At Home with Günther Krabbenhöft

Guenther Anton Krabbenhoeft

“I always wore at least a colored sock”

Günther Anton Krabbenhöft, the senior that got famous through a street-style photograph, is special in every way. With his elegant and colorful clothing, the 70 year old refuses to sink into the beige-grey of many elder people. He prefers to dress elegantly, yet with a touch of extravaganza. This preference is also to be found in his home.

Krabbenhöft invited Frank Bertram from to his home in Kreuzberg and told a little bit about his motivations and inspirations to dress well and be different.

Everything in his apartment seems to be well-chosen, from the coat hook to the table he sits on. Even the tea-pot he pours his tea out of is a designer-piece, seemingly. But make no mistake, Krabbenhöft is no hipster, as he states at the end of the video: “Hipsters”, he says, “Hipsters are different”.

See the charming video right after the jump.

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on April 22nd, 2016
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The Story of Abandoned Berlin

Abandoned Berlin Documentary

The blog Abandoned Berlin is the #1 source for urban explorers as it’s the most comprehensive archive of abandoned places in and around Berlin, with detailed descriptions of how to get inside and what the dangers might be; it also has a lot of information about the history of the places. For me the most interesting part of the blog are the comments where recent visitors of each place leave their updates on the current situations regarding safety and accessibility.

The founder of the blog, Ciarán Fahey, also released a book with his favorite photographs from the blog that we reviewed a while ago. Now we stumbled across a brand-new wonderful documentary short that filmmaker Jordi Busquets shot with Ciarán. It includes footage of some of the most stunning abandoned places of Berlin such as the Teufelsberg spy station, the Spreepark amusement park, the old Children’s Hospital nicknamed Zombie Hospital, the former Tempelhof Airport (actually the only one that’s not really abandoned as it’s a huge refugee camp and public park now) and the old airport in Johannisthal. In the video Ciarán tells the story of his passion for urban exploring and how he started his blog and also some info on the history of the featured places. A great inspiration for all urban explorers. Enjoy the video after the jump.

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on April 18th, 2016
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LeidenSchafft – A Movie about Berlin Hip Hop


photos: LeidenSchafft

The Berlin underground scene is one of the most diverse in the world. Makes sense – where there is a large society, there is also an underground, an anti-pole to the mainstream. If you look around the Hip Hop scene nowadays, a lot of things have changed. The subcultural character of Hip Hop seemingly vanished and slowly but steadily German Rap became mainstream. But still, Hip Hop is the voice of the unheard, an organ for the youth and a space for resistance.

Young filmmaker and and photographer Mirza Odabaşı took it upon himself to go back in time, to the origins of Berlin and German Rap culture and met up with a wide range of artists and personalities from the scene. In his documentary LeidenSchafft, a pun from the words “passion”, “misery” and “creation”, Odabaşı goes into the deep meanings of the local Rap culture, talks about identity and finding and defining yourself in and outside of the music. He met up with many icons of the scene, ranging from well-known artists like Marteria, Chefket, Eko Fresh and many more to rather Oldschool trailblazers such as Killa Hakan, Marcus Staiger or Spaiche.

In 43 minutes Odabaşı manages to get into topics such as experiences of social exclusion, some of the possible reasons to why Hip Hop is so popular amongst the alleged socially disadvantaged adolscents and portrays the people shaping the German Hip Hop scene in beautiful images in Berlin.
In that way, “LeidenSchafft” is a look back and an appraisal at the same time, bringing light to the underground. And human emotions.

See some impressions of the film and a teaser after the jump.

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on April 15th, 2016
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Sterni & Chill in Reinickendorf

LESULA - Reinickendorf

“We are feeling good and there’s a Späti in the neighborhood.” There is probably no better USP to Berlin than its Spätis and probably no better way to start a song. Daði Freyr and Jökull Logi from LESULA are originally from Iceland and are currently studying and making music in the capital. And the guys seem to love one aspect of the capital in particular. Their song “Reinickendorf” is a relaxed and funny hymn to the one-and-only, in their eyes underestimated beer Sternburg Export. Better known to Berliners as well-priced Sterni, you have probably drunken this liquid gold at some point. For some people it’s more like liquid Zyankali though. Depends, on your taste. But: “You know that we appreciate it” as they sing smoothly. LESULA show in their music video shot by Árný Fjóla what it means to relax in totally underrated Reinickendorf. And are very funny while doing so. Check out this funny gem and nod your head to this original capital anthem. Right after the jump.

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on April 7th, 2016
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The Secret Fountain of Youth: Dancing Through Life

Excite Video still 2

A couple of weeks ago we showed you a fun music video with a guy dancing through the streets of Berlin. What was so special about it, was that the guy was not a young crazy party kid, but a slightly famous older gentleman: Günter Krabbenhöft. Certainly an unexpected sight, but a really enjoyable one as the success of the video shows. It was this feature that prompted yet another video submission that we received that has a related theme: it’s about an adorable couple of elderly dancers in their 70s.

