The Unexpected Beauty of Berlin Captured by Konaction

konaction 1

Konrad alias Konaction is one of the most important and influential Berlin Instagrammers, over 130 thousand followers speak for themselves. He is a master in capturing Berlin’s unusual, nonconformist beauty, in grey skies, concrete walls and geometrical shapes. Like hardly any other Instagrammer he has managed to keep a level of originality in his stream of photos that always makes you look forward to the next one, always makes surprised to see a side of the city that you never noticed before.

We met up with Konaction and talked about the usefulness of hashtags, photogenic hotspots and how he makes all of Berlin desire a Plattenbau apartment.

Andy by Andy
on August 11th, 2017
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The Party that Changed the Game of Berlin’s Nightlife


Pornceptual is the unchallenged, sexiest Party in town: 4 years of conceptual porn, sensual photography, experimental videos, wild parties, and daily inspiration to live out our kinky side. Deeply rooted on Berlin’s underground scene, it’s hard to imagine the city without their bi-monthly, naked gathering. The one event that makes you think outside your normal party closet, or finally lets you dress according to your phantasies: In nothing or nothing more than fishnet. Although, Berlin has always been a place for sex-positivity, Pornceptual is a singular phenomenon. Despite hitting party mainstream, it has maintained its reputation as one of Berlin’s most revealing nights. It’s hundreds of naked bodies dancing, sweating, fucking, living. After all,  It’s just skin, it’s all human and it’s all beautiful! We collected some sexy, nude, extravagant memories of their fabulous first 4 years.

Andy by Andy
on August 10th, 2017
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Berlin Biting you in the Ass

Berlin by Tania Strauss 1

photos: Tania Strauss

My story is not different from anyone who has moved to Berlin and got stung by its venom. The venom is strong enough to infect you and leave you alive with its side effects, happily suffering. My friend describes it as “Berlin biting you in the ass”. This is quite accurate. You see a bite in the ass leaves a mark, a literal mark and a feeling. So does Berlin.

I moved to Berlin exactly 300 days ago. Just writing this is making it even harder to believe. 300 days. That is the longest I have ever been away from home. Well, I am kind of confused now as to where home is, but Berlin seems the most appropriate next to this word. I have found a home in the coldest, greyest, probably cruelest city in Germany. It is also the coolest, most liberal, accepting and very different from the rest of Germany.

by Guest Author
on August 9th, 2017
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The Captivating Street Art Murals of Teufelsberg

Spy Tower Teufelsberg Berlin Graffitis-174726

Teufelsberg was one of the first places I discovered upon arriving in Berlin, because I used to live really close (yes, I lived in Heerstrasse. Yes, people live in Heerstrasse). It is a green, beautiful hill one can choose to go hiking, cycling, and if you’re a lazy potato like me, just to chill on top and enjoy the amazing view. Getting its name from the lake nearby, Teufelssee, Teufelsberg is a man-made hill, created out of the rubble and debris the WWII left behind. It also covers the never completed Nazi military technical college, which after the War, was easier to bury than demolish (literally, the devil’s mountain). Its fascinating history doesn’t stop there, since during the Cold War  it was used by Americans as a Listening Station to spy over the DDR.

Stella by Stella
on August 1st, 2017
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Dancing in the Streets of Berlin

Dance Street Berlin Karneval

photos: Min Kyung Choi

Dearest Berlin, let us dance!

Already wearing your prettiest summer-dress and smiling your brightest smile!
Finally your days are long, your nights short. Melt into each other. Have no beginning and no end.
The melancholic spirit of winter seems long past and is forgiven.
Dark November blues melt simultaneously with my frozen lemon popsicles.
The sky painted in radiant blue. This is why I fell in love with you, Berlin.
Everything is blooming and the city is raging with life. Listening to street musicians while bathing in the sun.
Watching shimmering shadows dancing in the moonlight.
Dreams seem to come true during summer.

by Guest Author
on August 1st, 2017
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When Berlin shows its Awkward Side

Titties knurrt

photos: Knurrt

Berlin can be eccentric, glossy, edgy, dark, fabulous but Berlin can also be pretty awkward. It’s these daily situations, encounters, moments that are just… a bit odd. When cultures, and generations clash as they do in a huge city like Berlin it can get pretty absurd from time to time. Some of that is hilarious, some maybe a bit depressing. Berlin Instagrammer Knurrt has perfected the art of capturing these ‘lil goofy Berlin moments. We collected some of his most absurd pictures.

