Cinéma de Mode: Rich Bitch by Kaltblut Magazine

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Sometimes you just wanna go wild in the Berlin U-Bahn and be all bad-ass, punk-rock, ghetto-kid style. Well, at least that’s what’s going on every Friday night in the U8… For their 3rd anniversary our friends from Kaltblut Magazine borrowed these popular Berlin antics and shot a short film in the bathroom stalls, subways and photo automats of Berlin starring Elizabeth Ehrlich, directed by Tatjana Meirelles, produced by Jack Alexandre and with fashion and styling by Berlin-based streetwear label Nico Sutor. The result is a typical Friday night out in Berlin – with tits out and all! Enjoy and congrates to the makers of Kaltblut for their 3rd anniversary!

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on December 9th, 2014
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Notes of Berlin – The Movie


Those of you who understand German have surely at one point in their Berlin life laughed out loud about one of the hilarious notes from Notes of Berlin that normally spread like a wildfire on Facebook. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Notes of Berlin is a collection of the funniest notes that people hang somewhere in public to address their noisy neighbors, ignorant customers, bike thieves, subway flirts and other fellow citizens. It’s an interesting reflection of the sass and wit of Berliners, but also of their anger, rudeness and sometimes their bad grammar.

Some of the notes have more than just a complaint behind them, but a whole story attached to it that I very often wonder how it might continue once the person the note is addressed to actually reads it. I think quite a few fans of the site might feel like that and I think it’s this thought that triggered the idea of turning the website into a movie. After so many other blogs turned their websites into books, this one might actually be the first one that comes out as a movie. But how does that work? The team behind the film has selected some of the most interesting notes and wrote stories around them that will be put together like puzzle pieces. The result is going to be one hell of an anthology film with the craziest Berliners in it and I am very sure it will be at least as funny as the blog.

Right now a film lab has been started where people can discuss the notes and submit new ones and a big casting is going on to find the people who will play in the film. They can be actors, but also non-actors. And in typical Notes of Berlin style the casting calls are hung around the city as notes. After the jump you can see some of them, or maybe you will also find them somewhere in your neighborhood? Enjoy some of the notes after the jump.

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on November 26th, 2014
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Interfilm’s 30th International Short Film Festival

5 Mètres 80 by Nicolas Deveaux

Short films are an earnest and undervalued approach to storytelling, evoking emotions and provoking ideas. Having curated a part of our third Berlin Film Night with Mobile Kino, we know that Interfilm does it best when it comes to providing a platform for independent films, and this year, we’re welcoming the 30th round of Interfilm’s International Short Film Festival, from November 11th-16th. Berlin’s enthusiasm for interdisciplinary art forms make it the perfect city to host this festival, so let’s embrace the beauty of the short!

We’re stoked to experience Interfilm’s most expansive festival to date, where they will be screening a record of 630 films in 60 programs, with films from 70 countries and 10 competitions with €45,000 of rewards. The featured short films boast an impressively expansive array of aesthetic styles and narrative techniques, with weird and wonderfully controversial themes. Some films defy reason and rationality while others set out to shine a light on truths we’ve been sheltered from. Highly anticipated by cinephiles and casual movie-watchers alike, live-action, animations and documentaries will be gracing the screens in 9 cinemas across Berlin, to enthusiastic audiences who share a value for the short film format in its own right. Find the programs and our festival highlights after the jump.

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on November 10th, 2014
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A David Lynch Inspired Halloween

David Lynch

The Berlin Film Society is giving us a fabulous David Lynch inspired Halloween special this Friday. They will screen the directorial debut of the master of the obscure: Eraserhead from 1977. The event will happen in the the former Czech Cultural Institute at Leipziger Str. 60 (entrance Jerusalemer Str.) where we also hosted our 7 Year events. After the screening at 23h there will be a haunted house party with lots of references to David Lynch so all Lynch-inspired Halloween outfits from the guests are to be expected. You can still get advanced tickets for the event, check out the Facebook event for details.

For more Halloween events and parties please check out Halloween Guide here on the blog and our Halloween special on the Friendly Berlin app. After the jump a trailer of the movie Eraserhead.