Cities like Berlin are so obsessed with youth culture. It’s always about what’s young, what’s hip, what’s sexy. There seems to be some kind of ageism going on, because when it comes to the older generation things automatically become uncool. Why is that? Why can’t old people be cool, too? And why are we so afraid of aging? I think the answer is that there are not enough role models that prove wrong all the stereotypes of older people that we dread so much. We associate being old with being out of touch, being slow and sick, being opposed to any kind of change, being yesterday’s news. In a fast-paced world that is all about individualism and self-fulfillment, this really sounds like the most horrible thing that could happen to us.

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on March 30th, 2016
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Falling in Love with Berlin

Eine Liebesgeschichte - Berlin - Pablo Ruiz Sanchez

Love is a beautiful thing. And comes in different forms and manifestations. Be it the love to your surroundings, details, your friends, family, pet, food – god knows you can love a good burger. Love is unique and universal equally. We don’t know where it came from, we don’t know where it’s going but we do know how it feels, each and every single person on this planet. Only the stories attached to the feeling differ. And that’s the beauty of it.

Pablo Ruiz Sánchez is a filmmaker who shares his love story with us today. In his charming video he follows a girl through various places of Berlin while recounting his thoughts about her with poetic words. Of course the girl is not really a person but a metaphor for the city that he fell in love with so deeply. With the story told in German and subtitles in Spanish, maybe not everyone of you can understand what is being said. But surely, everyone will get what he felt. And enjoy the nice Berlin shots. See the short video here, right after the jump.

Edit: Now you can choose between Englisch / German / Spanish subtitles. :)

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on March 30th, 2016
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The Spring Cleaning Dilemma: eBay or Flea Market?


Vanellimelli, photo: Philipp Bogle

Believe it or not, but we almost made it through the grey Berlin Winter, yeay! And this means that one old tradition is coming up again: the Spring cleaning. Spending so much time in your home during the cold months has the negative effect that we horde way too many things and it’s time to get some order back into our four walls and clean out everything that we don’t really need anymore.

And once we’ve gone through all the things one big question will arise: Flea market or eBay? In our modern times the struggle to answer this question seems to be quite a luxury problem. But we want an answer none the less. In the last years online market places have become a tough competition for the traditional flea market as they really changed the game. On a platform like that you will reach a much higher audience than any local flea market ever could. And for certain types of items you will be able to sell to much higher prices. On the other hand the flea market booth offers you a social experience and interaction with the potential buyers, and you will be able to sell many things in only one day. So obviously both options have their advantages. But what is the best option for you?

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on March 25th, 2016
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Jump House Berlin: Back to the Nineties


My professional experience in viral topics connected to Berlin would result in following list: Berghain, Berghain, Berghain, Porn, Sex, Avocado Toast and Bouncy Castles. Yes! Bouncing castles and bouncy houses are totally a thing now in Berlin. A couple of years ago a giant bouncy castle was opened in Berlin for a contemporary dance festival (one of those events that was described as super pretentious by mainstream society, but was actually super fun instead). The lines where huge and the hype legit: the bouncing castle was one of the funniest thing in my life.

Where there is a hype – there is a business man making money with it. Last Friday a place called Jump House Berlin opened its doors for the adrenaline hungry Berliners who can not wait to encourage their internal organs to switch places inside their body (who cares about natural order, it’s Berlin after all!). The promo video (with an interesting choice in music) was shared so many times in my Facebook stream that I started wondering if I should look out for new friends. The bold color choice of orange and purple reminds me of the sport center SEZ at Landsberger Allee: the biggest sport park in the history of the former GDR. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for your childhood when you were listening to Jump for Joy by 2Unlimited and literally jumped on your bed up and down, or maybe it’s the curiosity to experience something completely new: the Jump House Berlin is waiting for your in all its atrocious beauty in the “Szenekiez” Reinickendorf. More about the jump after the jump.

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on March 21st, 2016
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The Hottest Breakfast Ever


Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day and especially on the weekend I like to celebrate it in all it’s glory: Eggs, avocado, granola, fruits, milk, honey. What a lovely feast. And there is basically only one thing to make it even sweeter: combining it with the second best thing that you can do on a Sunday morning: Sex. The following video must have been the result of a particularly hungry and horny morning session of photographer Mikel Marton. I came across it a while ago during my research for the trailers of the last Berlin Porn Film Festival and I was basically just waiting for the right moment to serve this to you. But I guess today is as good a day as any. So here comes the hottest breakfast session ever in the form of this super sensual artsy video. Enjoy!

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on March 20th, 2016
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With Eyes of Wonder: Exploring Berlin as a Child

Junge in Berlin

photo: Robert Agthe / CC

Experiencing your surroundings, the world, a particular place is always a very personal experience.
A place, city or even room can be encountered and told differently, depending on who experienced it. Which is why it’s always interesting to see and hear how others perceived the world. How they felt about certain streets, stores or details.

Eaglewood Films recently came out with a nice short film featuring Berlin. The motion designer and visual effects editors published “Moments of Berlin”, a nice short film that features a little boy during his first adventures in the capital. From his first flight to Berlin, to his first kebab in the city – the clip shows his every step in an almost soothing manner. As a viewer, this special perspective of the capital is not only heartwarming but also eye-opening – to another point of view. See the clip right after the jump.

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on March 17th, 2016
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