Dancing through Berlin


Nearly every little girl dreams about becoming once a famous ballerina, right? And the dream never completely disappears even when you get older – the idea of being able to move gallantly through the rooms in a pink tutu, with your legs up in the air and the arms swinging like wings of a swan is to charming…

The photographer Luca Migliore captured this lightness of a dancer and photographed a ballerina in some iconic Berlin places – and we think that’s a winning combination. Here you can enjoy the acrobatic positions of the dancer and simultaneously see beautiful places of Berlin that show a lot about the history of Berlin. See the photos after the jump. Happy dreaming!

Olga by Olga
on September 30th, 2015
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The Architectural Side of Berlin

Sebastian Murrer

photos: Sebastian Murrer

Berlin is an oasis of opportunities to enjoy beautiful and exciting places. But it offers even more – our city has a lot of architectural highlights, or let’s say a very interesting mix. The buildings are colorful, modern, old, morbid, crazy and totally worth seeing! We’ve looked closer at the work of the Berlin-based photographer Sebastian Murrer who has a huge collection of architectural photos of buildings in Berlin that we might not have really paid much attention before.

See some of his photographs of – in our opinion – the most interesting pieces of architecture in Berlin – after the jump.

Olga by Olga
on September 25th, 2015
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Berlin in the 90s

Berlin in the 90s checkpoint charlie

photos: Michael Lange

It’s too easy to take for granted the Berlin that we all know today. Beautiful old Altbauten next to modern light apartment buildings, an abundance of cafes, restaurants and little independent shops along the big malls. A city full of life all connected with a great transportation and infrastructure system.

But over 20 years ago the streets looked very different and especially East Berlin was all but a big opportunity after the reunification. Temporary clubs and galleries spruced up in the deserted building giving new life to the waste open spaces while at the same time countless construction sites were a sign of what was to come. Berlin based photographer Michael Lange captured this truly unique time and the rapid change that was taking place all over the city in his black and white photographs. See more of his pictures after the jump.

Yoori by Yoori
on September 17th, 2015
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Girls and their Bikes in Berlin – A Portrait Series

Girls on Bikes - Drifa Hansen - Actress 2

photos: Guney Cuceloglu

Even though the summer is a little bit over now and the temperatures have dropped significantly us Berliners we are still tough and will keep on using the bike in Autumn until the deep Winter comes. About a year ago we published the portrait series Boys On Bikes by photographer Guney Cuceloglu here on iHeartBerlin and it was quite the hit! So we thought we ask him this year if he also has some girls on bikes and guess what: He does! In continuation of his ongoing series #BikeBerlin he has taken lots of portraits by lovely ladies and their charismatic bikes. May this inspire everyone who still uses the subway to finally also get a bike in Berlin! You can only become a real Berliner if you have a bike and go everywhere with it ;) Enjoy the series after the jump. And if you wonder how you can best use your bike you should check out our bike route guide.

Frank by Frank
on September 15th, 2015
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Illuminated Berlin – 20 Years of eBay Light Installation


photo: Philipp Bögle

Celebrating 20 years of a company really requires something very special and what could be more special than illuminating the city? For eBay this dream birthday gift came true last night when light artist Gerry Hofstetter drove on the river Spree with his big projector and illuminated the building along the shore with iconic Berlin graphics and the eBay anniversary logo. For the people passing by this became quite the spectacle as the projections spanned entire stretches of buildings. Between the Melia Hotel at Friedrichsstraße and the Schleuse am Mühlendamm almost every building was enlightened and even though it rained so many people came or stopped to see the light installations. After the jump we have a couple of impressions for you! Happy Birthday, eBay!

Frank by Frank
on September 11th, 2015
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Berlin Monday Mornings – After a Long Party Night


photos: Moritz Jekat

The first day of a new week is waiting in the wings. While some are still lying in their beds getting the sleep they need for their first working day of the week, the party crowds are just stepping out of clubs after a weekend of partying – enjoying the last hours of an amazing weekend.

For almost two years the Berlin-based photographer Moritz Jekat has walked the streets at 6 am on Monday mornings searching for these party people. He photographed the young folks who danced the night away and just stepped out of clubs like Kater Holzig, Kater Blau, About Blank, Golden Gate, Berghain and Renate.

Have a look at some shots of tired but cheerful – and mostly surprisingly fresh – looking people after the jump.

