10 Awesome Outdoor Locations in Berlin


photo: Haubentaucher

The season of skulking through the dark nightclubs and dirty bars of Berlin is over, guys! It’s time to go outside and enjoy the sun. Well, we might not have a very long and intense summer here in Berlin (sadly). But those golden days that we get, we like to use as much as we can. And where do we like to go? Every where we can have a drink without a roof over a head. Preferably something with a view, or inside the green, or at the water. Well, luckily we have plenty of places in Berlin that fulfill these criteria and we’ve selected 10 of our favorite ones including some old classics and some brand new hotspots. Enjoy our list of awesome outdoor locations!

Frank by Frank
on May 12th, 2015
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Exploring Berlin: The Hotspots of Wedding


Wedding can be seen as the Northern counterpart to the hip district of Neukölln, with it’s numerous cafés, bars, clubs and meeting points. Less gentrified than some other districts, Wedding attracts a more mature, eccentric and mixed crowd, and houses many attractions to accommodate. We’ve scouted out some interesting places to check out, whether you’re in the mood for a weekend of partying or just taking a stroll through the park. Click on to see the places loved by locals, and venture into some the coolest places in Wedding.

Skylar by Skylar
on January 10th, 2015
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Sexy Berlin – A Contemporary Guide to the Erotic Side of Berlin


photo: Maxime Ballesteros

With our beloved Mayor Klaus Wowereit leaving his post it also seems that his once so popular slogan “Berlin is poor but sexy” seems no longer suitable. Berlin is still not exactly rich, but with the developement of the past 5 years you can’t simply label it as poor – “It’s complicated” would describe it more appropriatly. But one thing is sure: Berlin is still damn sexy. And that’s not just because of all the rediculously hot bearded guys and cute girls in town. It’s because Berlin is still one of the most sexually liberal, expressive and diverse cities you will come across on this planet. It’s ruthlessness, mysteriousness and unexpectedness is what draws so many people here and gives them the pleasure of a lifetime.

To celebrate Berlin’s sexyness we compiled a contemporary guide to the erotic side of Berlin featuring all the sexy places in town including shops, parties, galleries and activites. And for the new Mayor we have a suggestions for Berlin’s next slogan: “Cool and sexy”.

Please also check the Friendly Berlin App for our special Sexy Berlin route that features also some more places such as sexy bars and restaurants. Enjoy!

Frank by Frank
on November 24th, 2014
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Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit – Discovering the Unknown


photo: Amtsgericht by Herz&Blut

Since the beginning of our blogging experience we realized that Berlin has so much more to discover if you just open your eyes a bit wider. We always wanted to find the hidden gems, the undiscovered artist, the small off-theater production and give them the attention they deserved. Now after 7 years we managed to have quite a good knowledge of the city, but still every once in a while we make exciting new experiences here that take our breath away.

Last week we shared a similar experience with a group of fellow Berlin bloggers (FindingBerlinHerz&Blut, Ghetogether to name a few). The guys from the Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit wanted to show us the highlights of Wedding with a little tour and they did a marvelous job in presenting us not only spectacular architectonical highlights such as the Amtsgericht Tiergarten but also shared personal moments and anecdotes of their Kiezes with us while enjoying a slice of pizza.

From today on until September 14 the Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit will transform these two neighborhoods into a lively creative oasis of ideas and festivities. Theater plays, dance performances, exhibitions, picnics, guided tours and of course an endless number of parties are just a few things you can experience during these days. Our recommended hotspots are the famous club Anita Berber, the monumental Amtsgericht and of course the Stattbad Wedding. Maybe after this weekend you will have a different view on Wedding and Moabit. You should also heck out our Fashion Week Guide to Wedding by the way. After the jump some more impressions from the different locations. Find out about the whole program of the festival here.

Claudio by Claudio
on September 11th, 2014
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We Heart the First of May – A Partyguide


photo: Sel Dizman

Everybody is looking at the weather forecast like crazy these days. For obvious reasons: 1st of May, the most favorite celebration of the Berliners and the tourists visiting town is hit by numerous parties, open airs and all kinds of celebrations. We put together a couple of parties and open airs we love to go to. Also, we heard about some crazy rumors about infamous club reopenings. Anyway if you are not deadly sick or hit by a truck there is no reason to not go out on first of may and enjoy the parties, the people and the smiling city.

Claudio by Claudio
on April 30th, 2014
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Backyard Dinner Club


This Friday Backyard hosts one of its infamous Dinner Clubs starting this Friday with a special German edition. The ones who have participated in the first evenings know that they are very special and comfy and a good chance to meet new people and dine together with the Backyard team. Take your chance and make your reservation quickly ( ), cause there is limited capacity to ensure the family – like atmosphere of the Backyard dinner nights. More on the dinner and what’s the menu after the jump.

Suz by Suz
on November 13th, 2013
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Aktionsforum Shift

Aktionsforum Shift

Mark your calendars, kids, on January 24th 2013 Berlin will get a new playground for experimental and excentric ideas and events. The Aktionsforum Shift will officially open its doors at the Kraftwerk Mitte, the same building that is also home to the Tresor Club and the big event space where the Show And Order fashion trade show takes place during Berlin Fashion Week. Shift will not just be another random club, it will be a space for performances and theatre, music, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings and much more. The preview event of the space during NYE already presented a very eclectic event with a live performance by Aerea Negrot (former vocalist of Hercules & Love Affair) and an experimental video installation which you can see part of after the jump. Stay tuned to our event guide for everything going on at Shift!

Frank by Frank
on January 2nd, 2013
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All that Jazz!

clueso götz

I never watch television apart from Sunday nights. It’s very difficult to lure me away from the screen then, because at 11 p.m. ttt is on which is hosted by Dieter Moor and I must admit I am almost a little bit in love with him. Thus he always tells me Good Night at the end of the week and I can doze off in peace.

When I read that Dieter Moor was hosting the Award Ceremony of the Echo Jazz 2012 I accepted the invitation immediately…

Lia by Lia
on June 6th, 2012
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Mindpirates Easter Celebration


Alice in Wonderland is the perfect theme for an Easter party. I think no theme can take the rabbit more out of the cage and still be sexy and fun at the same time as the one the guys from Mindpirates choose. We had a great night in their Easter Catacombe. But we would have preferred a more eletronic music line up. I remembered the party two years ago and I think that it was way more fun dancing. Still enjoy the pictures of  this incredible masquerade and beautitful bunnies we found there, right after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on April 11th, 2012
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20 Years of Intro Magazine

Maximo Park

Why do a festival during summer when you could as well do an indoor festival featuring high class acts such as Maxïmo Park, M83, Peter Licht, Thees Uhlmann Akustik Set, Mouse On Mars, Simian Mobile Disco, Mike Skinner (The Streets) DJ-Set, Little Boots, Matias Aguayo, Porcelain Raft and and and?

Suz by Suz
on February 29th, 2012
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