Looking at Berlin Fashion Week from a Distance

Shih Chien University 04

Shih Chien University Show, photo: Alicia Kassebohm

Another Fashion Week season is in the history books and with it another week that has been accompanied by bickering and ridicule about our Berlin-version of the world-wide industry event. It’s been going on for years now, it never really got better. The articles trashing it, the comments on social media making fun of it. It’s almost like a sport to spit on Berlin Fashion Week and getting high-fived for it. I personally prefer to look on the bright side: The amazing fashion talents that are presented here!

Frank by Frank
on January 25th, 2016
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Letting Go of Berlin

steffiemarla 1

photos: steffimarla

We love the submissions from our readers that we get sometimes. It’s lovely to see their perspective of the city, which could be a completely different one from our own, and interesting nonetheless. A few days ago I received a submission that made me all teary-eyed. A girl spoke about how she had a hard time letting go of Berlin, even 5 years after she moved away from here. She calls herself a snowflake in the end of her emotional and beautiful text, which instantly reminded me of a photo of a seagull in front of the Berliner Dom by Instagrammer steffimarla. So I decided to bring these two together by combining the melancholic words with the moody and mysterious photos of Steffi. Her pictures paint a really romantic picture of Berlin, full of memories and emotions that perfectly reflect the sentiment of the text. Enjoy!

Frank by Frank
on January 22nd, 2016
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Dandy Diary Party Photos


photos: Alicia Kassebohm

The boys from Dandy Diary did it again: They hosted one of the biggest Berlin Fashion Week parties of the season. But something was different this season: For the first time their party wasn’t open to the public as usual. This was pretty much a blow for all the fans and fashion enthusiast for whom the Dandy Diary party was one of the few opportunity to take part in the Fashion Week circus without needing an exclusive invitation. This seems to have been a trend this season in general. Never has our BFW guide of public events been so small as this season. Is Berlin Fashion Week starting to become more exclusive? And if so, why now? Well, we for our part have always appreciated all the events that welcomed everyone regardless of their credentials. In the end the more exclusive events were not even much more interesting, the fun took place somewhere else… After the jump we have some impressions from the Dandy Diary party shot by our girl Alicia. Enjoy…

Frank by Frank
on January 21st, 2016
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Monypolo – In Love with Business at the Theater


photos: Olga Khristolyubova

Big business is a big game that nobody in Berlin really wants to play. The big players of German economy are only visiting town for a chitchat with their creative agency filled with hot interns all hoping for a spectacular career or at least a spectacular Instagram stream.  But true fact is, that the real money business is not happening in Berlin. Or maybe we just don’t see it very well.

Creating visibility and an understanding for the mechanics of  the dirty business world is not always easy. Therefore  I am looking very much forward to the theater game Monypolo in Summer 2016 from the makers of Game of Life. Until then we can prepare our self to play. In a short theater prequel series at Ballhaus Ost several topics around the strategies of business life will be presented during the year. Tonight is the premiere of the third episode. The topic evolves around consultancy companies. Find out the dates of the play here and check out the photos of this trash glam spectacle after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on January 21st, 2016
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The New Face Of Fashion: Berlin


photo: Glen Luchford/Gucci

Berlin is famous and loved for its style-less culture, whatever you want to wear, you can wear. There doesn’t need to be a difference between your comfortable home look and your Berghain outfit, but with the Berlin Fashion Week starting today the city is once again about to get busy, trendy and super chic. But it’s not only the Fashion Week that gives our ‘poor fashion city’ some attention from the big names in the industry – Berlin itself has moved into focus and is the secret star of two major fashion campaigns, released last week.

Yes, Gucci and Givenchy both decided to shoot their campaigns for 2016 in different iconic areas of town – using the historic vibe of the 70′s/80′s and the Plattenbau-chic to support their new fashion creations. Berlin is the place to be for music, art, culture and obviously the new face in fashion. Check out the full campaigns after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on January 18th, 2016
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Meeting Botticelli in Berlin

Meeting Botticelli ∏ Anna Agliardi-1999

photos: Anna Agliardi

Going out to a museum filled with old paintings does not sound like the typical Friday night activity we use to have here in Berlin. Not so last weekend though, where a massive amount of young (more or less) hip people went to the Gemäldegalerie to a very unusual event. At Meeting Botticelli, the event for the Botticelli exhibition featuring the grand artist of Italian renaissance, the normal rules of going to an old museum were upside-down. Instead of tiptoeing quietly through the magnificent halls the event wanted to explore a different side of creative interaction with art.

