Tanznacht Berlin – Discovering Uferstudios in Wedding

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One of my favorite places in Wedding are the Uferstudios. They have become an amazing creative factory for dance and performance in the last couple of years and I had the chance to see a bunch of interesting experimental pieces there that I would have missed in more conventional theaters. As often with off-theater spaces the choreographers and directors working there are young and unknown so far and most of the productions just play a few times only. That is why even for us it is sometimes hard to decide which pieces might be worth the trip and which are not.

Fortunately, the Tanznacht happening over the next couple of days might be the right thing for you to discover this beautiful creative space. From the 28th to the 31st of August 2014 several shows of all kinds are going to take place in the different studios. From a variety of choreographers and dancers performing during the 4-day program we can already recommend the piece by Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot which we had the chance to see before. Aside from contemporary dance, this year’s edition has a special focus on video performances screened all over the place. Also the courtyard of the location will get a design intervention by Club Real. Discover the whole program here and also check out their magazine. More photos of the performances after the jump.

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Let It Rock! – Berlin Mitte 10 Years Ago

Let it Rock

A bit more than 10 years ago film makers Igor Paasch and Frank Künster premiered their documentation Let It Rock! about Berlin’s most controversial district Mitte at the Berlinale 2003 and showed their film at several festivals over the course of the following 7 years. Now, 11 years later they finally released the film online for everyone to see.

Several Berlin personalities who the younger ones of us might not even know anymore but who were somehow famous and involved in the Berlin scene at the time are talking about Mitte and its nightlife, some praise it, some complain about it, but everyone has their own unique perspective on it. We recognize a few people that are still quite involved today, such as Johann from Circle Culture Gallery, Cookie, Sasha from Jahcoozi, Mieze from Mia., Miss Kittin and Ellen Alien.

It’s quite interesting what parts of Mitte’s scene this documentary is showing. I was already living in Berlin and going out at the time, but somehow nothing seems familiar what I see in the film which proves once more how many microcosm coexist in Berlin next to each other. What’s interesting is that all this was filmed before places such as Bar 25, Berghain and Renate even openen. Tresor was still in its previous space at Leipziger Platz and Weekend, WMF and Watergate where the hip new clubs everyone in their 20s went to. For me personaly back than there was no district that was particularily cool or better than the other. The places you went to were all over the city, some even in the (geographical) West of Berlin.

Today everything is quite different in that respect. Depending on the person who is talking some districts have a bad reputation for the one or other reason. That’s a bit sad in a way because ultimately every district is going through the same kind of developement, just in a different time and speed. Ultimately they all make up the Berlin that we know and love and sometimes it’s also important to acknowledge the past of one area to understand and appreciate the present of another. Enjoy the film after the jump.

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Faces of N. – An Audiovisual Experiment


Earlier this year we already presented you the first teaser video of a project titled Faces of N. by Berlin-based audiovisual artist Gabriel Shalom. In the short film you can see model and designer Nicole Roscher (Von Bardonitz) in front of a mirror undressing and dressing in several outfits but edited and looped in a way that the sounds that she made with her clothes and movements assembled a beat and a melody. But the video wasn’t everything, it was an introduction to a full audiovisual EP that Gabriel presented live at an event at CAKE studios a few months later and has now released on his website for the world to see. The EP consists of 5 new videos of Nicole shuffeling and ruffeling her clothes. The sounds recorded during the filming of the video were sampled with a method called granular synthesis which uses very small pieces of audio to create new tones. Some of them were also worked on with an equalizer to emphasize certain frequencies. The result is a set of minimalistic and experimental tracks that will remind you a bit of breakbeat, but stripped down to its core. Enjoy all 5 tracks and the intricately edited videos that go with them after the jump.

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A Retrospective of One Year Pornceptual

tropical-porn-3 copy

It’s unbelievable that it’s already one year since our fellow bloggers of Pornceptual started their sexy project and went on a quest to turn porn into an publically accepted lifestyle topic. The young team from Brazil really has turned the party scene of Berlin upside down with their erotic electro party bringing back the sexually liberty that Berlin was once famous for and now has totally lost in its developement towards the mainstream. With the Pornceptual parties we got a good portion of public sexiness back and we are grateful for it. Tonight the PORN by Pornceptual party is celebrating the one year anniversary of this unique project at Prince Charles. Take a look back with us to the past year of Pornceptuals nightlife extravagancas with a “best of” of their raunchy party photos after the jump (not safe for most people’s work place).

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The Beard Monologues: Paris

The Beard Monologues: Paris

You open your eyes. And the first thing you see is a poster of Venice. You ask yourself every time why somebody chose such a kitschy poster to hang over that chair.

If you were in Venice right now, it would be embarrassing to send a postcard with that picture to your loved ones.
But when you lie in that bed, in which you sleep a few nights every year, you are happy about that yellowed sunset over the Rialto Bridge.

Because you know that if you are in Venice, you are in Paris.

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Berlin Atonal – Festival for Avantgarde Light and Sound


No city has a deeper connection to electronic music than Berlin. To describe it in the words of Techno legend Dimitri Hegeman, founder and owner of Tresor: “East and West celebrated the new freedom to the sound of electronic music. Berlin became the place for uncompromised youth culture and Tresor was the centre of this movement.”

