Berlin through the Eyes of a Stranger

merci berlin-7

Just like in any other longterm relationship from time to time it is crucial to take a step back and see what you’ve got – like a third party pointing out just how lucky you are. Seeing through the eyes of a stranger brings you ironically closer to yourself. The relationship you have with the place you live in is no different. Berlin is my hometown and habitat and from time to time I find myself forgetting just how lucky I am to call this city my home. It gets lost quite easily in the grumpy morning banter with the bus driver while hectically fishing out the ticket.

But in order to feel like yourself you need to feel good where you are, feel protected and challenged to be your best self.
 Movies about Berlin with a certain atmosphere can bring back a joy for detail and exploring. Because that’s what a stranger ultimately brings: curiosity. The curiosity to find back the beauty of your street, the joy of your neighborhood, the greatness of your city.
And the freedom to live in it.

Take a look at this uplifting video from Cécile Chabert with great music and Berlin shots and be delighted. Right after the jump.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on February 10th, 2016
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Deep Web – An Immersive Experience at Kraftwerk


This week the impressive Kraftwerk Berlin is showing an lazer and sound installation by Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke as part of the CTM Festival 2016. Deep Web is a moving, luminous architectural structure that weaves 175 motorized spheres and 12 high power laser systems into a 25 meter wide and 10 meter high sculpture of light and sound. It’s a really immersive experience to see it and a total must-see. It’s still open daily until Sunday, February 7, 2016. The video after the jump gives you a good impression, but you really have to see it live!

Frank by Frank
on February 5th, 2016
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Never too old to Rave

Wandervogel Euphorie Gunther Krabbenhoft

photo: Francesca Camilla

In Berlin, you’re never too old or too young to rave. This is pretty much the message of this joyful new video starring Berlin’s hippest senior Günther Krabbenhöft, who you can see dancing and partying around town, with young and old. I love how this video shows the diverse side of the city: people with different backgrounds, even kids, just having a laugh and a good time together. It can be so simple and so sweet: that moment when you realize that we can all coexist peacefully together, with no racism, ageism, sexism and other bad “isms” and phobias. Berlin is a place where we can all be together and be who we really are without other people judging us. Let this feeling become even stronger in Berlin, because we have a few more things to overcome. But for now, let’s dance through the streets a bit like Günther here…

Frank by Frank
on January 30th, 2016
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Angela Merkel Off the Record – As Imagined by the British

Television Tracey Ullman Show

© BBC, photo: Rory Lindsay

I love the British sense of humor! Most of my favorite comedies are actually from the UK. They just have a way of being so unabashedly politically incorrect and hilariously self-ironic. But in their latest comedy out-put they are less about self-irony, as the joke is on our chancellor Angela Merkel. For the new Tracey Ullman show the titular comedienne portraits Merkel from a side, that we haven’t seen her yet: Off the record. Merkel is known for always having a straight face when exposed to the public eye, but this new set of sketches shows how the Brits imagine her when no one is listening. And it’s quite genious…

Frank by Frank
on January 21st, 2016
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The New Face Of Fashion: Berlin


photo: Glen Luchford/Gucci

Berlin is famous and loved for its style-less culture, whatever you want to wear, you can wear. There doesn’t need to be a difference between your comfortable home look and your Berghain outfit, but with the Berlin Fashion Week starting today the city is once again about to get busy, trendy and super chic. But it’s not only the Fashion Week that gives our ‘poor fashion city’ some attention from the big names in the industry – Berlin itself has moved into focus and is the secret star of two major fashion campaigns, released last week.

Yes, Gucci and Givenchy both decided to shoot their campaigns for 2016 in different iconic areas of town – using the historic vibe of the 70′s/80′s and the Plattenbau-chic to support their new fashion creations. Berlin is the place to be for music, art, culture and obviously the new face in fashion. Check out the full campaigns after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on January 18th, 2016
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Why Moderate Drinking Is More Sexy

Moderate Drinkers Wanted 1

If someone asks me about the drinking habits of Germans, I would probably answer that Germans drink quite a lot, but in a fairly responsible way. We do like our beer and we do like our wine, and quite a lot of people drink exactly these two types of alcohol on a regular basis. But unless it’s Oktoberfest or a Fashion Week party with free drinks Germans tend not to get too wasted on it. At least that’s my observation here in Berlin.