Andy by Andy
on July 26th, 2017
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Remembering the Three Days of Summer 2017

Summer in Berlin

photo: claudioheartsberlin

We do not want to seem all passive aggressive here, but as in 2016, summer 2017 is not really committing. Instead of exclusively staying with us, it feels more like we’re in some kinda on and of relationship. So, eventually we end up wearing the wrong clothes every day because Miss Summer decides to show up when we just got used to these 15 degrees again, running around in a turtle neck. We could moan about our depressing relationship, but, let’s rather cherish the time we already had, these lovely, warm, comforting moments, these days in sandals and shorts, finally wearing this pair of sexy sunglasses. These beautiful, sunny, shimmering, approximately 3 days of summer that we already had. And as we know, you couldn’t capture these moments as you were busy lying in a starfish pose in any Volkspark or jumping into the refreshing water of Schlachtensee. Don’t you worry, that is totally fine. We collected some visuals from our favorite Instagrammers (our own), so we can all remember these beautiful, mesmerizing, 3 days of summer 2017. Enjoy.

Andy by Andy
on July 25th, 2017
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CSD Berlin 2017 – So Wet, So Good, So Tenga

CSD Berlin 2017-5014

A couple of weeks ago we got a call with a seductive offer: Tenga, a Japanese brand specialized on male and female masturbation toys, asked us if we would make a photoshoot with their products, specifically the pride edition of their bestseller, right at the Christopher Street Day parade in Berlin. The task: the models of this shoot should be the visitors of the parade.

We thought about it and finally decided that having a “good excuse” to talk to cute strangers about masturbation on the Pride parade is not such bad job. Slurp!

Claudio by Claudio
on July 24th, 2017
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Dreaming of Hot Summer Days in Berlin


photos: Andrea Padoan

We’re all waiting for summer. We’re waiting for that true Berlin Summer. When there is no cloud at the sky, when the sun beams down mercilessly and the asphalt burns under our feet. Days that never end, days where we’re floating from park, to Späti to Balcony. We’re high on life, Vitamin D, wine and our best friend’s joint. These Berlin summer days create unforgettable memories. Memories that we share with our friends, or with that special someone. Maybe a romance, only for these steaming weeks of August, or maybe we keep that person by our side a little longer to warm us, embrace us for the cold Berlin winter months.

In his photo story photographer Andrea Padoan captures one of these special Berlin days. Two men spending a hot summer day at Tempelhofer Feld together. They have a few beer, Mate, and they have each other. Living in Berlin, it’s easy to relate. A day where time doesn’t matter anymore, nothing’s planned and we just live by the course of the sun. We wear the least amount of fabric, we eat whatever we want, we drink whatever we want, we are covered in sweat but no one cares because everybody is. One of these days where Berlin vibrates and stands still at the same time. We are all waiting for these days. Maybe they’re gonna come…

Andy by Andy
on July 21st, 2017
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Dangerous Photography: Higher than Ever

thumbnail_Iheartberlin 06 (1 von 1)

photos: Cpt Olf

Following the first two features of our series about ‘Dangerous Photography’ that brought us to prohibited places such as the underground subway tunnels or the closed-off rooftops of Berlin, we are continuing our series today with something that can only be described as the superlative of the previous editions. Instagrammer Cpt Olf seems to be the king of them all, climbing higher than anyone we’ve seen so far. His photos are amazing slash panic inducing slash does his mother know he’s up there?

Among other places such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Vienna, Bangkok, Olf shoots stunning pictures from the highest points of Berlin, that we never thought one would be able climb to climb. I mean he climbed onto the rotating Berliner Verlag sign on top of the Berliner Verlag building at Alexanderplatz! Sometimes with company, sometimes without, Olf never fails to amaze us with his shots. While following what we assume is his passion for climbing on the craziest places, he doesn’t destroy anything while making his shoots. Check out some of his photos and be mesmerized and make sure to follow him on Instagram! (For people with a fear of heights like me they are absolutely distressing, but their magnificence can’t be denied!)

Stella by Stella
on July 19th, 2017
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