Berlin Fashion Week Guide – January 2016

Esther Perbandt AW16

Esther Perbandt AW16

Another Berlin Fashion Week starts today! And what’s hot this season? Our avant-garde favorite is collaborating with contemporary dance at Radialsysteme V, Dandy Diary teamed up with adidas for their popular Fashion Week party, the Berlin Fashion Film Festival is getting together with the LNFA store and YDL Fashion Network, there is gonna be another #FASHIONTECH conference about the future of fashion and Kaltblut Magazine is presenting a couple of labels at Happy Shop. This and more in our Berlin Fashion Week Guide.

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on January 18th, 2016
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How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Berlin

New Years Eve Fireworks Spree Berlin

photo: Marco Förster

It’s that time of the year again! To be exact, it’s the end of that time of the year.
New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and if you’re anything like us: You don’t have anything planned yet. Berlin is bursting with opportunities to transition into the new year. With all these offers, it’s hard to know the Do’s and Don’ts of the festivities of the year. Luckily, we made a selection for all sorts of different types of New Year’s Eve. Whether you feel like a fancy dinner, going outside into the fields of flying firecrackers, dancing at some major parties or just staying home, hiding from the fuss: We got your back! With our suggestions for each kind of evening you won’t miss a thing. Have a blissful year’s ending, we hope to see you healthy and happy in the new year ahead. “Guten Rutsch!”

Yasmin by Yasmin
on December 29th, 2015
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Eating & Drinking For A Good Cause

helpdonthate weihnachtsdinner oh sophia

photo: Oh Sophia

It’s Christmas time, a good chance to be thoughtful, thankful and helpful. Especially with thousands of refugees arriving in Berlin this year, giving back to people in need becomes an even bigger issue and responsibility for our community. We’re living in a time were we need to reach out to each other, face our global challenges and help together. After visiting some Charity Christmas Markets and donating some money to our Blogfabrik Project #HelpDontHate, we want to look at some other alternatives to help in Berlin. So what do you think about eating and drinking for a good cause?

We found some wonderful and delicious events happening this month that we want to share with you after the jump…

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on December 11th, 2015
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#berlin – The Instagram Exhibition

berlin instagram exhibition-8

photo: Berlinstagram

Even though recent media stories suggest otherwise, Instagram is far more than conceited selfies, outfits of the day and food porn. It is also a platform for young and talented creative people that express themselves through photography, catching unique, unusual moments and details that are easily overlooked. In a sense, they bring you a different perspective of your daily life or even the city you live in. Berlin, as we know it, is a dream spot to bring out hidden aesthetics and aspects through photography and many photo artists capture the capital’s beauty on a daily basis for Instagram.

We wanted to find a way to get more people to see this amazing side of Instagram and promote the most talented users of the popular photo app – and what better way is there than making an exhibition with them! We sat down with Ferdinand Prinz, the founder of Post Collective, the world’s first platform for fine art prints of Instagram photos, as he really knows his way around the scene. With him and his team we curated the most outstanding and interesting pictures taken in and around the city and the result is going to be our upcoming exhibition #berlin that will be open to the public from November 29, 2015 for one week at Blogfabrik. More information and a preview after the jump.

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on November 17th, 2015
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Jägis Gone Wild: Win Tickets for the Hubertusfest


Wolfenbütteler Festspiele

Everyones favorite traditional German digestif Jägermeister is bringing their successful music program, the Wolfenbütteler Festspiele, to Berlin with the 4-day music festival Hubertusfest. From November 3-6 they are bringing established German bands such as Booka Shade, Jennifer Rostock, Kid Simius, Schluck den Druck and Romano together with newcomers such as Tüsn, Cosby and Chefboss to the stage at the Spreewerkstätten. Looking back at the many Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour and Wolfenbütteler Festspiele events they have done in the past I can pretty much guarantee you that it’s going to be one hell of a blast.

