3 Awesome Advent Calendars


Let’s be honest: it’s not easy to get out of bed on cold Winter mornings. But luckily December 1st is around the corner! Advent calendar presents will make us jump out of the sheets in excitement for our daily presents in the run up to christmas.

You don’t have a calendar yet? Well be quick and get yourself one of those twenty four day surprises! We chose some unique advent calendars for you, two from Berlin and one from Hamburg. Enjoy our selection after the jump.

Lia by Lia
on November 26th, 2015
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Mysterious Bach – Classical Pop-Up Concerts in Secret Locations

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-21 um 12.35.47

photo: Konzerthaus Berlin

The weekend awaits you – fun parties, dancing to cool beats, a glass in your hand. We’re always looking forward to some exciting hours to get away from the daily working. But what about after the weekend starting the week with some gentle sounds and a small alternative program?

After a while we’re really in the mood to listen to some classical sounds and now we have the pleasure to share with you some great evenings at Konzerthaus Berlin. On the occasion of the Bach Marathon, taking place on November 28th, you have the chance to enjoy a warm-up with series of small pop- up concerts which take place from the 24th – November 27th. This is a beautiful and very special alternative to everything our city offers us in the field of all kinds of music. Get to know what is so special about it after the jump.

Olga by Olga
on November 21st, 2015
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The Strawberryman and his Techno-Didgeridoo in Berlin


Music is a huge topic in Berlin: Wherever you go, each district has its own special vibe and unique sound. In some areas it’s just street noises, screaming babies, sometimes it’s the distant bass of a club – or actually musicians playing on the street. Especially in summer a lot of musicians try their luck and spread their musical love at busy places like Schlesisches Tor or Warschauer Straße. Thousands of people pushing and rushing by, only catching glimpses. But sometimes the talent catches our attention and just for a moment in time, everything stops and we take in the sound, the love and passion.

One of those special and crazy street musicians is Strawberryman, who travels the world with his music, living his dream and the goal to inspire others to live their dreams too. But Strawberryman does not only have an unheard name, he also plays an instrument that is one-of-a-kind. See for yourself after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on November 19th, 2015
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The Secret Bar Behind the Bakery

Boulangerie Francois Grey Goose Secret Bar-0598

When I walked into the Boulangerie François last night to try the delicious French bread and vodka-infused jam I had no idea that the cute vintage bakery was only a front for a secret bar. This was a really great surprise! I entered through a secret door covered as an oven into a chic bar full of beautiful things and beautiful people. And of course there were amazing cocktails, as this was an event by luxurious vodka label Grey Goose.

For only 4 nights this stunning looking bar will be here in Berlin hosting a string of exclusive events. It’s unfortunately not public, only the bakery is open for everyone where you can get the bread and infused jams. But for Friday we have 3×2 tickets for the closing party and I definitely recommend you to try your luck here. To take part in the raffle go over to our previous post, we have extended the deadline until Thursday evening. For some impressions of the secret bar have a look after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on November 18th, 2015
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#berlin – The Instagram Exhibition

berlin instagram exhibition-8

photo: Berlinstagram

Even though recent media stories suggest otherwise, Instagram is far more than conceited selfies, outfits of the day and food porn. It is also a platform for young and talented creative people that express themselves through photography, catching unique, unusual moments and details that are easily overlooked. In a sense, they bring you a different perspective of your daily life or even the city you live in. Berlin, as we know it, is a dream spot to bring out hidden aesthetics and aspects through photography and many photo artists capture the capital’s beauty on a daily basis for Instagram.

We wanted to find a way to get more people to see this amazing side of Instagram and promote the most talented users of the popular photo app – and what better way is there than making an exhibition with them! We sat down with Ferdinand Prinz, the founder of Post Collective, the world’s first platform for fine art prints of Instagram photos, as he really knows his way around the scene. With him and his team we curated the most outstanding and interesting pictures taken in and around the city and the result is going to be our upcoming exhibition #berlin that will be open to the public from November 29, 2015 for one week at Blogfabrik. More information and a preview after the jump.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on November 17th, 2015
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How (un)welcoming is Berlin for Expats?

