in our kitchen with a good friend and we came up with idea of an Advent calendar that contains real experiences instead of stale chocolate. What was said was done and relaxation was quickly replaced with excel-sheets, nights of filling paper bags and plenty of anticipation for the Holiday season. Although the KreuzbergKalender was a fairly improvised project in its first year, it was a surprisingly great success. Our handmade Advent calendars sold out quickly and plenty of friends and fans visited the events we hosted and created memories we still talk about.

Now December is approaching and we decided to give the KreuzbergKalender another go in 2012. But this time around we’d like to not only do it for our friends, but with all those cool kids interested in what’s new and exciting between Schillerkiez and Moritzplatz.

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on October 25th, 2012
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Vintage Galore – The 60s Teak Heaven

Vintage Galore – The 60s Teak Heaven

Vintage Galore is a brand new vintage furniture store at Sanderstraße a few doors down from Sing Blackbird. It’s not like any of those cramped and dusty second hand furniture shops with cheap knock-offs and granny’s old stuff. It feels more like a high-end design boutique. The specialty here are 60s Scandinavian design furniture in teak wood and lamps. They also have a small but great vintage clothes section with a lot of menswear. The amazing thing about the store is the quality of the products. Many of them are refurbished by hand which makes them look as good as new. Owner Erik told me, that teak wood pieces from the 60s have always been a passion for him and with this store he turned his hobby into a profession. Well done! Some more impressions and details after the jump.

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on October 19th, 2012
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Lavanderia Vecchia – Newkölln Adventures


I have no problems with Neukölln. I don’t think that it is dangerous, I don’t have any problems with the people living there (hipsters included) and I have no envy at all towards people paying so much less rent than I do. Still I am not a Newkölln enthusiast. Something makes me nervous there. Which is a pity, because they have one restaurant I would kill to have in Mitte, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain.  The Lavanderia Vecchia (ital. the old laundry) is an amazing place with amazing food. And during the day for lunch time the prices are amazing too. In the evening they just serve full course menus for a fixed price of 45 EUR (drinks included). Certainly more of an option for special occassions. The social engagement of the restaurant is quite impressive. Once a month they serve extra cheap food to unemployd and homeless people.  Check out some impressions and the address after the jump.

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on June 28th, 2012
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The Weekend Party Guide (Skrillex What?)


A man none has ever heard of until recently is the new star, hipster alarma at a gallery, champagne or weird drugs at some festival that is taking place during winter, Sunday hangover parties and much more in your weekly partyguide after the jump:

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on February 23rd, 2012
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Pop Up Partyguide


It’s not easy keeping track of Berlin’s party and club scene these days. One has just opened, the week later it closes, wtf? But this is what we are here for, knights of the light. Where and when as usual after the jump:

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This up there is the most delicious mashed potatoes I have eaten in my entire life. No kidding. The juicy meat dish in the background is also quite delicious. I enjoyed these tasty little dishes and more at Fortuna’s Feast in Neukölln the other week. It’s a private dinner salon that you can rent for your private dinner party (including the cook). It’s run by caterer Suzy Fracassa who has her own catering business Fortuna’s Table. If you are interested in her cooking talents you can go to one of her tasting events (regularely on Friday evenings, reservation only) where she presents her dishes and tries out new recipes. It’s a bit like a supper club actually.

This Easter Sunday she is having a big Easter Brunch with many of her special recipes. There’s going to be a serving at 10:30 for the early birds and at 14h for the party goers. I would love to go but I guess I’ll have to settle with the less exciting menu of my parents. Details after the jump.

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on March 31st, 2010
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48 Hours Neukölln


The weekend is here, Hurrahh! Although Friday morning in Berlin will be forever remembered by the sad news of the King of Pop we’re raising a shiny white glove and hoping the sun will shine this weekend to bring us some happy vibes to hang out with at the 11th 48 Hours Neukölln Arts and Culture festival. This Kiez in South-East Berlin affectionately termed “The Ghetto” by a friend of mine and known for its unusual and refreshing art and culture scene is worth heading to this weekend (if you don’t already live there). More info after the jump.

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on June 26th, 2009
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