Spareribs, Icecream and Whiskey – Bite Club meets Singleton


On Friday the awesome Bite Club street food market had its final edition as an open air at the Spree this year. I was lucky to be invited by Singleton to join the fun and I’m glad I followed their invitation because this turned out to be a massive pleasure for my taste buds. I hadn’t been to this location for the Bite Club in a while and I am glad to see that it has developed so nicely since my last visit with great trucks and booths and an interesting crowd who enjoys good food.

The Singleton took the opportunity at Bite Club to present all their different whiskeys at their lovingly decorated bar where you could get three unique cocktails and at the charming flavor garden where you could have a special tasting experience of the different kinds of whiskey they offer. They had also teamed up with a couple of the other street food vendors to come up with whiskey-infused dishes.

One of them was the Pignut BBQ from the Armeniusmarkthalle in Moabit. I tasted their ribs the first time at the Bite Club BBQ at the Funkhaus Nalepastraße a while back and was blown away by how amazingly delicious these ribs are – the best ones I have ever tasted in Berlin. For this edition of the Bite Club they had a special sauce prepare with Singleton, and one of the cocktails of the Singleton bar had their BBQ sauce as one of the ingredients (sounds unusual but was really nice). The second collaboration was with Jones Icecream who had a special Singletonbites ice cream and cookie mix with a caramel whiskey sauce – yum! After the jump we have some impressions of the Bite Club and a little cocktail recipe video for you.

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on August 31st, 2015
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The Forgotten German Recipes

Wir haben einfach gekocht

Do you remember that chicken soup your grandpa used to make for you? Or the pancakes grandma flipped so well? Our taste buds can be used as a walk down memory lane, especially so when eating meals from a past time or our childhood. Both eating and cooking can create a piece of home and are a wonderful way to remember. The project Wir haben einfach gekocht („We simply cooked“) from Berlin has utilized this unique quality of food turned it into an amazing cookbook.

Read more about the project and see the joy on the participants’ faces after the jump.

Lia by Lia
on August 28th, 2015
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CARchitecture – Classic Car Design meets Berlin Architecture

Ford GT x Marie-Elisabeth-Lueders-Haus x HKW x TV Tower

If you’ve been around town today and spotted a transparent truck driving in the streets that was carrying a slick blue sports car you haven’t been dreaming! You most certainly came by the mobile showroom of the new Ford GT that is passing through Berlin today and tomorrow (August 25 and 26, 2015) hitting the most popular spots of the city including Alex, Potsdamer Platz, Ku’damm, Gendarmenmarkt, the Victory Column and many more.

As a little tribute to this impressive new car I created a set of 3 new architectural collages in the style of my previous Kreuzberg collages that melt the aesthetic of the Ford GT with some iconic landmarks and contemporary architecture of Berlin. Enjoy this new series and get more info about the car and its tour through Berlin in the glass truck after the jump.

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on August 25th, 2015
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Lollapalooza – From Chicago to Berlin



Next month the internationally renowned Lollapalooza festival will take place at the Tempelhofer Airport as the first European edition. 28 years ago the festival started off in Chicago – Chile, Brazil and Argentina joined a few years later. From September 12-13 you can enjoy live performances from various international artists such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Libertines and Muse or to the local heroes Seeed, Deichkind and Beatsteaks, have some nice food and enjoy many different activities.

We are very much looking forward to this selection of great artists and especially to the wild mix of different kinds of music. At Lollapalooza you can dance in step, enjoy slow beats with tears in your eyes and just have a good time with your friends. Since the Berlin Festival is no longer taking place at the Flughafen Tempelhof, it’s a big pleasure to get the chance to have a look at the premises of the airport – which has become a really rare possibility.

More about the Lollapalooza festival after the jump.

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on August 20th, 2015
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Forever Now Festival – A Transformational Journey

Forever Now Festival

Going with the sense of time, a first-ever new festival is coming to Neue Heimat in the beginning of September with one question in mind: What makes one’s life worth living? How can we help to shape and transform our future to form a society that we want to live in? It’s about you as an individual, us as a culture and the society we’re living in. The organizers of the new Forever Now Festival created a line-up that approaches this topic from different angles – from interactive sessions to talks, music and food. Read more about it after the jump and find our how to win festival passes.

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on August 19th, 2015
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Our 5 Favorite Open Air Cinemas in Berlin


photo: Piffl Medien

Autumn is just around the corner – time to rapidly take advantage of the good weather. There are many ways to enjoy the Summer daylight hours in the sun. Go for a swim, meet friends for an Aperitif or do some outdoor activities. But if you also want to spend the evenings catching some fresh air you should definitely visit an open air cinema and watch an awesome movie in these last summer weeks.

