Design from Berlin at the Hallesches Haus Holiday Market



If there is one Christmas Market in Berlin that will satisfy all those enthusiasts of contemporary design than it’s the one at Hallesches Haus at Tempelhofer Ufer. This place is going to become a new concept store and restaurant in the Spring of 2015, but in the meantime they use the space to do markets and events where they already present some of the brands they will be selling. What is quite remarkable about their curation is the fact that they sell a lot of products from local designers and labels. We salute this support of Berlin creativity and sure hope it’s going to be a success for all of them.

At their holiday market that will be open again this weekend they have  Berlin-based brands and product designers such as Urbanara, Juniqe, P&T Paper and Tea, Wednesday Paper Works, Assembly Line, Rag And Bone Man, Marc Schulthess, Tom Herz, Haenska Bags, HEVAN, LJ Lamps, Fundamental Berlin, and NUTSANDWOODS. But their selection goes far beyond Berlin. On the international front they have Iris Hantwerk, Normann Copehagen, The Future Mapping Company, Umbra/Shift, Broste, Mens Society, Nick Fraser, GPOD, CLAASSEN & PARTNER, FREUD, Pepe Heykoop, and Boskke. Of course there is also something to eat and drink at food booths by The Future Breakfast, Hirsch & Eber, Samurai Spoon, Matürlich, BRLO Craft Beer!, Blooming Juice, Berliner Winter, and Our/Berlin Vodka. Have a look after the jump to see some impressions from their first round last weekend and some of the local brands they carry.

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A Winter Food Market & Christmas Lounge

A Winter Food Market & Christmas Lounge

This year is absolutely crazy in terms of Christmas, design and foodmarkets. Never were there so many new and alternative concepts out there like this months and we think the variety is just great. We tried to go to a couple of those markets, but to be perfectly honest in a lot of cases the Christmas spirit didn’t really kick in as we hoped it would. Long lines, booths running out of food too soon, lack of Christmas decoration and some other obsticles came in our way. But there is one little market that seems to have done it all right. Thanks to the fact it’s mostly known to insiders it is not as crowded as the other so you can actually enjoy your Chrismas punch in piece and don’t have to squeeze into the last little corner of the hut.

The Winter Food Market at the Audi quattro lounge is probably one of the nicest and most carefully decorated Christmas markets I have seen this year. The round tent makes the lounge seem like a snow globe full of Christmas spirit and cosyness and there is actually a real big snowglobe inside. The lounge inside the globe tent has a lot of warm and comfortable seating to enjoy your food and drinks and outside you have some of the best street food vendors in town includng Mogg&Melzer with their delicious pastrami sandwhiches, MariaMaria Arepas with some South American flavors, Cicciolina bringing you some Italian delicacies, Suppkultur with some Holiday soups, as well as roasted almonds and chestnuts and of course lots of Glühwein, freshly prepared with spices and fruits.

And on top of that every automobile lover will get to see some of the latest Audi quattro four wheel drive technology and some of their new car models in the cleverly designed exhibition lounge. Be assured, the four wheel drive will come in handy in the German winter.

The Winter Food Market and the Audi quattro lounge will be open daily until this coming Sunday at the free space next to Tacheles in Mitte. Enjoy some impressions and the details after the jump.

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Meet Sophia, Berlin’s Resident Vegan Expert


Vegan subcultures have been spreading like wildfire in Berlin, and Sophia (journalist, food blogger and vegan extraordinaire) is here to show us the ropes. Her creative and colourful recipes are inspiring, and her passion for food is infectious. Since 2011, Sophia Hoffmann has been sharing her own delicious and innovative recipes on her blog, Oh, Sophia, assuring the world that animal products are not needed to create beautiful, delicious and nutritious meals. If you thought veganism couldn’t be fun, healthy and enjoyable as a lifestyle, think again. Sophia is here to bring light to vegan living with her themed vegan dinners, restaurant recommendations and the launch of her exciting new cookbook. Learn more about this quirky lady and let her spruce up your vegan experience in Berlin with events and ideas after the jump.

If you would like to know how to best spend your day in Berlin as a vegan you should check out our new Vegan Route on the Friendly Berlin iPhone App curated by Sophia. Enjoy!

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Cars’n Burgers – The Cadillac Experience

Cars’n Burgers – The Cadillac Experience

Last night I was lucky to be at the grand opening of the Cadillac Experience that is happening right now in the underground parking garage at Bebelplatz. The Cadillac Experience is a combination of an American Diner and a special car exhibition that was built into one of the floors of the garage for a few days so people can experience the wonders for all the senses that this iconic American car brand has to offer. The American Diner is the heart of the experience and it’s run by American star chef Richard Blais who created a very special burger for this unique event, but we’ll talk more about him on another day. The diner is a modern interpretation of the classical American diner which means that not only is the interior an updated contemporary version but also the dishes get a special twist. You can visit the Cadillac Experience starting today until Monday December 1st 2014 from 10-18h and test drive one of their new cars and join other activities as well as have breakfast or lunch at the diner. On Sunday there is also a special Christmas brunch.

After the jump you can already get an impression of the Cadillac Experience with photos of the opening night. The absolut highlight was a live performance by the amazing Aloe Blacc who I am sure many of you know from his collaboration with AVICII. Enjoy the photos!

