Playing Urban Pacman in Berlin

Urban Pacman

Lately I noticed movie posters for a weird looking new film called Pixels all over town. It reminded me of a short film by Sergej Hein that was commissioned by SZ Magazine a few years ago. It’s a fun little clip with two guys turning into Pacman characters and chasing each other through town. I wonder if this was the inspiration for this new Pixels film… ;) Enjoy the clip after the jump!

Frank by Frank
on July 24th, 2015
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Little Big Berlin

Little Big Berlin

I re-discovered this lovely Berlin video portrait by Pilpop when I was going through the archive of the Berlin Film Nights that we are doing with Mobile Kino since 2012. “Little Big Berlin” shows, quite impressively, a version of Berlin that feels like a miniature world. Obviously this is a bit of trickery here as the footage is real live footage of Berlin. The effect is quite strong and the results are really lovely. Enjoy the video after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on July 22nd, 2015
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Love and Lust on Video

love lust LA

Having sex is always the best when you’re in love. For me this is true, but I think many people will agree on it too, because strong feelings to another person always make you experience the lust more intensely. Film makers Will Hoffman and Julius Metoyer have caught exactly this intenseness on camera with their new short film Lover for Nowness and somehow created the anti-porn porn film with it. All the people in the films are real couples and you can see that there is more going on between them  than just sex which makes this video more erotic and arousing than any ordinary porn film could ever do. Enjoy it after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on June 26th, 2015
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Welcome to Pornotopia


Our friends from Pornceptual have done it again. They gathered all their sexy friends and melted them with their latest sexual phantasies into a brand new conceptual porn film titled Pornotopia. The playfulness, innocence and all the flowers from their last work have vanished and been replaced with wip lashes, leather gear and role play in a postapocalyptic sci-fi scenario. Enjoy the short version of the film after the jump. The long version you can enjoy at the Pornceptual does Mobile Kino at Babylon Mitte on Friday, July 10th 2015.

Frank by Frank
on June 5th, 2015
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The Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2015

G. directed by Esther Loewe

G. directed by Esther Löwe

Showing over 100 of the latest curated fashion films, a full day of talks by industry leaders and an evening of awards and bare skin, the Berlin Fashion Film Festival is finally here. Highlighting the rise of fashion using film as its main platform, fashion branding has evolved into something artistic, evocative, and best of all, fun. The growing importance of the interdisciplinary approach to branding brings forth the growing global fashion film phenomenon. Gone are the days of the term “fashion” being used to describe what we wear–now, everything from music to cinematography comes into play. The Berlin Fashion Film Festival focuses on recognizing visual talent and connects filmmakers, producers, creative agencies and clients such as brands, labels, designers and fashion enthusiasts of all backgrounds. The BFFF Fashion Film Summit is coming to Astra Kulturhaus June 5th 2015, and will be followed by an awards show and after party. We’re giving away a pair of tickets to the festival, which will feature screenings, panel discussions and parties with influential established and up-and-coming talent. Click on to get a sneak peak at some of this year’s entries and enter to win a pair of tickets to the event.

Skylar by Skylar
on May 29th, 2015
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A Portrait of East Berlin in 1980

1980 - Berlin die Hauptstadt der DDR 4

I don’t know what’s up with us but lately we are feeling so nostalgic and enjoy sharing some more historic things about our beloved Berlin, may it be about the Berlin wall, the post-war period or the wild 80s of West Berlin. Today we have yet another look into the 80s, but this time of the East part of Berlin. We found this interesting propaganda film from the GDR that shows the capital of the country in all its glory. It has tons of footage of the same places that we cross every day, but in an entirely different look back then. If you ignore the exaggerations and glorifications from the speaker this is actually a really nice document of time that gives you a good impression of how Berlin looked at the time (even if it was maybe only for the moment of filming) and how the GDR would have liked to be seen by the people. The video and some of my favorite stills after the jump!