Processed with VSCO with e7 preset

As you know our beloved Berlin is a huge favorite for many people in the world to migrate to for career or leisure. In the last 5 years we had such an influx of newbies that it has changed the face and pace of the city a lot. The term “Expat” has grown into a whole lifestyle and has become an inspiring and interesting part of life in Berlin. Many of those who come and visit Berlin instantly fall in love and want to stay here. But living here is of course another thing as visiting. So how welcoming or unwelcoming is Berlin actually compared to other places in the world?

InterNations, the largest global network and information site for people who live and work abroad,  just published their annual survey about the living situation and happiness of expatriates. For that they asked more than 14,300 expatriates representing 170 nationalities and living in 195 countries or territories to rate and provide information on various aspects of expat life, as well as their gender, age, and nationality. The ratings of the individual factors were then used to draw up the favorite expat destinations, but also to rank the friendliest nations. Well, which rank do you guys think Germany took? You’ll find the interesting results after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on November 13th, 2015
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A Walk Through Berlin in the Rain


All Photos:Eylül Aslan

Berlin is probably most quiet in Winter, most happy in Spring, most sexy in Summer and most beautiful in Autumn.

I feel like a Japanese tourist with an astonished gaze on my face while walking in the parks and streets of Berlin full of colorful trees. My city walks are in no way diminished by the typical meteorological events of Autumn: wind and rain. Quite the contrary, I am particularly in love with the days where the wind swirls the leaves around and I feel the drops landing on my head.

Together with photographer and friend Eylül Aslan and one of her beautiful models we took a rain boot walk testing the new rain boots collection of Brazilian brand Havaianas through cloudy Berlin and created some pictures in our favorite spots for a rainy day. Our Autumn day recommendations and more photos after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on November 11th, 2015
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Urban Legends of Berlin: Better Internet in the U-Bahn?

Berlin U-Bahn

We all know some urban myths: Everyone has heard about them, but no-one really knows if they are true and so rumors make rounds and are passed on. We want to take a closer look at some of Berlin’s urban legends and stories that we’ve all heard of and finally uncover the one and only truth.

So let’s begin with the mobile internet connection in the Berlin U-Bahn: Is it really true that you get a better wireless data connection the closer you’re to the front of the train? And what about free Wifi at the train stations in the near future?

We talked to the BVG and got our mystery questions answered. The whole truth after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on November 10th, 2015
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Party at the Supermarket – Disco Kaiser’s Photos

Disco Shopping by Warsteiner-0224

Just this past Friday I wrote about my most memorable parties in unusual places in Berlin such as the ruin of the former GDR palace, an old border crossing station and an infamous sex club. But since Satuday my list of unique party locations has received a brand new entry: The Disco Kaiser’s! You probably thought that we were joking when we announced the Disco Shopping by Warsteiner at the Kaiser’s in Lichterfelde. Well, guess what: We were not! The party went down on Saturday and it was a blast! I was not so sure if so many people would go all the way down to Lichterfelde, but the turn-up was pretty big and the party was wild! Of course we took some photos for you so you can get an idea how a disco-themed party at a supermarket looks like. Enjoy our impressions after the jump!

Frank by Frank
on November 9th, 2015
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A DJ Set at the Chicken Grill – Andhim Playing at Unusual Places


If Berlin has one thing to offer, it’s a unique music experience and plenty of cute DJ’s playing every night in one of the numerous clubs of the city. But if you played pretty much in every club of the town and the rest of the world you have to think of something else. Being creative and fun is definitely one of the favorite things that Simon and Tobias, better known as Andhim, love to do and of course only they could come up with the brilliant and hilarious idea to play some music at the famous Hühnerhaus 36 chicken grill next to Görlitzer Park at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Their little Hühnerhaus-Experiment is the first Episode of their new series ‘Playces’ in which they want to play pop-up sets in  special, authentic and interesting locations around the world to get in touch with the local people and their daily lives outside of the nightlife scene. And seriously, is there a better way to start their cool new project than with a 8 a.m. Sterni in their second hometown Berlin!? But watch and enjoy for yourself after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on November 7th, 2015
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