A Berlin Christmas Gift Guide


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Christmas is only one week away and FUCK you didn’t get any presents yet for your loved ones :( We are here to help you and have collected some of the nicest gift ideas that we have come across in the last couple of months. The great thing in our list: A lot of things are less than 25 EUR so you will definately be able to afford a good chunk of it. And we have something for everyone: traditional gifts like socks (but unusual ones of course), typical friends gifts like picture frames, some jewellery for the girlfriend, t-shirts for the boyfriend, laptop bag for the brother, cookbook for the mother, leggings for the little sister and so much more. Enjoy our suggestions after the jump!

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on December 18th, 2014
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Dancing over Berlin – Fashion Shoot with the Staatballett Berlin


Ballet dancing is one of the finest expressions of European culture. It created the creative base for today’s contemporary dance all over the world, and it’s also an art form with the perfect balance between lightness and power. Watching a ballet dancer perform is one of the most visually compelling experiences, and I am so glad that we have one of the most talented ballet companies here in Berlin: Staatsballett Berlin.

Combining their unique beauty with the rough urbanity of Berlin’s architectural landscape, we had a unique vision: shooting a fashion story showcasing a dance rehearsal on the rooftops of Berlin. Bringing new attention to the city’s rich cultural heritage, fashion photographer Olga Khristolyubova portrayed two of the most skilled dancers from Staatsballet: Sarah Mestrovic and Kevin Pouzou. Sarah is a native Berliner who has been enrolled in the company for ten years. She combines her artistic experience with a creative spark, making her move with lightness and passion over the roof of our shoot. Kevin is a french dancer who has been living and dancing in Berlin for 8 years now. His majestic beauty is nothing compared to his bravery and strength. Neither were afraid to move and bend over the abyss of the streets surrounding them; creating incredible images for us.

Since we shot on the last weekend of November, the air was already cold as ice, though the sun was fortunately shining. On top of their rehearsal gear, they wore Goose Feel down jackets and knits from We are Knitters: the perfect combination of warmth to help the dancers extend over the top of Berlin’s skyline, while also staying super-light and incredibly flexible so as to allow them to bend, leap and soar unimpeded while performing their magic. Enjoy the whole shoot after the jump, and stay tuned for the animated pictures soon to come.

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on December 16th, 2014
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PANSY Presents Disney Darlings – Photo Retrospective


Foto: Dima Povernov

We love to publish party pictures because it’s a way of showing the diversity of Berlins nightlife. Sometimes hip, rarely posh, trashy, glamorous and often underground, we tried to show you the multitude of the club and party scene.  Just before the weekend starts, we have some special eye candy for you showcasing the creativity of the drag scene of Berlin. Dima Povernov is a freelance photographer who took some pictures at Pansy Presents: Disney Darlings at Südblock a couple of weeks ago. If you want to see how the drag version of the Little Mermaid, the Queen of Hearts, Shir Kahn and all the other lovely disney characters looked, you should definitely check out the pictures after the jump.

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on December 12th, 2014
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Dance & Sensuality – The Pal Frenak Compagnie in Berlin


The Hungarian Contemporary Dance Festival, that is happening here in Berlin at Dock11 from December 15th – 21st 2014, is bringing a very special dance company to our city. When I reviewed the program of the festival the Pal Frenak Compagnie really stood out as the highlight among all the participants. The Budapest and Paris-based company that has a long-standing history in both cities since 1998 is bringing something to our stages that we get to see quite rarely in contemporary dance here: sensuality. Whenever I see a dance piece here in Berlin I would describe the style as bizarre, destructive, conceptual and sometimes humorous – but never sensual. This seems to be some kind of taboo. With the performances of Pal Frenak this rule does not apply because he brings out the gracefulness and beauty of the human body and its movements in all of its glory and without coyness. His dancers create images full of sensuality bringing together impeccable choreographies with revealing physicalness. Get a taste of their work with some images of their current productions and don’t miss two opportunities to see them here in Berlin on December 12th at .CHB and on December 15th at Dock11. Check out the program of the Hungarian Contemporary Dance Festival here.

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on December 11th, 2014
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Friends with Books – A Different Kind of Book Fair

doppel edition eosmin

Doppell Edition – Eosmin

Are you friends with books? Do you have friends with books? By books I don’t mean Kafka, Harry Potter or Steven King. I’m talking about really special books with artsy content to contemplate about and wonder. Books that look really cool in any place inside of your apartment. Books that will inspire you to create collages. Books that will make you chuckle but you don’t know why. Books that will make your imagination go bananas, like in a Wes Anderson film. Books that when you by one only you and maybe 3-4 other really cool people will own. Welcome to the world of art book publishing.

Friends with Books is a new book fair dedicated to exactly these wonderful types of books. It will happen for the first time this weekend a Cafe Moskau. Not only will you be able to flip through and purchase the art books of over 100 artists and publishers from all over the world, you will also be able to join discussions, readings, book signings and performances, one of them being the live creation of the next edition of Messy Sky Magazine happening during the time of the book fair. After the jump we have selected some of the most interesting looking books from the Berlin-based participating publishers, along with the details about the fair.

