Snippets Of A Lifetime: A Look Beneath The Surface of Berliners

Snippets of a Lifetime

We pass thousands of strangers each and every day and we tend to forget, that behind every person there is a unique life story; an individual path that led those strangers to be where they are today and right in this moment. Intrigued by this thought and her passion for the stories beneath the surface, Carolina Kraft spend the last 2 years working on her film project ‘Snippets Of A Lifetime.’

So far Carolina filmed 12 episodes, following 12 totally different individuals from Berlin, Chemnitz, Switzerland and Senegal into their personal universe, letting them talk about their ups and downs in life. Carolinas short films remind us how important it is to look beneath and listen to people and their valuable lessons they have to share. Learn more about this beautiful project after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on November 29th, 2015
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Berlin Nightlife: Party In The Subway

Schweden 2007

photo: Katja Klein

Party party party! If you’ve been in Berlin for a while now you know that not only the people but even the vehicles like to party. The M10 – a.k.a. the ‚party tram‘ or the Ringbahnparty at the S-Bahn – no place is safe from our drive to cherish life. With alcohol and confetti, of course….

Naturally, also the U-Bahn has to be partied up, which is especially the case for the line U8 since it connects 3 of the major central districts and drives by all the stations that hold the nightlife hotspots. (You know what we’re talking about.)

In the U8, people will always find a reason to have a ball, especially on the weekends! Just like in this video we stumbled upon where a fun group of people spontaneously decided to celebrate that the U8 was ready to drive again after a long time of construction. This spontaneity and joy of small things is really infectious.

TGIF! Get in some weekend mood after the jump.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on November 27th, 2015
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The Strawberryman and his Techno-Didgeridoo in Berlin


Music is a huge topic in Berlin: Wherever you go, each district has its own special vibe and unique sound. In some areas it’s just street noises, screaming babies, sometimes it’s the distant bass of a club – or actually musicians playing on the street. Especially in summer a lot of musicians try their luck and spread their musical love at busy places like Schlesisches Tor or Warschauer Straße. Thousands of people pushing and rushing by, only catching glimpses. But sometimes the talent catches our attention and just for a moment in time, everything stops and we take in the sound, the love and passion.

One of those special and crazy street musicians is Strawberryman, who travels the world with his music, living his dream and the goal to inspire others to live their dreams too. But Strawberryman does not only have an unheard name, he also plays an instrument that is one-of-a-kind. See for yourself after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on November 19th, 2015
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A Confession of Love for Kreuzkölln


When we think of our love to Berlin, we realize it has many different phases, faces and places. One of our favorite places is definitely “Kreuzkölln” – the areas of Kreuzberg and Neukölln surrounding the Landwehrkanal. What we love to do in Kreuzkölln ? Conquer it, by walking, biking, skating or dancing. We love the fast pace, the unfinished, the dirty, the truth, its charm, the clash of old and new and of course all the multicultural visitors that add the special something to this little melting pot. Kreuzkölln just doesn’t get boring and Clement Gino has put all our feelings for it and the fast beat of Kreuzkölln into a beautiful video that does not only embrace this particular area but all of Berlin. See for yourself after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on November 4th, 2015
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A Charming Berlin Love Story in Stop-Motion

Rhino full trottle

„She was just the way she was.“

A city like Berlin has its very own sagas. Every day, thousands of hearts are broken and hundreds of souls connect. The city presents the perfect scenery, serving as a stage for all the drama emerging in it.

Together with producers Fabian Gasmia and Henning Kamm film maker Erik Schmitt created an adorable short movie that poses the question: What defines the soul of a city? Schmitt answers it partly in his short film „Rhino Full Trottle“ with a classic love story, made in Berlin. He loves her, she needs to leave soon, he loves her anyway. Berlin takes up the role of the third protagonist here. With a striking love for details and powerful, little stop motion animations, the love displayed is not only between Vicky (played by Marleen Lohse) and Bruno (played by Tino Mewes) but mostly to Berlin. „Rhino Full Trottle“ is full of affection, charm and soul – just like the city itself can be. I feel like we’ve all been in the shoes of Bruno, secretly loving someone, but also in Vicky’s, unaware of the fact that someone is hurt by our own carelessness.

