Party Ruins – A History of Berlin’s Club Culture

Maria Ruins by Michael

Ruins of Maria am Ufer, photo: Michael

With events scattered around the city and free of charge the festival FUTUR25 celebrates the German reunion this upcoming weekend. Some may ask: Didn’t we celebrate the same thing last year? But no. Last year we celebrated the anniversary of the fallen wall with illuminated balloons along the way of the wall. What had become reality for the people only became politically official with the signing of the German reunion contracts, which happened a year later.

FUTUR25 now celebrates the 25th anniversary of this political milestone with great installations, exhibitions and concerts. Radialsystem V serve as the centre of the festival, but is certainly not the only venue! The section Trümmern und Träumen (“ruins and dreaming”) is for us the most exciting one as it focuses on the developments of the Berlin Club scene, brings important figures back on stage, and takes you around on rickshaws to the locations of previously legendary clubs and those that still exist after a wild history of over two decades.

Read more about a couple of the program highlights and see some archive photographs of long forgotten clubs and parties after the jump…

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on September 3rd, 2015
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Lollapalooza – From Chicago to Berlin



Next month the internationally renowned Lollapalooza festival will take place at the Tempelhofer Airport as the first European edition. 28 years ago the festival started off in Chicago – Chile, Brazil and Argentina joined a few years later. From September 12-13 you can enjoy live performances from various international artists such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Libertines and Muse or to the local heroes Seeed, Deichkind and Beatsteaks, have some nice food and enjoy many different activities.

We are very much looking forward to this selection of great artists and especially to the wild mix of different kinds of music. At Lollapalooza you can dance in step, enjoy slow beats with tears in your eyes and just have a good time with your friends. Since the Berlin Festival is no longer taking place at the Flughafen Tempelhof, it’s a big pleasure to get the chance to have a look at the premises of the airport – which has become a really rare possibility.

More about the Lollapalooza festival after the jump.

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on August 20th, 2015
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Get Ready for Berlinferno by Nicola Napoli

Nicola Napoli

We’ve followed Italian illustrator and artist Nicola Napoli now already for quite a while, starting with his famous piece of the line in front of Berghain, over to the amazing garden of lust that was commissioned for the flyer of the monthly Berghain program, to his witty and fascinating portrayal of the iconic Kotti and of course his most recent interpretations of famous fashion designers.

Now for the first time we’ve collaborated with him for a brand new artwork and it’s going to be a quite ambitions one. He will present his new piece BERLINFERNO at the Absolut Art Bar that will take place on Saturday, August 1st 2015 at the brand new Blogfabrik (the crazy new blogger space that we share with many other content creators). Sign up now for the guestlist here and find out more after the jump!

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on July 23rd, 2015
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The Concert of your Life with Sunrise Avenue

The Concert of your Life with Sunrise Avenue

On Friday Leni from Amy & Pink and I were two of the few lucky people who got to join a very exclusive event at Cassiopeia in Friedrichshain. In promotion of their sexy new cabriolet MX-5 the Japanese car brand Mazda organized a private concert of the Finnish band Sunrise Avenue that only 200 people were able to attend. You couldn’t actually buy tickets for this concert, you could only win them on the Mazda page or through various radio stations. I was privileged to be part of a small group of bloggers and journalists who got “smuggled in” by the girls from JuLi PR to see the so-called “concert of your life”.

It’s been actually well over 10 years that I have been inside Cassiopeia and I was pretty amazed by the whole area behind and around it that also includes a beer garden, an open air cinema called Insel and a crazy climbing tower. It was a lovely atmosphere with a wild mix of people of all different styles and it reminded me of how special the whole RAW area is.

As Friday was a pretty hot day the concert inside Cassiopeia pretty quickly developed into a musical sauna experience. But the die hard fans of Sunrise Avenue, as well as the band members were some tough cookies that made it through the heat like an easy exercise. I somehow managed to take some photos and animated GIFs from the performance and in the end I even got rewarded and caught one of the plectrums that the charismatic front man Samu Haber threw into the audience. That is certainly a souvenir to remember this concert, and for you I have the photos after the jump.

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on July 21st, 2015
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YO! SISSY – The Queer Music Festival of Berlin



What happens, when a pair of big nightlife makers of Berlin get together and create something new: Exactly, something bigger! And so goes the story of Sampson who has been running his crazy karaokee nicht Cherry-o-kie now for years and PANSY who has taken Berlin’s party scene by storm with her gay R’n'B party Sissy and her PANSY presents… extravaganzas. Those two crazy kids have teamed up to create YO! SISSY – Berlin’s first queer music festival which is happening this coming weekend from July 24-26, 2015. With a massive line-up of over 50 acts the festival will take over the venues Schwuz, Neue Heimat and SO36 bringing together the diversity and creativity from all over the world onto the stages of Berlin. We are super excited about this new festival because it’s the first of its kind here in Berlin and it’s fresh and edgy and full of potential and we can’t wait for the world to see it. You can expect of course the local heroes of the queer Berlin music scene such as Aerea Negrot, Black Cracker, Evvol, aminus, and the party makers Pet Shop Bears, Mr. Ties (Homopatik), Mauro Feola (Beitola), and Joey Hansom (Boo Hoo), but also international names such as Hi-Fashion, Crystal Waters (yes, the one who gave us 100% Pure Love back in the 90s), Hidden Cameras, Annie and Peaches. After the jump you’ll get a taste of what’s to come with music from our favorite acts, as well as a big mixtape especially compiled in promotion of the festival featuring the music from all the acts mixed by Voin who many of you will know as the maker of the glorious Blitz party. Enjoy and get your tickets for the festival asap!

