Berlin Art: An Interview with Pola Sieverding


Some might call her art grotesque, others will call it majestic. In any case the artworks of the Berlin-based artist Pola Sieverding is one of a kind. Reflecting multiple aspects of masculinity her videos and photographs called our attention and made us curious for more. Therefore we connected with her to learn more about her vision and her artistic approach. Read the full interview and enjoy her sexual and sometimes revolting artwork.

Claudio by Claudio
on December 19th, 2014
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Cinéma de Mode: Viktoria Modesta – Prototype

Viktoria Modesta

At first glance, what captured my attention about Viktoria Modesta was the look in her eyes—they’re alluring, burning with ambition and sex appeal—and then, as the camera pans down in the music video for her single Prototype, I noticed something strange.  A needle held by surgical-gloved hands rose into the air, as did a gleaming knife marked in red, while she sat there in her thrown, surrounded by red-robed characters. We go on to discover that she sports a prosthetic left leg, seen as a source of power and revolution throughout the music video, which was made for Channel 4’s Born Risky campaign set to challenge society’s stereotypes.  And she does exactly that, strutting and dancing with a with a Swarovski leg and a bionic leg that gives Lady Gaga a run for her money, as the story raises her to a higher power, worshipped by the younger generation in secrecy. Many girls grow up dreaming of becoming pop stars, complete with a media-generated idea of the perfect body image. And now British singer, songwriter and model Viktoria Modesta is here to stomp all over that. Check out this rising star and fashion muse with her iconic leg, as well as the music video for Prototype after the jump.

Skylar by Skylar
on December 15th, 2014
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A Street Art Giant saying fuck off to Berlin?


Photo: Marc Honninger

Last night the giant street art mural near Schlesisches Tor got painted over in pitch black. There are various speculations behind who did it and for which reasons. What I found most plausible was a statement found in a Polysingularity article, claiming that it was the italian artist Blu who commissioned the cancelation of his own artwork.

“(…)the artists decided to paint them all black, so that nobody can take advantage of the original work… A “fuck you” gesture towards the city, towards the real estate company, but most of all – to all the people who love this artwork and everything that it’s come to represent. The argument of the people who are doing that is that Berlin is not the same anymore, that the real estate company will just use the artwork to sell apartments more expensive, that a new statement needs to be made at this new moment of time… In a way, they are doing exactly what the artwork says: “reclaim your city”.”

The rest of the article goes on about how pessimistic the destruction of the artwork is. That it is not the right message the city needs right now in this turbulent time of turbo-capitalism & neoliberalism, remodelling Berlin into a Lego-Gotham.  Even if I can relate to the arguments, in regards to the artwork, I don’t agree 100%. I share my thoughts on the repainting, along with some videos showing the artist at work, after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on December 12th, 2014
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Friends with Books – A Different Kind of Book Fair

doppel edition eosmin

Doppell Edition – Eosmin

Are you friends with books? Do you have friends with books? By books I don’t mean Kafka, Harry Potter or Steven King. I’m talking about really special books with artsy content to contemplate about and wonder. Books that look really cool in any place inside of your apartment. Books that will inspire you to create collages. Books that will make you chuckle but you don’t know why. Books that will make your imagination go bananas, like in a Wes Anderson film. Books that when you by one only you and maybe 3-4 other really cool people will own. Welcome to the world of art book publishing.

Friends with Books is a new book fair dedicated to exactly these wonderful types of books. It will happen for the first time this weekend a Cafe Moskau. Not only will you be able to flip through and purchase the art books of over 100 artists and publishers from all over the world, you will also be able to join discussions, readings, book signings and performances, one of them being the live creation of the next edition of Messy Sky Magazine happening during the time of the book fair. After the jump we have selected some of the most interesting looking books from the Berlin-based participating publishers, along with the details about the fair.

Frank by Frank
on December 10th, 2014
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Berliner in a Box – Part 2


Back in September we posted about artist Dorit Bialer‘s series of Berliners in a Box for the first time here on iHeartBerlin and this article became one of the most successful ones of our history. But also for the artist a lot of things happened since than as she has been in countless newspapers, tv programs and magazines with her witty and charming playmobil versions of stereotypical Berlin habitants.

