9. Porn Film Festival Berlin – Holy Tits and Fucking Trailers


Should we call the week when the sex fair Venus is happening the Berlin Sex Week? It would make a lot of sense, right? But why doesn’t anybody call it that way? I  definitely have talk to the new major about this issue. Any-fucking-way, there is one event during that week that we don’t consider extremely sexist and inappropriate and that is the Porn Film Festival. The 9th edition of this let’s say quite alternative cinematic view on porn focuses on sexual experiences that empower individuals to make their own decisions and choices free of social stigma. Our friends from Pornceptual will not only show some of their movies there but also present an exhibition during the Porn Film Festival Berlin that explores diverse representations of sexuality in artwork that intersects with pornography. Apart from some really hot movies there are also some really serious documentaries featuring the life of sex workers. But where there is good porn, humor is not too far away. So expect to laugh your ass off at some of the movies. The Porn Film Festival Berlin will take place from October 22nd through 26th 2014 in Cinema Moviemento. After the jump you find the trailers for the most promissing movies of the festival. Have fun!

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on October 22nd, 2014
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The biggest Cinéma de Mode


Cate Blanchett in Slow Motion by Matthew Frost

Last week we hosted the first live Cinéma de Mode event as part of the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week that has so far been an online series showing the best fashion films here on iHeartBerlin and on Two For Fashion who supported for this event. The outcome was great we were very happy to screen our selection of films to a full cinema. It was especially awesome for us to see your live reactions to our Fruit Salad show that we published last year. You can find some impressions of the event here on Facebook. As so many have asked about the films I hereby present all the films we showed (except a few that are not published online just yet). Enjoy our biggest Cinéma de Mode ever after the jump.

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on October 9th, 2014
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Berlin, Berlin: Spring – A new Berlin Film


After his lovely poetic film Berlin, Berlin: Autumn that we showed you a few months ago, talented film maker Nehemias Colindres released yet another beautiful Berlin film turning his one-off into a series of four that will each be dedicated to one of the four seasons of the year. His new film was shot in the Spring and even though we are heading into the fall now considering the warm temperatures it still feels quite right this moment. Enjoy the wonderful new film capturing Berlin in its best lights after the jump. Looking forward to Summer and Winter!

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on October 3rd, 2014
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Cinéma de Mode at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week


Next week on Wednesday the brand new Berlin Alternative Fashion Week launches its first edition with a colorful program of parties, shows, talks and a designer market. After several years of doing events during the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and the German Press Days we were of course excited about another opportunity to get our hands in the pie so we decided to host a new event during this new Fashion Week.

It is something that we meant to do for a long time but never came around to do it: Turn our Cinéma de Mode online column that we featured here on iHeartBerlin.de for many years before moving over to our partner Two For Fashion into a live event in a real cinema. So we asked our friends from the Berlin Fashion Film Festival to contribute some films, as well as the designers of the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week and mixed it with our own selection of our favorite films of the new genre and the result is going to be an entertaining program of fashionable short films and videos featuring Hollywood stars such as Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and Christopher Walken for your viewing pleasure. Together with our friends from Two For Fashion we will invite you into the cinema of the former culturual institute of Czechoslowakia at Leizpziger Str. 60 (entrance Jerusalemer Str.) on Thursday October 2nd at 20h to enjoy our films of the Cinéma de Mode.

To get you into the mood we want to show you today the latest hyped fashion film about the selfie culture by Matthew Frost featuring Kirsten Dunst, as well as Frost’s previous other amazing films after the jump.

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All Eyes on Eliot Sumner


I think it’s a wonderful thing when (almost) forgotten artists spit out new incredible music. This time around I’m talking about Eliot Sumner. If you know anything about this musical prodigy you’re already aware that she’s not just an ordinary pop-star. If you haven’t heard yet of her, now would be a good time. Eliot is not only the daughter of Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, a.k.a. Sting, but a singular talent worth exploring who is bringing a whole new meaning to pop and rock music with her new EP Information, and most importantly, an incredible music experience to Berlin! More about it after the jump.

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Let It Rock! – Berlin Mitte 10 Years Ago

Let it Rock

A bit more than 10 years ago film makers Igor Paasch and Frank Künster premiered their documentation Let It Rock! about Berlin’s most controversial district Mitte at the Berlinale 2003 and showed their film at several festivals over the course of the following 7 years. Now, 11 years later they finally released the film online for everyone to see.

Several Berlin personalities who the younger ones of us might not even know anymore but who were somehow famous and involved in the Berlin scene at the time are talking about Mitte and its nightlife, some praise it, some complain about it, but everyone has their own unique perspective on it. We recognize a few people that are still quite involved today, such as Johann from Circle Culture Gallery, Cookie, Sasha from Jahcoozi, Mieze from Mia., Miss Kittin and Ellen Alien.

