Wolf – Berlin’s New Cinema


Verena von Stackelberg is a brave woman with a burning passion for film. Opening her very own cinema was her idea for a while and when she stumbled across the perfect venue on Weserstrasse, she jumped at the opportunity. Her crowd funding campaign to finance her magical paradise for all lovers of film is now running. We spoke to her about her vision, the cinema scene and her favourite film of all times…

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on March 30th, 2015
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Rosenkind Café & Boutique: An Afternoon Delight


Living just a few blocks away from Elbestraße, I was surprised to find Rosenkind there, inconspicuously tucked between apartment buildings. Located on one of the more residential streets of Neukölln, this charming café-boutique serves as a cozy local hangout that offers more than just delicious coffee and cake. This family-owned space also offers a unique shopping experience, while supporting young Berlin-based artists by providing a platform to present their work, be it art, handicrafts, music, fashion or events. With an interior that feels like a little treasure chest and a patio space to enjoy a beer or coffee in the sun, Rosenkind creates an inviting atmosphere that reminds us all to enjoy a break when our lives get too stressful and chaotic. I paid them a visit to have a chat with the lovely and charismatic Janan, who shared the recipe for her homemade vegan cake and told me about the concept behind their space. Click on to see why Rosenkind is the perfect afternoon stop on your stroll through Neukölln.

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on March 26th, 2015
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Twinpigs: A Damn Fine Cocktail Bar


Since their opening in April 2014, friends have been telling me to check out the charismatic new Neukölln watering hole, Twinpigs, and the hype has only been building. I’m quite fond of the type of neighborhood bar that doesn’t seem to disappoint (who isn’t?) and as I stepped into Twinpigs for the first time, I knew it was going to be the first of many. The brainchild of a Chilean architect and a Swedish filmmaker, Twinpigs literally happened overnight. After deciding to open their own bar, the two seized the opportunity to take over the serendipitously freed space of a former Boddinstraße speakeasy. After putting in a lot of hard work, love, creativity and dedication, Twinpigs was born. If you enjoy strong drinks, craft beer, and a great atmosphere, click on and see why Twinpigs should be your new favourite hangout.

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on January 16th, 2015
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What Bar Type are you? – A Bar & Cocktail Guide for Berlin

Tier (640x434)


One of the things that’s awesome about Berlin is the fact that it has something for every taste. This applies not just to the art galleries that range from big snobby ones to small playful ones, or the theater culture that has big name actors on huge stages on the one side and experimental pieces in improvised settings on the other. It is also something that you will notice in terms of nightlife. There is basically a party for every type of crowd and for every taste in music. The same goes for the bars and this is something I want to explore today.

What bar type are you? You like the classic ones with the best cocktails in the city? Or are you all about friendly and cosy atmosphere? Or do you like to have an awesome view over the city while sipping on your long drink? In our new comprehensive Bar Guide for Berlin we tried to split up the bar scene of Berlin by different types and give you some recommendation for every taste and occasion.

To save you from having to study the drinks menu for 10 minutes in every bar before you know what to order we consulted the cocktail archive of and selected a few suitable drinks for each of our bar types. This website comes in handy when you are looking the right cocktail for you as you can search by occasion, spirit or ingredient and also have a look at the recipes that range from cocktail classics to new trendy drinks. Very practical! But now enjoy our bar and cocktail guide after the jump!

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on October 31st, 2014
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A Shopping and Food Guide to Neukölln

NSN Impression 1

photo: Gary Lafargue for Neukölln Shopping Nacht

From vintage to design, edgy brands to accessories or even records to food, Neukölln has become a multifaceted shopping district. We’ve checked out a bunch of them lately  to create a little guide to Neukölln for you guys because we hardly ever feature this youthful and blooming district of Berlin that especially the foreigners and expats love so much. So have a look at our selection of places in our Neukölln Guide after the jump. If you are looking for even more recommendations in Neukölln we recently published The Vintage Path Neukölln tour on our Friendly Berlin App with a great itinerary to spend a day in this beloved district in the name of vintage.