Today we would like to show you some brand new works that have been made by Dorit recently as well as a couple of her early works from the series that came out in a first edition back in 2011. This time we have some contemporary classic Berlin characters such as the Berghain party girl and the Start-Up guy. And from the first edition we have the former DDR Athlete, the Israeli Immigrant (in reference to the artist herself), the Berlin tourist guide, the Hartz IVler from Friedrichshain, the old spinster, the Neukölln Immigrant and the 2011 version of the hipster . Enjoy some more Berliners in a Box after the jump and if you are still looking for a Christmas present for your loved ones you should have Dorit create a custom version of You in a Box.

Frank by Frank
on December 5th, 2014
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Beardicted – A Book about Extraordinary Beards


Those of you who were guests of our 7 Year Anniversary party back in September already had a chance to see the cute brand new book Beardicted by our guest contributor Alicia Kassebohm and also put on some of her sparkely beards in our barber shop photo box. Now the book is officially available for purchase and we have a huge preview for you with some of our favorite beards from the book and of course those of the iHeartBerlin team including Devid, Claudio and me. Enjoy the beard parade after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on December 4th, 2014
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Porn That Way – A Retrospective Exhibition of Gay Porn


photo: Fred  Bisonnes  ©

If you are reading this from your office computer right now I would advise you to look if anyone’s watching you before you scroll further down, because it’s gettin’ kinda hot down there. We’ve teased it already in our Sexy Berlin Guide and now we have a full super-sized preview of the upcoming big group exhibition at the Schwules Museum that is celebrating its grand opening night this weekend. Titled Porn That Way the exhibition is a comprehensive retrospective of the imagery of queer pornography starting somewhere in the late 19th century with blurry obscure photographs and ending in the year 2014 with the latest artsy photoshoots of modern-day porn stars. The recent Porn Film Festival already proved how closely pornography can be linked to the arts and I think this exhibition will bring it even one step further. For our preview we selected mostly harmless photographs as we wanted to give you an impression of the aesthetic of the works rather than making you horny. For the real deal – and believe me, some parts of the exhibition are full on – you will have to visit the Schwules Museum on Saturday evening. The exhibition will run until end of March. Enjoy!

Frank by Frank
on December 2nd, 2014
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Abstract Views of Berlin – Jan Herdlicka


One of the photographers of our recent WE ARE BERLIN exhibition has just announced the release of his new book which will come out on December 14th 2014 and we thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about it considering it would make an excellent Christmas gift for every Berlin lover. At our exhibition Jan Herdlicka contributed one work of his subway door series but his book is taking another, more abstract course. He combined all of his more melancholic black and white photos, contrastic scenes of nature with the harsh geometry of subway stations and sky rises. We’ve selected some of his works as a little preview for you to get an impression. With this series he is capturing different architectural landmarks of the city, but layering them on top of each other with other buildings and coulds by multiple exposure thus creating dramatic and sinister looking collages. Enjoy the photo series after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on December 2nd, 2014
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Berlin is always there – A Weekend in Deauville

Kristine Thiemann

photo: Kristine Thiemann

The days are getting shorter, it’s cold outside and we are facing at least three months of Berlin winter.

So a few weeks back, I jumped to the opportunity of a little getaway weekend in France. A couple of days in Paris and a few relaxing nights in Deauville near the ocean sounded simply perfect. Little did I know about all the extravaganza the tiny village had in store for me, even a piece of Berlin crossed my path on the nomadic coast…

Lia by Lia
on November 28th, 2014
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Moritz & Ivahn – A Gay Summer Story in Berlin


What could be a better distraction from the cold weather and gloomy light than a multimedia storytelling book about a special summer love. The Berliner by choice Christian Ludwig created a unique book storytelling project with a bunch of friends and artists. His novel Moritz & Ivahn is a love story set on wobbly legs. Two guys and a mysterious girl have an encounter that will have emotional consequences for all of them. We do not want to spoil more of this love triangle story. But you can be assured that its intimacy and strong narration will make you wish this books never ends.

What makes this creative project so special is the attempt to bring many art forms together. Two songs where created by the musician Earthkeptwarm to give the whole story a soundtrack. Photos by Chris Phillips, a music video and illustrations by Jacobo Labella create a visual background for the story. I can identify very strongly with the idea of a project where multiple artists from several disciplines contribute to one amazing result. On November 28 2014 the book will be released. Also you should not miss the reading with a live music session this weekend. Find out more after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on November 27th, 2014
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