Keim – A Photobook by Matt Lambert

Keim by Matt Lambert 7

photos: Matt Lambert

We’ve had talented photographer and filmmaker Matt Lambert on our radar since his short film project with Dazed&Confused and his involvement in the amazing participative theater production MEAT. Since then we’ve seen his sexually provocative work also in several amazing editorials and films including a recent music video for iconic German singer Marius Müller Westernhagen.

Matt is giving us a pretty good reflection of the current youth culture with its rebellious and overly sexualized forms of expression. In his photos and videos we see young people exploring themselves and their sexuality with a strong impulse to be as progressive and aggressive as possible, bending the rules and the social norms of what is appropriate. They glorify non-conformance, sexualize violence, and experiment with different sexual orientations and polygamy. From a superficial point of view it looks a bit like they have an inflated sense of self-importance. But my interpretation is, that they are simply confused, scared and lost in the strange times we live in. It’s a world that’s caught in a limbo between luxury, gluttony and safety on the one side and complete and utter chaos on the other. They are looking into a future that is uncertain in many ways because our past generations are leaving them a world that’s a complete mess.

Matt’s first photo book titled Keim is being released by Pogo Books today and features a good chunk of his mostly homoerotic work. Tonight (May 13) the release is being celebrated with an exhibition opening at Iconoclast and an afterparty at Ballhaus Mitte. Enjoy some of Matt Lambert’s photographs after the jump.

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on May 13th, 2015
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5 Highlights of Milan Design Week 2015

Milan Design Week-7358

We have to admit that we are a little late with our trend review of the best of the Milan Design Week. But better late than never right? Not only did we have a great experience at the Airbnb House Warming exhibition, but were also impressed by other places with intriguing and remarkably intelligent design installations. Check out the 5 highlights we found after the jump that includes a couple of designs from here that were shown at the Berlin Design Selection showroom that’s currently traveling around Europe to several design events.

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on May 11th, 2015
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Pictoplasma Academy All-Stars Show 2015 – Photos

Pictoplasma Academy 2015 Show-8004

Yasmin May Jaafar

Wow, what a load of fun this year’s Pictoplasma festival was! We loved the new venue at the former Crematorium in Wedding now titled “silent green” and the main show (that was good, but maybe a bit small?) and even more so did we love the Academy All-Stars show at Urban Spree! Character design has always been something that deeply fascinates me and so all the creatures, monsters and critters doing funny things just make my heart jump like a candy bar does for a little kid. Enjoy my impressions of the group exhibition at Urban Spree after the jump.

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on May 6th, 2015
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Ngoro Ngoro Exhibition at Gallery Weekend Berlin

Ngoro Ngoro Exhibition at Gallery Weekend Berlin

The Ngoro Ngoro group exhibition curated by Christian Achenbach, Jonas Burgert, Zhivago Duncan, Andreas Golder, John Isaacs and David Nicholson that took place in a huge art space in Weißensee was probably the most impressive event during the Gallery Weekend Berlin. The exhibition was made with so much love, there was so much to discover in several halls and buildings, and the atmosphere in the yard with the bars and the pool was so lovely that it was really inviting to stay there the entire weekend. It felt almost like a little art festival. If you missed the show, don’t be sad, we have lots of impressions for you after the jump. And one of the shows will still be open until May 22, 2015.

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The Gallery Weekend Berlin 2015 – Photos

The Gallery Weekend Berlin 2015 – Photos

The first weekend of May has been notable not only for Labour Day, but for art in Berlin as well. For the 11th time 47 galleries (this year) opened their doors from the first until the third of May.

Among this year’s highlights were definitely the large scale sprayed paintings by Katharina Grosse, who inaugurated the new exposition domicile in the St. Agnes church of Johann König. Her bright colorful art is characterized by her demolished paper bits spray technique, as you would normally know from collages. One could not have filled the great room on the first floor of the church any better. Along with other art pieces on the ground floor of the concrete church Jeppe Hein’s mirrored chrome balloons with colorful strings on the ceiling were much admired too. More impressions after the jump.

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Pictoplasma 2015 – Form Follows Empathy

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-03 um 01.25.46

Gallery Weekend can be a little snobbish and too crowded from time to time. Fortunately there is one event I am looking so much forward to it that it makes up for all other little annoyances: Pictoplasma, the unique festival for contemporary character design is back in Berlin. Presenting a dense program of inspiring artist presentations, conference lectures, animation screenings, workshops, installations, exhibitions, performances and a big party it has something for everybody who is in love with cute art! Also there will be a pop-up shop at the Uniqlo store where you can buy things and get a little workshop with the Japanese artist Akinori Oishi.

