The Festival of Style and Culture: Bread & Butter by Zalando 2017

Bread & Butter by Zalando

Less than a month is left to what might be one of the most exciting weekends for Berlin. I know the stakes are high in this competition, but that’s no joke – there’s the highly anticipated Bread & Butter by Zalando (B&&B) – a fashion/music/food extravaganza happening Friday 1st through Sunday 3rd of September in the Arena Berlin, and if you care at all for any component of the aforementioned trifecta, you better save the date. Why? We have all the highlights and some tickets for you to win listed for you.

Michalina by Michalina
on August 18th, 2017
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Lipsticks & Attitude against Right-Wing Populism

Travestie fuer Deutschland

photos: Steven P. Carnarius

All this right-wing movement going on in the world right now, you got to be kidding me! These people need to get it together already. It’s 2017 for crying out loud, you would think by now we have all moved beyond being whiny-ass bitches scared of everything and everyone that is different than them. But apparently not, I guess it takes a couple more centuries to realize that we’re all different kinds of people living side by side and no-one’s taking anything away from anyone just by being there and being different and it’s all gonna be okay if we just stop waiving those torches and hayforks in the air like some mad medieval faire.

Given Germany’s shady history it’s all a bit more hush hush here with the right-wing shenanigans. But it’s there: the racism, the homophobia and transphobia, discrimination, assault; you name it – we got it! But sometimes we forget about it because the media is relatively calm about it. But talk to anyone who is not white and straight and they will be able to tell you stories that will make your toes curl.

Frank by Frank
on August 15th, 2017
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The Unexpected Beauty of Berlin Captured by Konaction

konaction 1

Konrad alias Konaction is one of the most important and influential Berlin Instagrammers, over 130 thousand followers speak for themselves. He is a master in capturing Berlin’s unusual, nonconformist beauty, in grey skies, concrete walls and geometrical shapes. Like hardly any other Instagrammer he has managed to keep a level of originality in his stream of photos that always makes you look forward to the next one, always makes surprised to see a side of the city that you never noticed before.

We met up with Konaction and talked about the usefulness of hashtags, photogenic hotspots and how he makes all of Berlin desire a Plattenbau apartment.

Andy by Andy
on August 11th, 2017
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A Night with the Royal Couple in Berlin

Royal Visit Claerchens Ballhaus-3881

In Berlin, we are famous for Techno, for being creative and for solving problems with minimal resources. But to be perfectly honest we are also famous all over the world for being frank and direct to the point of being actually rude. So are we rough Berliners able to be gentlemen and gentlewomen and to respect a certain etiquette when the British Royals come to visit? Let’s say, that we tried our best.

On occasion of the visit of William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (or Prince William and Kate Middleton for the less yellow-press-savvy readers) we got the chance to meet them and be part of a small gathering of Berlin creatives. Inside the beautiful Clärchens Ballhaus, emerging entrepreneurs and passionate artists from different disciplines came together to exchange and network following the invitation of the British Council and the British Embassy. Guests of honors, the Royal Couple, made an elegant appearance and seemed to not even sweat while the room was boiling hot from the humid air of a stormy summer night.

Claudio by Claudio
on July 21st, 2017
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These Berliners Have an Important Message to Share

Marlen Michael Frank Alice Soeren Laetitia

photos: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

Continuing my story about our campaign for the Ehe für Alle organization together with SKYY Vodka I would like to present you today with the results of a photo shoot and interview we did with some of my dear colleagues from the world of blogs and Instagram. We designed a T-shirt that is calling for support from our straight friends and family members in our fight for marriage equality and other causes important to the LGBTQ community. We gave these shirts to a group of fellow bloggers and Instagrammers so they can spread our message to their fans and followers. We asked Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert to take some photos of them with the shirts. He’s one of our favorite Berlin photographers who we have featured multiple times here on iHeart over the years with his amazing analog portraits and who has empowered the LGBTQI community with his book Gender is a Spectrum. Today we want to share with you the beautiful results of our shoot.