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on December 10th, 2014
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Cinéma de Mode: Rich Bitch by Kaltblut Magazine

rebels kaltblut

Sometimes you just wanna go wild in the Berlin U-Bahn and be all bad-ass, punk-rock, ghetto-kid style. Well, at least that’s what’s going on every Friday night in the U8… For their 3rd anniversary our friends from Kaltblut Magazine borrowed these popular Berlin antics and shot a short film in the bathroom stalls, subways and photo automats of Berlin starring Elizabeth Ehrlich, directed by Tatjana Meirelles, produced by Jack Alexandre and with fashion and styling by Berlin-based streetwear label Nico Sutor. The result is a typical Friday night out in Berlin – with tits out and all! Enjoy and congrates to the makers of Kaltblut for their 3rd anniversary!

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on December 9th, 2014
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iHeartBerlin on the Road – Our Favorite Destinations in 2014

iHeartBerlin on the Road – Our Favorite Destinations in 2014

As much as I love Berlin, there is one thing I love even more: travelling! When I look back I think this year was the one with the most amount of travelling in my entire life. I feel truely lucky to live in a time and place where international travel is so easy and comfortable. I grew up in the GDR so for my parents this was a completely different story. Lucky for me the wall came down when I was seven so from that time on I already made trips with my family to the Canary Islands, Scottland and the US.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram must have been wondering why I call my account iheartberlin at all, because I think I posted more photos from my travels than I do from Berlin (shame on me!). But in the end just because I cherish the opportunity to discover new places doesn’t mean I heart my own city any less. A few of my travels I already featured here on the blog such as my ski trip to Hovden, the visit to Buenos Aires Fashion Week, our art tour to Luxembourg and our amazing week in New York. But there were so many more trips I haven’t spoken about yet that I want to do it here before the year ends.

I think all of the places I chose for this round-up are beautiful and worth a visit. Some of them are great to escape the cold winter in Berlin, and some will be perfect for the pre-season in Spring to enjoy some early summer sun. Enjoy some of my photos from trips to Turkey, Brazil, Austria and Italy after the jump.

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on December 9th, 2014
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Meet Sophia, Berlin’s Resident Vegan Expert


Vegan subcultures have been spreading like wildfire in Berlin, and Sophia (journalist, food blogger and vegan extraordinaire) is here to show us the ropes. Her creative and colourful recipes are inspiring, and her passion for food is infectious. Since 2011, Sophia Hoffmann has been sharing her own delicious and innovative recipes on her blog, Oh, Sophia, assuring the world that animal products are not needed to create beautiful, delicious and nutritious meals. If you thought veganism couldn’t be fun, healthy and enjoyable as a lifestyle, think again. Sophia is here to bring light to vegan living with her themed vegan dinners, restaurant recommendations and the launch of her exciting new cookbook. Learn more about this quirky lady and let her spruce up your vegan experience in Berlin with events and ideas after the jump.

If you would like to know how to best spend your day in Berlin as a vegan you should check out our new Vegan Route on the Friendly Berlin iPhone App curated by Sophia. Enjoy!

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on December 8th, 2014
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Beardicted – A Book about Extraordinary Beards


Those of you who were guests of our 7 Year Anniversary party back in September already had a chance to see the cute brand new book Beardicted by our guest contributor Alicia Kassebohm and also put on some of her sparkely beards in our barber shop photo box. Now the book is officially available for purchase and we have a huge preview for you with some of our favorite beards from the book and of course those of the iHeartBerlin team including Devid, Claudio and me. Enjoy the beard parade after the jump.

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on December 4th, 2014
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Berlin Bound – A Party/Theater Performance


photos: Wolfgang Hilse

Constanza Macras is doing theater in the forrest, Prinzip Gonzo is playing a theatrical Game of Life in an abandoned industrial hall and KiezOper is bringing their piece into the Wilde Renate night club. And these are only a few of the examples where theater in Berlin bends the rules and brings their concepts outside of the actual theater houses into the urban wildlife of the city to create new, interdisciplinary experiences.

With the piece Berlin Bound the Thin Skin Theater and Sisyphos, der Flugelefant have created yet another off-stage theater experience. They collaborated with the night clubs Griesmühle and Brunnen70 to stage what they describe as a party performance. Previously performed at Kater Holzig in 2012 it has already earned some praise and therefore was reactivated for new shows in 2014 in new night clubs. The performance is a colorful and crazy recreation of a plane trip to a place called home and the guests are invited to come along. What does it truly feel like to be home? What’s required for one to feel at home? Is it possible to preserve one’s identity or must one leave it behind? In Berlin, many people share the experience of leaving one’s own cultural system behind in a search for something new, ultimately to establish oneself as a member of a foreign culture and society. The arrival lies in your own hands.

The double premiere of the performance will happen this weekend with additional shows the weekend after. More details and a trailer after the jump.

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on December 4th, 2014
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