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on October 28th, 2014
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9. Porn Film Festival Berlin – Holy Tits and Fucking Trailers


Should we call the week when the sex fair Venus is happening the Berlin Sex Week? It would make a lot of sense, right? But why doesn’t anybody call it that way? I  definitely have talk to the new major about this issue. Any-fucking-way, there is one event during that week that we don’t consider extremely sexist and inappropriate and that is the Porn Film Festival. The 9th edition of this let’s say quite alternative cinematic view on porn focuses on sexual experiences that empower individuals to make their own decisions and choices free of social stigma. Our friends from Pornceptual will not only show some of their movies there but also present an exhibition during the Porn Film Festival Berlin that explores diverse representations of sexuality in artwork that intersects with pornography. Apart from some really hot movies there are also some really serious documentaries featuring the life of sex workers. But where there is good porn, humor is not too far away. So expect to laugh your ass off at some of the movies. The Porn Film Festival Berlin will take place from October 22nd through 26th 2014 in Cinema Moviemento. After the jump you find the trailers for the most promissing movies of the festival. Have fun!

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on October 22nd, 2014
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Berlin, Berlin: Spring – A new Berlin Film


After his lovely poetic film Berlin, Berlin: Autumn that we showed you a few months ago, talented film maker Nehemias Colindres released yet another beautiful Berlin film turning his one-off into a series of four that will each be dedicated to one of the four seasons of the year. His new film was shot in the Spring and even though we are heading into the fall now considering the warm temperatures it still feels quite right this moment. Enjoy the wonderful new film capturing Berlin in its best lights after the jump. Looking forward to Summer and Winter!

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on October 3rd, 2014
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Film Fest Galore: Italian Film & Lakino Festival


The Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Mitte is diving head first into the film festival circuit. Two great festival programs will commence at the old beauty Kino Babylon and the massive Volksbühne this Friday. From Oktober 2nd through 5th the Tuscia Film Fest 2014 brings the highlights of the Italian art of filmmaking onto the silver screen. And while the final film of their program is still flickering in the Babylon, the Volksbühne opens the gates for Lakino. The Latin American Film Fest will present films, discussions and art from the faraway continent until October 12th 2014. Details after the jump.

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on October 2nd, 2014
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WE ARE BERLIN + BEARDICTED + 7th Anniversary Party Photos

WE ARE BERLIN + BEARDICTED + 7th Anniversary Party Photos

On Saturday evening 4 of our 7 anniversary specials came together for one big special night at an exciting new venue in Berlin-Mitte. We celebrated the opening of our WE ARE BERLIN group exhibition with many of our talented photographers and artists, the release of our guest contributors new photobook BEARDICTED with the special barber shop photobox, the third edition of our BERLIN FILM NIGHT with our partners Mobile Kino and interfilm and our 7th anniversary party with a live concert by Berlin-based electropop band Pitchtuner and a DJ sets by our Tati The Fruit Salad a.k.a. DJ Obsalat amongst others. It was a super fun night for us and we are happy you all came, thank you so much! Two more anniversary specials are coming up, starting this Sunday with our Seven Suppers and next week Thursday with the Cinéma de Mode event as part of the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week. Enjoy the impressions of Saturday night after the jump.

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on September 24th, 2014
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7 Years of iHeartBerlin and 7 Surprises

7 Years of iHeartBerlin and 7 Surprises

Wow, can’t believe it’s already been 7 years since we started this little blog called iHeartBerlin that changed our lives completely. I’m super happy and proud of what became of this project and how we all have evolved with it. We’ve seen so many great things, not only here in Berlin, but in the whole world, met so many great, talented people and had some amazing opportunities given to us thanks to this website.

We are celebrating this of course! It’s not a round number, but hell, 7 is the coolest one digit number so let’s do this! We have 7 different surprises prepared for our 7th Anniversary, two of which we have already revealed. I can already tell you to mark your calendars for the following dates: September 17 and 20, and October 2, 2014. We have big things planned… Read more about it after the jump.

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on September 11th, 2014
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Everybody Loves a Winner

favorites film festival

The film festival circuit is a strange one. Some winning films of festivals get great attention once they are released cinematically, but some winners are celebrated one night and then disappear somewhere into the wide world of agents and negotiations. The Favourites Film Festival shows films from around the Globe that have won audience awards. The selection of short and feature films this year includes winners from Mexico, Afghanistan, Senegal, Germany and plenty of other countries. Each film is a unique star in the solar system of film art and luckily you can fly to unknown ones without risking a false start. Certainly a winner is not instantly a winner for everyone, but audience awards are usually a pretty great indication that most people will enjoy the cinematic experience.

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on September 3rd, 2014
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