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on October 29th, 2014
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The All-Day Breakfast Guide for Berlin

Spreegold 03

I’m a total breakfast person. Well, I’m a food person in general, but breakfast is the most important meal for me and even if I have a busy day ahead of me I will take my time and endulge in my daily breakfast routine.

I love eating out for breakfast with friends or for business meetings. It sets me in the perfect mood for just anything to be serviced with coffee, scrambled eggs, pancakes or cakes. But sadly the majority of cafes and restaurants don’t align with my nighthawk schedule and super late breakfast sessions. I never understood why restaurants decide to limit the time they serve certain dishes even though they still have the same cook and the same ingredients in the house. It seems to be one of those German beaurocratic rules that you just have to oblige.

But Berlin wouldn’t be Berlin if there wouldn’t be at least some places that operate outsite of these silly rules. I have selected 6 of my favorites places that I gratefully visit on a regular basis and put together a little all-day breakfast guide for Berlin.

If you are looking for more places to have an amazing breakfast (also at more common hours) I have curated a list of the 10 best breakfast places for the brand new and phantastic Friendly Berlin offline city guide iPhone app. You should definately download and check out this app if you want to get some inspiration on how to spend your days here as I have written many original themed routes about Berlin.

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on August 18th, 2014
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Calypt – A Modern Vintage Treasure Chest

Calypt 05

When it comes to vintage fashion the options in Berlin are countless. There are many sources, big markets, kilogram shops and small boutiques. We have quite a few really good little stores with a nice, almost personal selection of clothes. But when it comes to the reflection of contemporary style and youth culture the options are getting fewer.

Calypt might very well be one of the rare vintage shops that closes this gap. The little store in Boddinstraße just opened a few months ago but has already managed to gather a little fan base of the young and fashionable in Neukölln. When you browse through the racks you can tell that the store owners select their pieces meticulously with love and care. For them every garment is unique and special that they hang into their shop.

Right on the wavelength of current trends in fashion they have a focus on the 90s, both for boys and girls. They cover various styles, but what stood out the most two me where two things: One is their selection of sports and active wear. With all the mesh tops, sports jerseys, shorts and neopren jackets you could totally style an editorial for any renowned style magazine and no-one would know it’s all vintage. And the second section that I think is interesting is the “club rack” which is a fun selection of some more crazy and daring pieces you could wear for your next night out in the techno nightclubs of Berlin.

Head over the jump to get your first impressions and the details of the store, but even better schedule a visit on your next trip to Neukölln.

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on August 14th, 2014
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Le Articioche – The Artistic Supper Club


From time to time we have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary dinner experience such as a secret supper club. We love these kind of dinners were random strangers meet at a house of another stranger and get surprised by all kinds of delicacies. These types of dinners take a special place in our memory not only for the food but also for the interesting encounters with the other supper club guests. Berlin has so many wonderful supper clubs to offer and some of them we reviewed over here. One supper club we would like to recommend today is called Le Articioche and is organised by two Italian girls living in Neukölln. Their special recipe: for every dinner they serve they invite a special artist to give a creative contribution. For the one we went too, we had the chance to enjoy contemporary dance in between the courses of tasty Italian dishes.

This Wednesday they will have another supper club with the topic abstraction. A performance by Sub Human Bros will create the right atmosphere to guide you into the abstraction era! Don’t miss this intense experience and reserve your seat since the capacity is limited. By staying in touch with their facebook page you will know when their next dinner will take place. After the jump you will find some photos from the last supper club we attended to.

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on August 11th, 2014
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December Fun with the KreuzbergKalender – Win Tickets!


December is always packed. But before everyone heads home and Berlin feels like completely emptied out everyone wants to do something nice with their friends. Each year the KreuzbergKalender offers small events that provide the perfect opportunity for lasting memories and the team has great things planned for the upcoming weeks…

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on November 28th, 2013
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The KreuzbergKalender returns!


The Advent project will introduce people, places and products in and around Kreuzberg and brings the neighborhood together at their own events again this year. It will kick off with an Opening Party at the Backyard and because the girls won the Party, there’s another big bash on February 1st…

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on November 10th, 2013
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