One thing that makes this festival not only fun but also genuine is the support that the younger bands will receive through it. There is going to be three public nights with concerts. The first one is the Newcomer night that is free of entry. The second and third public nights will feature the more famous bands and ticket sales of these will actually co-finance the next music videos of the newcomer bands. We salute the spirit behind this, the older ones supporting the young. Cheers to that with a Jägi! After the jump you can find out more about the line-up and win tickets for the almost sold-out events!

Frank by Frank
on October 20th, 2015
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Illuminated Berlin – 20 Years of eBay Light Installation


photo: Philipp Bögle

Celebrating 20 years of a company really requires something very special and what could be more special than illuminating the city? For eBay this dream birthday gift came true last night when light artist Gerry Hofstetter drove on the river Spree with his big projector and illuminated the building along the shore with iconic Berlin graphics and the eBay anniversary logo. For the people passing by this became quite the spectacle as the projections spanned entire stretches of buildings. Between the Melia Hotel at Friedrichsstraße and the Schleuse am Mühlendamm almost every building was enlightened and even though it rained so many people came or stopped to see the light installations. After the jump we have a couple of impressions for you! Happy Birthday, eBay!

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on September 11th, 2015
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Lights On In Berlin – 20 Years of eBay

Lichtkunst "Brillant par Tradition" in Lugano

photo: Daniel Bolloff

This Thursday evening, September 10, as it’s getting darker outside with the end of summer the Spree will be transformed into a light landscape. Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter will illuminate buildings along the Spree between Berlin Hauptbahnhof and East Side Gallery as part of eBay‘s 20 year anniversary celebrations. Internationally renown, the investment banker turned marketing consultant and artist has been transforming public buildings, monuments as well as landscapes and whole mountains since 1999, and actually this is the second time in Berlin for Hofstetter as he illuminated the Brandenburger Tor in 2005. See more examples and read more about the upcoming installation after the jump.

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on September 8th, 2015
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Party Ruins – A History of Berlin’s Club Culture

Maria Ruins by Michael

Ruins of Maria am Ufer, photo: Michael

With events scattered around the city and free of charge the festival FUTUR25 celebrates the German reunion this upcoming weekend. Some may ask: Didn’t we celebrate the same thing last year? But no. Last year we celebrated the anniversary of the fallen wall with illuminated balloons along the way of the wall. What had become reality for the people only became politically official with the signing of the German reunion contracts, which happened a year later.

FUTUR25 now celebrates the 25th anniversary of this political milestone with great installations, exhibitions and concerts. Radialsystem V serve as the centre of the festival, but is certainly not the only venue! The section Trümmern und Träumen (“ruins and dreaming”) is for us the most exciting one as it focuses on the developments of the Berlin Club scene, brings important figures back on stage, and takes you around on rickshaws to the locations of previously legendary clubs and those that still exist after a wild history of over two decades.

Read more about a couple of the program highlights and see some archive photographs of long forgotten clubs and parties after the jump…

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on September 3rd, 2015
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Forever Now Festival – A Transformational Journey

Forever Now Festival

Going with the sense of time, a first-ever new festival is coming to Neue Heimat in the beginning of September with one question in mind: What makes one’s life worth living? How can we help to shape and transform our future to form a society that we want to live in? It’s about you as an individual, us as a culture and the society we’re living in. The organizers of the new Forever Now Festival created a line-up that approaches this topic from different angles – from interactive sessions to talks, music and food. Read more about it after the jump and find our how to win festival passes.

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on August 19th, 2015
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The Ultimate Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide


UY, photo: Evelyn Bencicova

This summer the Berlin Fashion Week is kind of breaking a new record! While in the early years the term “week” has never really been deserved, it seems now that we can soon rename it to “weeks”. For the first time the Fashion Week stretches out over 9 days with all its satellite and unofficial fashion events scheduled around the official program of Mercedes-Benz. But this is not the only novelty! The MBFW has outsourced its smaller runway “The Stage” to the me Collectors Room gallery in Mitte. This is actually a pretty amazing space and I can’t wait to see shows there. I’m so glad I don’t have to bike all the way down to the Brandenburger Gate anymore to see some shows. But enough with that! Now it’s time to give you once again our huge Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide with the best public events, shows and parties of the week. Enjoy!

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on July 3rd, 2015
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