We also asked all of them what their position is on the campaign, on the involvement of a brand like SKYY Vodka and what they think the next big steps should be now that marriage equality has been introduced. Their answers were so strong and beautiful that we want to share them with you as well. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially to the Ehe für Alle initiative and all the organizations that are part of it who fought hard for marriage equality to become a reality in Germany.

Frank by Frank
on July 21st, 2017
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What to do on the CSD Weekend 2017

Straight Support Shooting-2029

It is that time of the year! Call it Pride, call it Christopher Street day, call it “All the Queers are out on the streets”, all differences, frictions, and issues aside, it’s the week when all queer people are loud, visible and all over Berlin, proud of what they are and fighting for their place in society. For some protest means political actions, demonstrations, and speaches for some it’s dancing protest on Berlin’s streets and clubs. Any way it’s done, we are here, we are queer and there’s a lot for us to do this weekend. And the selection is as diverese as the queer community itself. Whether you’re into CSD or not, there is definitly something to participate for everyone.

Andy by Andy
on July 20th, 2017
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The 10 Best Berlin Blogs and the Bloggers behind them

Berlin Mood-8307

Already 10 years ago iHeartBerlin started as Berlin’s first city blog written in English. 10 years of telling stories and anecdotes, gathering information and guide you through the messy versatility of living in the capital. We’re basically the mother of all Berlin blogs. At this point, we’d love to claim that we were the only ones with such a clever idea, but of course, that is not the case. The competition never sleeps and Berlin blogs are numerous by now. Still, we’re all united in our love for this freakin’ city. So, let’s forget about competition! We want to introduce you to our favorite colleagues.

Andy by Andy
on July 11th, 2017
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Vietnamese Lifestyle in Berlin: Projects & People


Vietnamese people is Berlin’s largest East Asian community, comprising 1.16% of the total population. German or international friends usually immediately associate Vietnamese people with restaurants, nail salons, flower shops or convenience stores since the majority of those people operate in these businesses. However, the younger generations of Vietnamese in Berlin are actually a lively generation blended well into the German culture and the Berlin hippie lifestyle. They are also a very creative and artful cohort and the faces behind lots of successful businesses and entertaining activities in this cosmopolitan city. A look into the most outstanding and interesting projects by the Vietnamese youth in Berlin!

by Guest Author
on July 3rd, 2017
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About Finding Your Identity in Berlin

Chunks of Soul

photos: Dario-Jacopo Laganà.

Despite Berlin’s ever changing face throughout history, the city has always been a destination for people searching for a place where they can truly be themselves and find their own identity. In times when the way we create and perceive our own image is so affected by everyone’s perfectly polished presence on digital platforms, anyone situating him or herself outside the norm might experience this search even more as a burden. This is why open, liberal places like Berlin help us all the more to find out who we really are and how we want the world to see us.

Andy by Andy
on June 30th, 2017
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From Blog to Language School: An Interview with Berlino Magazine

Berlino Team

The Berlino Team

Despite your motivation or ability, learning a new language can be a drag: Until words start making sense, what you experience is constant confusion. The need of a language becomes even more imposing when you’ve moved to the country in which it is spoken: no matter how willing people are to speak in English to accommodate you, awkward situations where you don’t know what is happening in daily life are inevitable: the lady talking to you on the street, the cashier at the supermarket, the signs all around the city.

Berlino Schule, the newly created language school by the team behind Berlino Magazine, is ready to meet the challenges that make learning German unattractive, while keeping their price very very attractive: only 4 Euro/hr. They are devoted to providing a friendly atmosphere for their students, where they can feel as adults learning and not school kids. The groups are small in each class, and the staff keeps exploring new, innovative ways in order to make learning more effective and fun. We had the chance to speak with one of the Berlino founders, Andrea D’Addio, about how he came from running a blog about Berlin to running a language school and how to improve your German learning experience.

Stella by Stella
on June 15th, 2017
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