It’s quite interesting what parts of Mitte’s scene this documentary is showing. I was already living in Berlin and going out at the time, but somehow nothing seems familiar what I see in the film which proves once more how many microcosm coexist in Berlin next to each other. What’s interesting is that all this was filmed before places such as Bar 25, Berghain and Renate even openen. Tresor was still in its previous space at Leipziger Platz and Weekend, WMF and Watergate where the hip new clubs everyone in their 20s went to. For me personaly back than there was no district that was particularily cool or better than the other. The places you went to were all over the city, some even in the (geographical) West of Berlin.

Today everything is quite different in that respect. Depending on the person who is talking some districts have a bad reputation for the one or other reason. That’s a bit sad in a way because ultimately every district is going through the same kind of developement, just in a different time and speed. Ultimately they all make up the Berlin that we know and love and sometimes it’s also important to acknowledge the past of one area to understand and appreciate the present of another. Enjoy the film after the jump.

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Faces of N. – An Audiovisual Experiment


Earlier this year we already presented you the first teaser video of a project titled Faces of N. by Berlin-based audiovisual artist Gabriel Shalom. In the short film you can see model and designer Nicole Roscher (Von Bardonitz) in front of a mirror undressing and dressing in several outfits but edited and looped in a way that the sounds that she made with her clothes and movements assembled a beat and a melody. But the video wasn’t everything, it was an introduction to a full audiovisual EP that Gabriel presented live at an event at CAKE studios a few months later and has now released on his website for the world to see. The EP consists of 5 new videos of Nicole shuffeling and ruffeling her clothes. The sounds recorded during the filming of the video were sampled with a method called granular synthesis which uses very small pieces of audio to create new tones. Some of them were also worked on with an equalizer to emphasize certain frequencies. The result is a set of minimalistic and experimental tracks that will remind you a bit of breakbeat, but stripped down to its core. Enjoy all 5 tracks and the intricately edited videos that go with them after the jump.

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Berlin, after the Party


So, this is pretty much how you can imagine how the young and hip in Berlin areas such as Neukölln live nowadays. Altbau with Dielen, of course, well, unless you got lucky and got an apartment in the Plattenbau across from Hasenheide. Sparsely decorated, like you don’t really care. Always the air of an afterparty from the previous weekend in the room. The dinner table littered with alcohol bottles, the cheap stuff of course. The bathroom is lit with candles because you don’t know how to fix the lamp without getting electrocuted. Clothes on the floor because your one Ikea rack is full / no more free wire coat hangers from the dry cleaners. Tattoos and/or piercings are mandatory – there cannot be too many. Everything is tinted in a grey haze because it looks cooler this way. Praise the gloominess, praise the I-don’t-care, praise headache pills. If mom thinks the place is a mess she can clean the fuck up herself.

At least this is the picture drawn by director John Lee Siebert in his little film that he shot in a local apartment and rooftop for  music act Submerse released by Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle. What do you think? How spot on is he with his impression of the Berlin lifestyle? Well, maybe leave the dramatic plot twist toward the end of the short film out of the equation ;) Enjoy the cool video after the jump.

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Berlin Fashion Week Special: Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2014


Christopher Walken in ‘Made from Cool’ by Martin Werner

For our second special we have teamed up with this year’s edition of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival that is going into it’s third round next week on July 9 and 10. It’s impressive how the little festival has developed into such a big thing in such a short amount of time. This year they host several public screenings at the Arsenal Kino during Berlin Fashion Week on Wednesday where you can see fashion films with famous Hollywood actors such as Christopher Walken, Javier Bardem, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, and Jessica Chastain. Not bad, huh? You should get your tickets here. And to put a cherry on top they invited famous Russian artist Andrey Bartenev to give a runway presentation of his bubbely sculptural design performances at the award show on Thursday evening. That’s going to be a mad affair for sure. Some preview videos, more photos and details, and your chance to win tickets for the screenings after jump.

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Berlin Fashion: Ade Velkon


photos: Trevor Good

We all know it, Berlin has always been at the forefront of ideas and creativity when it comes to music and art, but I’m surely not alone believing that it’s about time for fashion design to steal the spotlight. Let us start taking the center stage today with some words about the brilliant Berlin-based emerging designer-duo Ade Velkon. This last April I had the chance to see their third mini retail collection exhibited in a Kreuzberg gallery before its official debut this coming summer 2015, and the overall concept truly captivated me. It’s a very ambitious collection, a mixture of sleek contemporary tailoring and sportswear inspired basics which comes in two neutral colours. It’s definitely a very wearable collection with incredible fabrics and relaxed fitting garments from silky dresses to basketball shorts. ‘Simple and in the details’, that’s what you get from taking a peek at the designs in the lookbook or at the intimate fashion film that accompanies the collection. Yes, I do like it a lot, and yes, I am really looking forward to seeing it out and about on the Berlin streets. Enjoy some promising Berlin talent and get your creative juices flowing with Ade Velkon‘s edgy style after the jump!

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