We would like to introduce you to five open air cinemas, which not only convince with their cozy atmosphere, but also offer an interesting program. Read an introduction for the open air cinemas und their program after the jump.

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on August 18th, 2015
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Friedrichshain in the Early 90s

Warschauer Str 1991 by Analog Berliner

photo: Analog Berliner

When I moved to Berlin in 2000 I chose to live in Friedrichshain. This was 15 years ago now, as you can imagine the district looked quite different back then. There was no Berghain back then, no crazy party mile at Simon-Dach-Straße, no Veganz at the Warschauer Bridge. There was already an alternative hub at the so-called R.A.W. temple, but it was nothing like the pulsating RAW area with all the clubs, bars, galleries, etc. that it is now. In fact it was a little bit tranquil back than, more of a normal East Berlin residential area, but with a few bars here and there.

I stumbled over this video that I want to show you today, that has been recorded back in 1991, only a few years after the wall came down. It shows the district like you would never recognize it if you only know it now. It’s a bit shaky and totally random, it follows the way over Warschauer Straße into the tram line that is now the M13 and than through the kiez that it still passes through today. Only everything looks completely different. Enjoy the little time travel into a stripped down version of Berlin Friedrichshain as it used to be.

Frank by Frank
on August 18th, 2015
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A Visit to the Hoppegarten Horse Race Course

Hoppegarten 2015 -13

For everyone who wants to stay open-minded for new ideas and suggestions for their Sunday program in addition to the usual flea market visits, Berghain and staying in bed, here comes an unusual alternative recommendation. We visited the Hoppegarten horse race course on Sunday for the highlight of the racing season – the 125th edition of the Grand Price of Berlin – and had a look at all the horses and well-dressed people. Actually, some of the (older) ladies could have easily been mistaken for the Queen from behind – it was very fun to watch outfits in general and try on hats at the hat shop!

The horse names in all the different races were also quite exceptional, for example A Miracle, Waky Sol, Kimberley‘s Dream, Banana Split and Amorous Adventure. But all those wacky names didn’t give them a big advantage – in the end the horse with the almost subtle name Second Step and its jockey Jamie Spencer took the victory of the most important race on Sunday. Between races you could enjoy your Florida ice cream or a glass of wine listening to the live band playing songs from Buena Vista Social Club (one of my very favorite summer music) to modern pop or jazz interpretations. Or you could have a closer look at the beautiful horses at the parade ring or the presentation ceremony.

A visit to Hoppegarten is a very nice opportunity to swap your dark clothes for your Sunday dress, hat and picknick basket. And with a bit of luck and knowledge you could actually leave the racing not only with great new impressions, but also with a bit of betting money in your pocket. Enjoy my impressions after the jump. The next races are on September 20 and October 3, 2015.

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on August 12th, 2015
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The Healthy Way to Eat with Deliciously Ella

Ella Woodward

In the last couple of years many people have had a bit of an awakening in terms of food. Organic supermarkets, vegan restaurants, locally produced products and special diet catering are some of the new developments that we find ourselves surrounded with and that are replacing the old sources for food for more and more people. Some like to call it a trend, but I think that’s not what it is. It’s a change of mind, it’s the realization that the food industry is selling us shit that is bad for us and the world. It’s a development caused by education and I think for a big part we have the internet to thank for this. We no longer have to be slaves to traditions, habits and mainstream supermarket products. Because now there are food blogs, cook books, organic shops and delivery services out there that supply us with knowledge, recipes and ingredients for a better way of eating.

Ella Woodward is one of these people who are pushing the health food movement forward with her blog Deliciously Ella. She is, you could say, the British version of our own Berlin vegan expert Oh Sophia, and she too has now released an amazing cookbook that we want to introduce you to today. After the jump we will give you a little insight into Deliciously Ella with a list of 7 of her most important basic ingredients that make excellent healthy replacements for milk products, white flower, and refined sugar. And on top you can win one the books!

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on August 10th, 2015
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Kurz vor Gestern by Philipp Pusch

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photos: Philipp Pusch

Last year young photographer Philipp Pusch made a big wave with his Berghain portrait series fertig. Now he has a new project coming up that we want to introduce you to. With his series kurz vor gestern he captures scenes of urbanity in melancholic and mysterious black and white photos. The combination of the human body with geometric forms of human-made objects and structures is one of the most prominent qualities of his photos.

He has now compiled the best work into a photobook of the same title, that is being released this Friday at Gordon in Neukölln. You can get a preview below and follow the series on his tumblr.

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on August 5th, 2015
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