Frank by Frank
on May 18th, 2015
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A Wild Berlin Wedding at Wilde Renate


photos: Jule Müller

Berlin is a place of unconventional ideas and I think that pretty much applies to all possible things, even something as traditional as a wedding. This beautiful new video by the wedding film makers Hearts on Tape shows a wild Mexican-style wedding taking place at the nightclub Wilde Renate. It looks absolutely beautiful and fun and unique and it’s totally how I imagine the cool folks of Berlin getting hitched. What it is is the new music video for the Moewe Remix of Moby’s new song Almost Home. Enjoy the beautiful video and some photos from the set of the film shooting by the talented wedding photographer Jule Müller (one half of the fabulous Im Gegenteil) after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on May 14th, 2015
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Neurosex Pornoia – A Queer Cyberpunk Post-Porn Project

neurosex pornoia

Berlin is full of surprises and in some way everything goes. The queer cyberpunk post-porn series Neurosex Pornoia by Eric Pussyboy and Abigail Gnash is one of these surprises that hit us out of nowhere. Of course it should not be a surprise because with projects like Pornceptual, the big success of the Porn Film Festival and long-forgotten sex clubs like KitKat on the rise again a pornographic video series was just about the next natural step. With its geeky, punky and trashy style the show is pretty much a niche thing but with its references to sci-fi and porn it will surely tickle the interest of a bigger audience. It tells the story of a world where sex can be translated into code that can be downloaded, but of course this goes terribly wrong and what was meant to be pleasure becomes something else. So far there are two episodes out and a third in the making. Tonight you can watch a screening of the first two episodes at Altes Finanzamt and again on May 14, 2015 as part of the feminist queer art film festival by Coven Berlin. Enjoy the trailers and some impressions after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on May 7th, 2015
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Berlin Escapes: Join the Explorers

The Explorers - Ben Paper Boys

The Spring is not only the time to redecorate your house, start a new affair, get a last-minute gym membership to prepare for summer time and to enjoy the first warm days, it’s also the time to plan your vacations and trips for the year. Of course we are not all going to be here in Berlin all the time and as we are a travel-eager bunch here we would like to give you a few recommendations of where to go in our Travel section.

Today we have an interesting urban exploring project for you that will lead you on a tour to the amazing European cities of Lyon, Antwerp, Bristol, Copenhagen, Florence, Istanbul, Budapest and Hamburg. Initiated by French footwear label Palladium the tour will follow video journalist and blogger Georgia LA from sbtv and photographer and Instagram genius Emmanuel Cole to these cities who will meet up with local insiders and discover the underground scenes and most exciting places. As you can see the tour consciously avoids the big European metropolises such as Paris, London, Rome and (well) Berlin, and instead focusses on less travelled places that are gaining more interest for contemporary travelers in recent years. We salute these choices and cannot wait to see the findings of the tour that will be published on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all hashtagged with #palladiumexplorers.

On May 11, 2015, the tour will start in Lyon where our explorers will meet the guys from local webzine and visual agency Paperboys who will show them around in their city. The smiling gentlemen in the photo above is one of them, by the way. After the jump you can see a first trailer for the tour and get a first impression of Lyon. There will a few documentary films shot and lots of amazing photos taken. Everyone who is also traveling to or living in these 8 cities is welcome to join the project and give insider tips to our explorers and win amazing prices along the way.

Frank by Frank
on May 5th, 2015
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Berlin in 1945 – A City in Ruins

Berlin 1945

We all know about the tumultuous past of Berlin and the many scars it has left on the city. We’ve all seen black and white photographs of the dark and sad history. But rarely have we seen moving pictures in colors of the time after the war when the city was in ruins and the people where shoveling through the debriss. Now a video surfaced that shows Berlin in 1945 after the war – but thanks to video retouching by the partially unreleased material is in color and high def quality. It’s quite stunning to see Berlin like this and learn a little bit more about its history. Enjoy the film after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on May 5th, 2015
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