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on July 19th, 2015
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Berlin Ich Liebe Dich

Lara Maria Graefen - Berlin Ich Liebe Dich

Today we have a very charming German Berlin song for you by the lovely Lara Maria Gräfen. In her song she sings about the crude, yet irresistible character of the city while walking through it dressed in Augustin Teboul with a bullterrier on a leash. “You speak so many languages, but I don’t understand you. You act like you are honest, but you lie straight into our faces… I still wonder what’s your true face, but you keep your secret to yourself. Berlin, I love you.” She speaks a lot of harsh truths about the city that really make you think, but she is under the same spell that so many of us fall under when coming here. Enjoy the great song after the jump.

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on July 14th, 2015
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Esther Perbandt amplified by Raumfeld

Esther Perbandt amplified by Raumfeld

For a few years now the fashion shows by Berlin avant-garde designer Esther Perbandt have been not only about fashion but also about performance and music. For her 10th anniversary last year she had an experimental choir and an expressive dancer open her big show at the Volksbühne. The following season she herself stepped into the spotlight singing live for the first time during her fashion show. This season Esther once more created a bridge to the world of music and theater bringing in the opera singers Nadja Michael and Felix Räuber who were performing magnificently to the electronic soundscapes by Sven Helbig.

Of course such a music-driven fashion show requires a sound expert as a partner. Already for the second time Esther Perbandt has teamed up with the Berlin-based company Raumfeld that produces high quality wireless multi-room speaker systems that play music in true high fidelity thanks to the use of high-end audio components and the playback of lossless audio files. We featured the brand a while ago with an interview and store visit of their shop at Bikini Berlin and we also got to try out one of their impressive speaker sets. During the fashion show of Esther Perbandt we spotted several Raumfeld Stereo Cubes all over the place which we remember from our interview is one of their best reviewed products.

Some backstage impressions, the show review and photos of the new collection after the jump. Enjoy!

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on July 10th, 2015
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A Visit to the Funkhaus Berlin


photos: Funkhaus Berlin

The Funkhaus Berlin is an old GDR institution where all the recordings for the public radio and TV stations took place. It’s a massive and impressive building directly at the Spree near Rummelsburg. The place is absolutely stunning to look at, both from the inside and outside. Nowadays the Funkhaus is home to many artists and musicians who have their studios and rehearsal spaces in there. You can actually rent spaces in all imaginable sizes for a really moderate price there,  and it’s a really inspiring atmosphere there. Sometimes they host open house days, special events and exhibitions so you have the chance to go inside and see the great space turned into a gallery.

This coming weekend “A Happening” will combine music, art and the space.  If that’s not a great plan for the weekend I don’t know what is! More about it after the jump.

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on July 3rd, 2015
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Berlin’s Summer Music & Arts Festivals

feel festival

With the anticipation building for this year’s Fusion Festival, we’ve been inspired to create a list of new and more intimate summer music and arts festivals. Some are hosting performances and events at unique venues across Berlin, while others invite us take a break from the city life, pack some camping gear and escape to the beaches and forests not far away. This year welcomed a handful of new festivals with a focus on creating a community atmosphere where you can spend a weekend enjoying great music, quality food and drinks, exhibitions, installations, workshops and performances. It’s time to leave the club scene behind for a weekend and make the most of these festivals, many of which only come with the short-lived Berlin heat. Click on to discover what this summer holds in store.

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on June 17th, 2015
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Win Tickets for Berlin Festival with Absolut


iamjan_ on Instagram

In a few days it’s already here: This year’s early edition of the Berlin Festival. It normally took place in the Fall, but with the changes the festival is going through they also moved their date into the Spring to be the first festival of the year to open the festival season. Since it’s change of location from Tempelhof to the newly founded Arena Park that includes not only the Arena itself but also a lot of the space, venues and parks around it, the festival has experienced pretty much a reboot. We are totally in favor of these changes and like that it has more of a club atmosphere now and seems a bit more true to the spirit of Berlins nightlife.

Speaking of nightlife! Absolut is one of this year’s supporter of the Berlin Festival and they know a thing or two about creative nightlife. In support of the Berlin Festival they commissioned XI Design to create five big street art murals spread over several in town in the spirit of their Absolut Nights campaign. They look super fun and are great additions to all the ones we previously reported about. After the jump you can see a making of video, some photos and you’ll get a chance to win a pair of last minute Berlin Festival tickets!

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on May 27th, 2015
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