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A Christmas & Design Market Guide to Berlin


The holiday season is upon us, and the atmosphere in Berlin couldn’t be more unique and lively this time of year, thanks to the gorgeous Christmas markets sprawled across the city. These markets give our city a distinctive spirit during the holidays, and there’s a lot more to them than Glühwein (not to understate Glühwein though; we seriously wait all year for that stuff). Whether you’re in search of the perfect gift or just want to be a part of the festivities, it goes without saying that Christmas markets are a fundamental part of the German holiday tradition. From one end of Berlin to the other, you will find a profusion of markets in various sizes with varying products. So how do you choose the ones worth visiting? If you’re lucky enough to be in Berlin this time of year, market hopping is a must, so we’re giving you a run down of the top Christmas markets to check out; some classics, some exciting new concepts. Find our selection of Christmas markets and special events after the jump.

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on November 25th, 2014
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Sexy Berlin – A Contemporary Guide to the Erotic Side of Berlin


photo: Maxime Ballesteros

With our beloved Mayor Klaus Wowereit leaving his post it also seems that his once so popular slogan “Berlin is poor but sexy” seems no longer suitable. Berlin is still not exactly rich, but with the developement of the past 5 years you can’t simply label it as poor – “It’s complicated” would describe it more appropriatly. But one thing is sure: Berlin is still damn sexy. And that’s not just because of all the rediculously hot bearded guys and cute girls in town. It’s because Berlin is still one of the most sexually liberal, expressive and diverse cities you will come across on this planet. It’s ruthlessness, mysteriousness and unexpectedness is what draws so many people here and gives them the pleasure of a lifetime.

To celebrate Berlin’s sexyness we compiled a contemporary guide to the erotic side of Berlin featuring all the sexy places in town including shops, parties, galleries and activites. And for the new Mayor we have a suggestions for Berlin’s next slogan: “Cool and sexy”.

Please also check the Friendly Berlin App for our special Sexy Berlin route that features also some more places such as sexy bars and restaurants. Enjoy!

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Our Friends from the Peachbeach

Vidam The Key


If there is one thing certain about the Urban Spree gallery in Friedrichshain it’s that they will always deliver about their exhibition. Few galleries manage to be so consistant about their style while still being always full of fun and surprises.

The new group exhibition opening tonight curated by the artist duo behind the collective Peachbeach is one more example for Urban Spree’s genious choices of arists. They got all their favorite fellow artists together to create a spectacular show and of course yet another huge mural that is going to cover the outside of the gallery. Apart from Vidam and Look from Peachbeach there will also be the work of DXTR,BASE23, Mike Friedrich, Martin Krusche, Deedee Kid, John Reaktor and Zipper die Rakete. After the jump you will see a preview of the show, but make sure to come by the vernissage tonight as there is going to be quite the party going on.

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A Guide to Berlin’s Best Alpine Restaurants


If you ever went skiing in the Alps, for instance in Kitzbühel, you know that there is nothing better after a full day of skiing than a warm lunch on the top of a white mountain inside a cosy hut. You don’t need a master in geography to notice that the Alps are not really nearby. Luckily to appreciate some mountain flavors you don’t have to leave Berlin since this city has some really nice restaurants serving savory Alpine cuisine.

To recreate a little Alpine feeling we put on our Ultra Light Down jackets from Uniqlo (previously featured here) and went on a little culinary excursion. Filling our bellies with Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarn and Käsespätzle we had some nice evenings around town. Check out the resulting list of our Top 5 Alpine restaurants in Berlin after the jump.

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What Bar Type are you? – A Bar & Cocktail Guide for Berlin

Tier (640x434)


One of the things that’s awesome about Berlin is the fact that it has something for every taste. This applies not just to the art galleries that range from big snobby ones to small playful ones, or the theater culture that has big name actors on huge stages on the one side and experimental pieces in improvised settings on the other. It is also something that you will notice in terms of nightlife. There is basically a party for every type of crowd and for every taste in music. The same goes for the bars and this is something I want to explore today.

What bar type are you? You like the classic ones with the best cocktails in the city? Or are you all about friendly and cosy atmosphere? Or do you like to have an awesome view over the city while sipping on your long drink? In our new comprehensive Bar Guide for Berlin we tried to split up the bar scene of Berlin by different types and give you some recommendation for every taste and occasion.

To save you from having to study the drinks menu for 10 minutes in every bar before you know what to order we consulted the cocktail archive of and selected a few suitable drinks for each of our bar types. This website comes in handy when you are looking the right cocktail for you as you can search by occasion, spirit or ingredient and also have a look at the recipes that range from cocktail classics to new trendy drinks. Very practical! But now enjoy our bar and cocktail guide after the jump!

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A Shopping and Food Guide to Neukölln

NSN Impression 1

From vintage to design, edgy brands to accessories or even records to food, Neukölln has become a multifaceted shopping district. We’ve checked out a bunch of them lately  to create a little guide to Neukölln for you guys because we hardly ever feature this youthful and blooming district of Berlin that especially the foreigners and expats love so much. So have a look at our selection of places in our Neukölln Guide after the jump. If you are looking for even more recommendations in Neukölln we recently published The Vintage Path Neukölln tour on our Friendly Berlin App with a great itinerary to spend a day in this beloved district in the name of vintage.

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