„She was just the way she was“, says Bruno and sums up the essence of his true love Vicky. And also Berlin. If you have 15 minutes of time on your hand, please make sure to watch the short movie below. You can turn on English subtitles in the settings in the bottom.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on October 30th, 2015
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Sex as an Art Form

Sex as an Art Form - Movement band - Ivory Music video directed by Fleur and Manu

You’re sexy and we know it. By now we all get it: it’s fall and it’s officially that season of the year again, where you’ll want to turn up the heat. Well, don’t worry, we got you covered! Minimal soul band MOVEMENT from Australia not only blend R&B and ambient elements in their music, but also have created a music video blending bodies, visualizing the art of getting physical. „Ivory“ is a clip playing with color, shapes and your libido. Directed by Fleur & Manu, this music video will make you feel things. Check out the NSFW clip beneath and prepare for the room temperature to go up a notch.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on October 28th, 2015
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Berlin is… at Ease

Berliner by Elif Kalkan

There is so much to say when you ask about the qualities of Berlin. You will hear anything from cheap rents to exciting nightlife. But one of the most attractive qualities of this city that sets it apart from many other major cities is it’s tranquility. Compared to the hustle of other capitals Berlin has a much slower pace. People are more relaxed, there is less pressure. It’s a laid-back, down-to-earth atmosphere that just invites you to slow down and take a breath. This is actually quite beautiful and healthy and I really appreciate this about Berlin.

The short film “Berliner” by Elif Kalkan shows this quality of Berlin in an intimate and charming way. You see life in Berlin from the perspective of some of its inhabitants who are sharing a moment with you in their homes. This is totally “Berlin and chill”. Enjoy after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on October 28th, 2015
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Running Free in Abandoned Places of Berlin

Holi Shit 4

Today I would like to show you another cool Berlin video that shows the city from its urban and rough side. Filmed by videographer Frank Sauer group of freerunners chase through some of the iconic abandoned buildings of Berlin such as the Beelitz asylum. They balance in dizzying heights, make air flips and walk up and down the walls as if there was no gravity. The light up the dark underground spaces with flares and bring colors to the old grey buildings with smoke bombs and Holi powder. It’s pretty impressive and fun to watch, enjoy some screen grabs and the video after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on October 22nd, 2015
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Porn Against the Winter Blues: Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2015


Winter is cumming! No, that is not a porn-spoof of Games of Thrones. It’s actually the hardcore reality we poor tortured souls living in Berlin are facing right now. But there is comfort waiting for us. Every Autumn we are blessed with the so-called “Sex Week” its main event being the biggest sex fair in Germany called Venus which happened over the past weekend. This is not really something that we would seriously send you guys to, but there are a couple of cool events, too, such as the PorYes-Award, a feminist award for porn that took place last Saturday. This week we have another alternative highlight you should check out if you are interested in sexuality as a form of creative expression. The Pornfilmfestival Berlin is going into its 10th edition from October 21-25 with a program more diverse and colorful than ever. From intellectual documentary about historical porn makers, intense feature films and a fun collection of short films there is quite a lot of stuff to discover and to get inspired/aroused by. What I really like about this festival is that it presents a good mix of international filmmakers and also local Berlin talents such as our colleague Chris Phillips from Pornceptual. Just like last year we compiled the trailers of the most promising films. Discover and cum after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on October 20th, 2015
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Berlin Block Tetris


Today we dug up an oldie but goodie for you to brighten up your Friday. I always like to call Berlin a playground and this video by Sergej Hein pretty much materializes this sentiment about the city. In his little short film he recreated the classic Nintendo Gameboy game Tetris with Berlin’s typical “Neubaublock” buildings. It’s such a simple, yet effective idea and so fun to watch. It perfectly represents the development of the city in a way: It happens at first slowly and more considered, but also a little random and than more and more hectic with lots of wrong decisions until it ends in one strange big mess that has a couple of holes. I wonder if Hein foresaw some of the things that were going on in Berlin since he made this video 6 years ago. Enjoy it after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on October 9th, 2015
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