Guides who brought you through the exhibition with eyepatches, speakers who asked you and others about your emotion to the artwork and performances which which would rather fit to Sisyphos where only a few of many interesting ideas of this unique event. To finish in glory there was a small party in the foyer of the museum after the exhibition closed. Visitors and performers had quite some fun dancing together to “I am your Venus – I am your Fire” . I hope that those kind of art presentations will happen more often in Berlin. The city has an enormous cultural richness that young people need to discover through new methods. The next event of that series will take place at Hamburger Bahnhof in Summer. Until then you can enjoy the photos that our photographer Anna Agliardi created for us or take your chance to visit the exhibition about Botticelli until the end of this week.

Claudio by Claudio
on January 18th, 2016
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20 Things to do at Home in Winter

In Bed Reading

photos: oh_hedwig

As much as I enjoy looking at the photos of snowy Berlin on Instagram, I do prefer one thing: The cosy and warm atmosphere at home. No one captures this better than Saskia Bauermeister on her Instagram account @oh_hedwig. For me she is the queen of “coffee and cake in bed” and “curling up at home” as she turns this mundane activity into an art form. Her charming photographs wrap me up in a warm blanket of comfort and let me forget all the horrible things that are happening outside like dirty, melting snow, black ice and hail storms.

Looking through Saskia’s stream I feel inspired for many activities that you can do at home in Winter when you just don’t want to leave the house. And so I thought I transform this into a fine list of suggestions for you accompanied by some of her most beautiful photos. Enjoy 20 things to do at home in Winter, right after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on January 16th, 2016
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Dangerous Photography: The Berlin Underground

Underground Jeisson Martin

photos: Jeisson Martin

Beauty is everywhere, you just have to know where to look. I guess this also means taking some steps into forbidden territory sometimes.

We already told you a bit about young photographer Jeisson Martin, who is taking his photographs with a certain attitude that could be described as wild and adventurous. And that’s exactly what it is: wild. Jeisson, not afraid to take risks for the ideal shot, is going the extra mile if he has to. And this means he won’t be intimidated by a “No Entry” sign. His photographs revolve around unusual spots and restricted areas of all kinds. There is a metallic beauty about them that is both sharp and soft at the same time. Vibrant, colorful, full of life and yet with a distinguished retraction. We love his shots, so we curated them for our #berlin exhibition some weeks ago.

For his latest coup, the urban explorer took us with him, down the stairs of the Berlin subway for a shoot ‘down under’. Of course these excursions are dangerous and forbidden, so don’t even think about following in his footsteps! Check out the beautiful results and the exciting making-of video that he made for his new YouTube channel #exploreeverything after the jump.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on January 10th, 2016
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Berlin, the City of Homeless Christmas Trees

Abandoned Christmas Trees by oplattenbau 8

photos: Ania Banaszek

During my first walk outside after Christmas I noticed a beautiful, big, perfectly shaped Christmas tree just lying around on the sidewalk. Thrown away one day after Christmas. One day! I thought that’s a pretty tough timing. Maybe it was due to my post-Christmas melancholy or the winterish lack of sun (or both) but I could not help thinking how sad and absurd it looks like. During the next days I noticed how the streets and sidewalks of Berlin got flooded by the suddenly homeless Christmas trees of all kinds: big, small, still ‘fluffy’ or completely abandoned of needles. Something I’ve never seen with such a density anywhere outside of Berlin. And something I found a great metaphor of Winter time melancholy. So I took a camera out and off I went, to photograph this (for me) typical Berlin curiosity.

by Guest Author
on January 9th, 2016
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Highlights of Tanztage 2016: Vox/Dust

DUST ∏ Anna Agliardi-1508

photos: Anna Agliardi

Working as a contemporary dancer is incredibly hard. You need an amazing passion (and talent) to have a real shot at something called a career. But even with all the attributes that might define you as a perfect dancer getting jobs in Berlin is not easy. Fortunately there are places and events that have so much dedication for contemporary dance that I might have some hopes for the future for this discipline here in town.

Once a year the festival Tanztage Berlin at Sophiensaele brings together all the passionate people and the most enthusiastic newcomers the city has to offer. Last night we saw the premiere of the two pieces Vox/Dust that opened the festival. Especially watching the four handsome guys perform the second piece Dust by choreographer and dancer Roderick George was an amazing experience. They had such an amazing energy and an intense vocabulary of movements. Tonight you have another chance to see it. Photos and a trailer of the piece Dust, after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on January 8th, 2016
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