Right next to Tresor electronic music will discover its avant-garde spirit this week with the Berlin Atonal Festival. The permanent home of this event which had its debut back in 1982, is an abandoned power plant called Kraftwerk Mitte.  With several artistic installations it has been turned into a darkly majestic industrial complex for the duration of the festival.

We heartly recommend to check out the line up of this unique celebration of contemporary music and maybe discover one pearl or another between the several highlights. Also we think that the location and its audio-visual installations are an incredible source of inspiration for the music and light artists presenting their work there. After the jump we show you some of the most impressive pictures of the location.

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Horse Balloons and Fancy Hats – A Sunday at Hoppegarten

Horse Balloons and Fancy Hats – A Sunday at Hoppegarten

As Vice put it in a recent feature: Sunday at Hoppegarten is the new Berghain. It’s a hilarious, yet unfair comparisson, but I admit these where my thoughts too when I was at the horse race course on Sunday thinking how much more enjoyable my time there was than it would be in the cement garden of the techno club.

I was invited by Warsteiner who is one of the main supporters of the Hoppegarten horse race course to join them for the Big Price of Berlin which is the biggest award for horse races in Germany. I didn’t really know how to imagine it would be. I imagined it like a day-time version of Boheme Sauvage. And actually the reality was not too far away from it. We had such a beautiful afternoon there that we remained in a daze of wonder for days to come.

It was as nostalgic as you imagine it: A glamorous picknick in the park, pretty ladies with fancy hats, dandy gentlemen, horse-shaped balloons for the kids (I bought one too though). It is a really picturesque setting at Hoppegarten. And I haven’t even started with the horses yet. Hot Like Mexico, Sugarbabe, Lucky Speed, Berlin Berlin. Talking about popculture references for horse names here. It’s really as much of an elegant sport as it was promissed to us. In 8 races spread out over the afternoon all these horses with funny names and fancy manes gallopped over the meticulously groomed lawn for the main price. Three year old stallion Sirius turned out to be the winner of the Big Price of Berlin, unfortunately none of us made a bet on him due to lack of general horse race knowledge. But it was fun nontheless and I would definately come back here for another sunny afternoon at this beautiful place full of balloons, horses and hats. Enjoy my impressions after the jump.

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Berlin Voguing Out Festival 2014 – Journey to the Far East


photos: Gero Brelder

There is nothing that I find more intriguing than people loosing control and all their repressions on the dancefloor. For me that’s the definition of Voguing: Fighting for the sparkles of the disco ball every minute of the song pumping through the stereo. Some of this fighting spirit I am excited to experience live at the Berlin Voguing Out Festival that is taking place this week.

In 2012 Berlin Voguing Out introduced the first Voguing festival in Germany and since then this unique event has established itself within a very short time as a melting pot for the international Voguing scene.The third edition of the Berlin Voguing Out Festival will be even bigger and more colorful than in recent years. The program includes lectures, workshops, film screenings on the history of Voguing and the highlight of the festival, the Voguing Ball with its famous runway and dance categories.

This Wednesday there will be a special screening and an opening party at the Sophiensaele that you shouldn’t miss. On Thursday there will be a Voguing contest and on Friday a spectacular Voguing Ball. The final party on Saturday at the Berghain Kantine will probably get everyone jumping off their feet and into a coma after this crazy dance marathon.

More photos of previous Voguing events after the jump.

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Goodbye, Tempelhof – Berlin Festival Moves to Arena Park


OH. MY. GOD. I’m so relieved that after all those years I can finally blurt it out without being unsupportive of Berlin’s own precious music festival: I HATED Tempelhof as the venue for the Berlin Festival. I don’t know why, I totally love Tempelhof for all the exhibitions and trade shows. But for some reason for the festival it never worked for me. Too big, to annonymous, horrible sound, and it always seemed a bit too empty to create a real buzzing atmosphere. And how inconvenient that they had to stop playing music quite early in the night because of the noise complaints from the neighbors.

So when the news broke a couple of days ago that Berlin Festival was moving to Arena Park I was actually excited about it. I’m sure people will have all sorts of ideas why this happened. I can recommend an interesting read over at our friends from Mit Vergnügen where Berlin Festival booker Stefan Lehmkuhl talks about the reasons for the move and the newly founded Arena Park area. After the jump you can get a little overview of the new festival grounds at the Spree that you can see for yourself live from September 5-7, 2014.

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Berlin Escapes: An Opera Trip to Verona


photo: Roberto Bolle at Arena di Verona by Luciano Romano

In the summer months it’s always noticeable that there is a little less going on in town than usual. Even the Berlin visitors are taking little excursions to other European places and before you stay here and get bored maybe you should also plan your next short trip. Today we have one suggestion for you: The beautiful city of Verona in Northern Italy. It’s not only the home of the fictional tragic couple of Romeo and Juliet, but also one of the most charming Italian cities to visit and only such a short flight away from Berlin.

The romantic, historic city is a total contrast to the rough urban landscapes of Berlin. One historic building aligns itself with the next and you will quickly feel like you are lost in another time. Among the many highlights of the city the one location that is going to be in every “Top 10 Things to do in Verona” lists (I checked…) is the Arena di Verona. Find out more about it after the jump.

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