The main exhibition under the title Form Follows Empathy with international artists awaits you in the recently re-discovered abandoned crematorium of Wedding, while a group show by last year’s Pictoplasma Academy Alumni will take place at our beloved Urban Spree. For the cinema lovers the big screen of Babylon am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz will show a unique animations program, while lively art happenings and performances at Platoon Kunsthalle ensure that you truly get into character. And the best of it: all of it is for free or with a quite small entrance fee!

And since we are friends with the festival for a couple of years we are giving away 3×2 tickets for the screenings. Just let us know the time and which screening you would love to attend in the comments section (including a valid email-adress). A little preview in pictures and the trailer after the jump.

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Housewarming – An Experience by Fabrica & Airbnb at Milan Design Week

Milano, Fabrica for Airbnb © Cristian Castelnuovo

photos: Cristian Castelnuovo and iHeartBerlin

What makes you feel welcome in a new place, a new city or a new home? When I came to Berlin for the first time it was the free seat in the subway at Warschauer Straße waiting for me every morning to go to the university in Dahlem. I expected the subway to be a hostile and neurotic place and yet it was very relaxing for me to spend the 45 minutes just sitting there to observe the different kinds of people Berlin had to offer (and still has).

While traveling the world I discovered that there are many rituals and even traditions of welcoming strangers in a home. For the Milan Design Week that took place from April 14-19 this year we had the chance to see a very diverse and interesting interpretation of the topic. The social home sharing platform Airbnb partnered with the creative design and innovation center Fabrica to create Housewarming, an experimental exhibition celebrating simple welcoming traditions and the connection experienced by guests and hosts through sharing their home.

The exhibition took place at Palazzo Crespi, a historic and impressive private mansion that was open to the public for the first time for this year’s Milan Design Week. Embedded into the different parts of the Palazzo we discovered the installations and performances of 19 international designers who showed their versions of the welcoming traditions from their home country. Enjoy our impressions after the jump.

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on April 28th, 2015
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The Coolest Design Maps of Berlin


As you know big cities like Berlin can be confusing places and with lots of indecipherable street names and uncharted territories. It’s so easy to go wrong here and that’s why people invented maps. Obviously for the people in Berlin a regular old map won’t do, it needs to be artsy and designy. Luckily with so many talented graphic designers in town (and passing through) that doesn’t come as much of a problem. There are heaps of cool maps that will please the eye and even prove practical for navigating through the city. We selected our favorite ones, including accurate and imaginary, as well as practical and decorative ones. Enjoy our little collection of design maps of Berlin.

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on April 21st, 2015
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Ramificazioni – An Art Project Portraying the Italian Expats of Berlin


All photos: Maria Silvano

The new arriving people see Berlin as a promise, as a forest of stories sometimes open and sometimes inpenetrable. The migration dynamics of a Europe without borders are not fundamentally very different from those of the previous century: there are the same dreams of luck and prosperity, the same desire for a better life and a longing for what has been left behind that -it is known- is exacerbated with time.

“Ramificazioni” (Ramifications) is Maria Silvano’s point of view on her new city, Berlin. She took portraits and gathered the voices of fellow Italian migrants who moved to the German capital during the last years. They spoke about their deep and faraway roots, their desires and wishes to see their hopes bloom. Looking into the eyes of this hopeful young men and women involved in amazing projects you hope that they will find a fertile ground in Berlin.

The work consists of 13 photos and is accompanied by a soundtrack in which the voices of the photographed subjects overlap each other: problems of pronunciation and inflections language can be composed to create a forest of voices. Enjoy the pictures after the jump and find out the dates of the exhibition.

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A Vision of Berlin, Paris and Moscow

Alexandr Kulikov

photo: Alexandr Kulikov

Paris, Berlin and Moscow are three cities that are substantially different, but they do have some things in common. They are places that are in motion and constant evolution. Paris-Berlin-Moscow is an international project that offers a contemporary view of the artistic creation in those three cities. It brings together multi-disciplinary work by artists from these cities showing the parallels, similarities and differences of these places. After the jump we want to present you a part of the Berlin-themed works from a couple of young photographers who captured their visions of Berlin.

Their work will be shown in the Berlin leg of the exhibition of the same name that accompanies the project and will take place in all three cities. It will open tonight and will run from April 13 – 19, 2015 in the SMAC gallery in Mitte.

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