I would consider myself a moderate drinker, too, proudly so. I like the social habits around drinking, like buying someone cute a drink, having drinks with friends, offering a drink to guests, toasting a special occasion with a drink. I like a good drink for the right moment, and I do like to drink a couple of them if they are really good, but I don’t enjoy the feeling of getting drunk, loosing control. I know when to stop and switch to water. The main reason for that: I don’t want anyone to think of me what I think of people that loose it, get really drunk and really embarrassing. You will end up saying something or doing something that you will later regret and it won’t be worth the fun you think you are having in that moment. And I hate hangovers…

Frank by Frank
on January 16th, 2016
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Berlin Through Winter’s Eyes


Most people recommend to visit Berlin in summer for obvious reasons – everyone is happy, out on the street, biking the city, celebrating life at open airs, just enjoying those special never ending summer nights. But this is only one side of the year and Berlin, because starting in November the days become darker and the mood of the city changes. Berlin becomes more serious and somehow bizarrely dark and beautiful.

It’s still attracting visitors though and they get to see the deep, hopeful and patient side of the city. It’s like looking at Berlin through a filter, with winter eyes. It has a completely different beauty that is perfectly captured in the following video made by the Czech Videographer crew Kaco and accompanied by the melancholic song “Damage Done” of Moderat. See Berlin through Winter’s eyes after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on December 28th, 2015
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The First Impression of Berlin

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

photo: Alex Soloviev

As we move around the city in our every day routines and take the same trains, walk the same streets and pass by hundreds of people – things get dull, our attention is fading and sometimes we lose the sense for the special something Berlin is offering us every single day. Yes, we barely take the time to take it all in, to feel and see Berlin for it’s unique places, people and vibe. It takes effort, it is like a relationship – we need to take the time to appreciate Berlin and sometimes it is easiest, when we get to see our city through the eyes of someone else.

Because you get the firsts only once, that first impression or lovely spark when you visit a place for the first time. Alex Soloviev, a freelance filmmaker who travels around the world, caught those first glances on camera. His short video captures the special spirit, freedom and lightness he felt, when he visited Berlin for the first time. The video is a lovely little reminder to keep the love for our beautiful city alive and burning – because there really is no place quite like Berlin….

Kate by Kate
on December 21st, 2015
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An Inside Look at Berlin in 1900

Berlin around 1900 2

Today we’re living in an exciting world and we have so many opportunities in life. We do not know how the future will be, but we do know how past times looked like and we can compare this to our life today in Berlin.  A lot of things today we take for granted: We can quickly move from one place to another, we have a huge amount of different opportunities for culture, entertainment and commerce that offer us everything our hearts desire. But how did Berlin look like before all of this?

The streets were not developed, people walked in crowds on paths that we know today as noisy streets. The attire was very different – dominated by dresses and skirts for women and hats for everyone.

We got a very good look on all of this with a very compelling video that we want to share with you. There are some great shots from the old Berlin in this short film that shows our city in the time around 1900 – all of it colorized. It’s very fascinating to look at the clothes and faces of people. You feel like you’re actually closer to them and everything is quite realistic.

One can not imagine that the Alexanderplatz was once a fairly quiet place with children playing on the streets and happy crowds walking through the city. A Berlin quite different from what we know today – it has its own unique charm.

The video, accompanied by music by Hans Zimmer, you can see after the jump!

Olga by Olga
on December 14th, 2015
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M.I.A. is Crossing Borders

mia borders

Well, M.I.A. strikes again. In her newest music video ‘Borders’, from her upcoming album ‘MATAHDATAH’, the Bad Girl hits us in the face with reality. The global refugee crisis and the overall state of the world are no longer to be pushed away. This is our present and not only M.I.A. – you are in the midst of it, also here in Berlin. ‘Borders’ is a document of our time and it doesn’t insinuate. It impeaches and it has every right to do so. M.I.A’s picture language is radical and unsparing, the beats are drastic.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on December 1st, 2015
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