#berlin Exhibition Opening Photos


On the weekend we finally celebrated the opening of our highly anticipated #berlin Instagram exhibition that we organized with our new friends from Post Collective. It was a total passion project for the both of us and I am super excited about the results of our efforts. For a long time now I have been showing my appreciation for the talents on Instagram on the blog and on our Facebook page. I wanted to find a way to honor the great work of these creative people even more and this exhibition was the perfect way to do it. Guys, this one is for you, you deserve it!

I want to thank my lovely team: Olga, Yasmin, Kate and Claudio for doing this with me, you’ve been great! I want to thank all the guys from Post Collective, it is a pleasure to work with you. Of course I want to thank all of the Instagramers that took part in this exhibition – let this be a start of a fruitful collaboration with us at iHeartBerlin and Blogfabrik. Hands up for the guys from Moody Collective giving our exhibition the right soundtrack! A big thank you also to the makers of Belsazar Vermouth, your cocktails at our opening reception were delicious! We love the Polaboy light boxes – thanks for those! High five to the team of Blogfabrik for letting me completely remodel our event space and occupy it for an entire week. And thank you to everyone who came this weekend, it was overwhelming, thanks so much for all your words of appreciation.

We’ll be open every day from 14-20h until Satuday, December 5th 2015 so come visit us and see the unique perspective of Instagramers on our beloved #berlin. After the jump some impressions of the opening weekend!

Frank by Frank
on November 30th, 2015
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The Secret Bar Behind the Bakery

Boulangerie Francois Grey Goose Secret Bar-0598

When I walked into the Boulangerie François last night to try the delicious French bread and vodka-infused jam I had no idea that the cute vintage bakery was only a front for a secret bar. This was a really great surprise! I entered through a secret door covered as an oven into a chic bar full of beautiful things and beautiful people. And of course there were amazing cocktails, as this was an event by luxurious vodka label Grey Goose.

For only 4 nights this stunning looking bar will be here in Berlin hosting a string of exclusive events. It’s unfortunately not public, only the bakery is open for everyone where you can get the bread and infused jams. But for Friday we have 3×2 tickets for the closing party and I definitely recommend you to try your luck here. To take part in the raffle go over to our previous post, we have extended the deadline until Thursday evening. For some impressions of the secret bar have a look after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on November 18th, 2015
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#berlin – The Instagram Exhibition

berlin instagram exhibition-8

photo: Berlinstagram

Even though recent media stories suggest otherwise, Instagram is far more than conceited selfies, outfits of the day and food porn. It is also a platform for young and talented creative people that express themselves through photography, catching unique, unusual moments and details that are easily overlooked. In a sense, they bring you a different perspective of your daily life or even the city you live in. Berlin, as we know it, is a dream spot to bring out hidden aesthetics and aspects through photography and many photo artists capture the capital’s beauty on a daily basis for Instagram.

We wanted to find a way to get more people to see this amazing side of Instagram and promote the most talented users of the popular photo app – and what better way is there than making an exhibition with them! We sat down with Ferdinand Prinz, the founder of Post Collective, the world’s first platform for fine art prints of Instagram photos, as he really knows his way around the scene. With him and his team we curated the most outstanding and interesting pictures taken in and around the city and the result is going to be our upcoming exhibition #berlin that will be open to the public from November 29, 2015 for one week at Blogfabrik. More information and a preview after the jump.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on November 17th, 2015
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A Walk Through Berlin in the Rain


All Photos:Eylül Aslan

Berlin is probably most quiet in Winter, most happy in Spring, most sexy in Summer and most beautiful in Autumn.

I feel like a Japanese tourist with an astonished gaze on my face while walking in the parks and streets of Berlin full of colorful trees. My city walks are in no way diminished by the typical meteorological events of Autumn: wind and rain. Quite the contrary, I am particularly in love with the days where the wind swirls the leaves around and I feel the drops landing on my head.

Together with photographer and friend Eylül Aslan and one of her beautiful models we took a rain boot walk testing the new rain boots collection of Brazilian brand Havaianas through cloudy Berlin and created some pictures in our favorite spots for a rainy day. Our Autumn day recommendations and more photos after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on November 11th, 2015
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Party at the Supermarket – Disco Kaiser’s Photos

Disco Shopping by Warsteiner-0224

Just this past Friday I wrote about my most memorable parties in unusual places in Berlin such as the ruin of the former GDR palace, an old border crossing station and an infamous sex club. But since Satuday my list of unique party locations has received a brand new entry: The Disco Kaiser’s! You probably thought that we were joking when we announced the Disco Shopping by Warsteiner at the Kaiser’s in Lichterfelde. Well, guess what: We were not! The party went down on Saturday and it was a blast! I was not so sure if so many people would go all the way down to Lichterfelde, but the turn-up was pretty big and the party was wild! Of course we took some photos for you so you can get an idea how a disco-themed party at a supermarket looks like. Enjoy our impressions after the jump!