Olga by Olga
on September 7th, 2015
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IFA 2015 – A Technological Wonderland

IFA 2015-7318

From September 4th til 9th the big consumer electronics fair IFA is taking place at Messe Berlin giving you a glimpse of the technology of tomorrow. After we visited the fair for the first time last year we were excited to dive right back and went yesterday on the first day of the fair to check out what all of the electronic brands have been cooking up in their labs.

Once again entering the Messe Berlin felt like walking into a technological wonderland. From smartphones to plasma TVs, from fitness gadgets to kitchen appliances, from stereo systems to vacuum cleaners you could basically find any kind of device that you could need in your like, or maybe not need, but want because it’s kind of cool to have.  It was stunning to see just how many shiny new products are out there that are ready and waiting to be consumed by us. If you have a hard time to imagine how this all looks, don’t worry, we had our cameras with us and took plenty of pictures to give you an impression.

Frank by Frank
on September 5th, 2015
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A Visit to the Hoppegarten Horse Race Course

Hoppegarten 2015 -13

For everyone who wants to stay open-minded for new ideas and suggestions for their Sunday program in addition to the usual flea market visits, Berghain and staying in bed, here comes an unusual alternative recommendation. We visited the Hoppegarten horse race course on Sunday for the highlight of the racing season – the 125th edition of the Grand Price of Berlin – and had a look at all the horses and well-dressed people. Actually, some of the (older) ladies could have easily been mistaken for the Queen from behind – it was very fun to watch outfits in general and try on hats at the hat shop!

The horse names in all the different races were also quite exceptional, for example A Miracle, Waky Sol, Kimberley‘s Dream, Banana Split and Amorous Adventure. But all those wacky names didn’t give them a big advantage – in the end the horse with the almost subtle name Second Step and its jockey Jamie Spencer took the victory of the most important race on Sunday. Between races you could enjoy your Florida ice cream or a glass of wine listening to the live band playing songs from Buena Vista Social Club (one of my very favorite summer music) to modern pop or jazz interpretations. Or you could have a closer look at the beautiful horses at the parade ring or the presentation ceremony.

A visit to Hoppegarten is a very nice opportunity to swap your dark clothes for your Sunday dress, hat and picknick basket. And with a bit of luck and knowledge you could actually leave the racing not only with great new impressions, but also with a bit of betting money in your pocket. Enjoy my impressions after the jump. The next races are on September 20 and October 3, 2015.

Alicia by Alicia
on August 12th, 2015
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Kurz vor Gestern by Philipp Pusch

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photos: Philipp Pusch

Last year young photographer Philipp Pusch made a big wave with his Berghain portrait series fertig. Now he has a new project coming up that we want to introduce you to. With his series kurz vor gestern he captures scenes of urbanity in melancholic and mysterious black and white photos. The combination of the human body with geometric forms of human-made objects and structures is one of the most prominent qualities of his photos.

He has now compiled the best work into a photobook of the same title, that is being released this Friday at Gordon in Neukölln. You can get a preview below and follow the series on his tumblr.

Frank by Frank
on August 5th, 2015
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Absolut Art Bar: Berlinferno – Photos

Absolut Art Bar: Berlinferno – Photos

After weeks of preparations and anticipation it was finally time to reveal the Berlinferno on Saturday at Blogfabrik. Young Italian artist Nicola Napoli has created a huge artwork for the Absolut Art Bar series that is a tongue-in-cheek response to all the criticism Berlin has received lately and an interpretation of all the worries and fears that Berliners have about the changes of their city.

For this event we turned the Blogfabrik, our new co-working and event space at Kottbusser Tor, into a pink inferno full of eccentric fantastical creatures. It was so much fun to change up the place and re-use all the modular furniture, it was almost like a play-set for grown-ups. It was such a pleasure to work with Nicola who has such a creative mind and so much wit, and also with the guys from Absolut who proved yet again what a modern and progressive brand they are by letting us create a world around our idea and message. Thank you for making this such an enjoyable collaboration!

We were super happy about how everything came together in the end and how many of you showed up to the opening to have a drink with us. We also want to thank our super charming live act Heather Sparx who gave a great performance filled with her joyful synth pop tunes and lots of good energy and glitter, and of course to our DJ teams Rydim & Ricardo Esposito and Dada Disco who both played the most amazing music for us. Enjoy the photos after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on August 5th, 2015
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