Frank by Frank
on November 9th, 2015
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Berlin’s Most Beautiful Subway Stations


Sometimes, living in a big city, you tend to overlook the beauty of ordinary things. You pass them on your way to work, to your friend’s house or to your home: Berlin’s subway stations. But have you ever noticed the sometimes hidden beauty of them? Claudio Galamini took it upon him to capture Berlin’s beautiful „U-Bahnhöfe“ and displays their charm on his Instagram.

About two weeks after he started taking the subway in Berlin, Claudio noticed the colors, shapes and the overall architecture of the metro stations. Now, he posts a picture every day, often even with a little bit of history. So next time you pass one of the stations you will see them through the eyes of Claudio. Scroll down to check out some of the most beautiful subway stations.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on October 29th, 2015
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Berlin is… Back to the Future

Dolorean in Berlin - Back to the Future

photos: Alejandro Arretureta

As you might have already noticed on Facebook and Twitter today, it’s the day of Back To The Future, the beloved Sci Fi movie from 30 years ago and today is the day the main character travelled to in the future. Well, the future of the film doesn’t really match with the reality of now, but we have Cyboards now and that’s almost like a hovering skateboard, right?

A couple of weeks ago the “future” of the movie already arrived in Berlin in the shape of the DeLorean, the iconic car, that popped up on the streets of Berlin. When we randomly came across it we thought we couldn’t believe our eyes and took some impressions!

Frank by Frank
on October 21st, 2015
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The Other Side of Berlin’s Nightlife


photos: Christian Reister

We’ve all seen them: The colorful lights, the crazy excess, the happy and wasted faces, the empty Club Mates and Jägis, the shabby “ironic” disco balls. Berlin nights are intense, they are fun, they are rough. But what happens outside of the usual clubs that we know and go to? There seems to be an endless amount of parallel worlds in this city, places and scenes and people we never come across. Hidden strip clubs, private parties, ball rooms and Kneipen, strange places and strange people. Well, maybe they are all not that strange, for them, we are the strange ones.

Photographer Christian Reister has captured this other side of Berlin’s nightlife in his photo book Alle Katzen Grau. The title is a short form of the German proverb “At night all cats are gray”. Through his lens he takes us on a trip through the night to places that look so foreign, yet they are in the same city that we know so well. He shows us a world beyond the hip clubs, crowded bars and popular streets – a world beyond youth culture, beyond techno parties, beyond boundaries. The photo book is available in a beautiful limited edition of 200. Have a look inside on our favorite images of the book after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on October 19th, 2015
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Berlin-Kreuzberg in the 70s

1975 - in Kreuzberg

photo: Thomas Dornfeld

For a few months now we have been mostly working out of Blogfabrik which is located in the middle of popular Kreuzberg, 5 minutes walk from Kotti, and 10 minutes by bike from Schlesi. Here the life beats very fast and when we exit our awesome office for lunch, a wide variety of international restaurants await us in the streets of Kreuzberg and there are so many opportunities to eat something delicious and special.

Kreuzberg stands for international cultures and a wild nightlife with loads of young people visiting numerous bars like the Würgeengel or Farbfernseher, clubs like Watergate or Ritter Butzke – it’s always exciting to move around in this district, because Kreuzberg is one of the places where you never get bored. One of the highlights of this vibrant area that you can experience is the big street festival on the 1st of May (labor day) where masses of happy, celebrating people make their way through the streets of Kreuzberg. If that’s too much for you, you can also spend relaxing hours at the Görli park. To keep it short: Kreuzberg is a very great and also one of the most diverse places in Berlin.

So much for today’s situation – but how was it back in 1979? How were the people and how diverse was the crowd? We want to share with you a great video that we found that sends us on a journey back in time and shows us places we know how they used to be.  The area is beautiful and hauntingly silent and it shows that especially the people of Kreuzberg make the district so unique. In addition to the video we also found some photos that were taken around the same time by photographer Thomas Dornfeld who captured some street scenes of Kreuzberg. Enjoy the video and the photo after the jump.

Olga by Olga
on October 7th, 2015
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Dancing through Berlin


Nearly every little girl dreams about becoming once a famous ballerina, right? And the dream never completely disappears even when you get older – the idea of being able to move gallantly through the rooms in a pink tutu, with your legs up in the air and the arms swinging like wings of a swan is to charming…

The photographer Luca Migliore captured this lightness of a dancer and photographed a ballerina in some iconic Berlin places – and we think that’s a winning combination. Here you can enjoy the acrobatic positions of the dancer and simultaneously see beautiful places of Berlin that show a lot about the history of Berlin. See the photos after the jump. Happy dreaming!

Olga by Olga
on September 30th, 2015
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