Famous Exiles of Berlin: Musicians

David Bowie

Excuse me for repeating myself. I have to emphasize though, just how much of Berlin’s spirit is shaped by the many different parts and past particles floating in the air. Stories that are engraved in house walls. Moments that are carrying on. All the tears cried in bars, all the words unspoken on park benchs, every fight in front of a house: worth telling and still palpable. When you walk around the city you don’t see them. But be sure to know: the city’s vibe is made of every single one of it.

To not get carried away in theories of time, let me get to the point.

Berlin has always been and still is a prominent place for poets, thinkers, musicians, architects, painters. There is something about this city that draws people in who expressed or express themselves artistically in any shape, way or form. Here is a selected list of musicians, who have experienced Berlin in one way or another. Next time you walk around in the city, maybe you feel a bit closer to it, knowing who has walked the streets before you. Get to know the famous exiles of Berlin – after the jump.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on January 26th, 2016
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Inspiring Women in Berlin of 2015

Laura Gehlhaar

photo: Andi Weiland

For me personally this year was exceptionally inspiring. Due to my new position at Blogfabrik & DailyBreadMag I had the chance to meet and work with amazing people who are doing a hell of a job in making this city a better place for everybody. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe it’s my subjective filter that made me stumble upon more inspiring women than men. Since I think that the stronger sex (because women are stronger in all ways you can possibly imagine) deserves way more credit I wanted to list 10 inspiring women in Berlin for you to get to know here. These personal highlights are the fabulous women who made me laugh, cry and awe of admiration these last 12 month. Discover my selection after the jump.

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on December 31st, 2015
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Doggy Style: Meet the Dog Owners of Berlin


photos: Zoë Noble

Our friend Zoë from Überlin is not only a talented photographer. She also loves dogs, which is why she started a new project involving man’s best friend. On her new blog When Olive Met Zoë shows her beautiful photographs of dog owners and their animal friends who she encounters in the streets when she’s out with her own dog Olive in London, New York and Berlin. We took a closer look at the Berlin portraits and selected some of our favorites to show you how many adorable animals are walking around in our capital. On Zoë’s blog you can get to know the owners, the dogs and a little background story creating a family portrait that is unique and charming. Check out some of the beautiful photos after the jump.

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on December 16th, 2015
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Die Berlinerin: A Portrait Series Of Women in Berlin

Die Berlinerin

photos: Ashkan Sahihi

“Berlin is always on the radar”.

A city’s soul lies in the people, that inhabit it. The townscape consists of the street’s faces.
But when we look closer, we ask ourselves: Who is Berlin?
Photographer Ashkan Sahihi has some answers. The capital has many faces, naturally.
Sahihi portrayed over 300 of them.

The 375 photographs of Berlin women are displayed in his exhibition „A Portrait of a City: Die Berlinerin“ in the Galerie im Körnerpark until January 10, 2016. Due to the mass of material the photographs were divided in parts. The third and last part to look at starts next Tuesday. Sahihi’s entire work of portraits is also published in a book. On 848 pages the reader gets an impression of Berlin that is far from cliché and close to reality. Get a preview of this amazing piece of work after the jump.

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on December 4th, 2015
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The New Berliners: Playmobil Versions of Berlin Characters

dorit bialer new berliner in a box

After the huge success of previous editions artist Dorit Bialer has now released a brand new series of her Berliner in Box sets with typical Berlin characters as fun Playmobil versions. After previous versions gave us the punks at Kaisers and the Berghain girl her new series features brand new characters such as the street artist, the serial daters, the hipster drag queen, the fashion blogger, the real estate shark and the DJ. As a little extra there are also two new Berliner classics such as Christiane F. and Nina Hagen. Well, and as a personal treat there is also a version of ME! Yes, you read that one right, I have been turned into a Playmobil character too.

The playsets are once again filled up with lots of little details and witty description texts on the boxes that poke fun at all of the stereotypes. It’s a wonderfully creative continuation of the series and brings the whole concept into the current time. If you like these amazing sets you can also have your own custom You in a Box set made by Dorit, it’s also a great and original gift idea for Christmas!

Frank by Frank
on December 2nd, 2015
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Berlin-Neukölln: A Short Film about Identity and Integration


‘How much Turkish am I and how much German do I have to be?’

The struggle of finding and being yourself in a world full of restrictions and limitations is real. Anyone with a second (or third or fourth or…) ethnicity in their persona, DNA or environment will have to ask himself these questions eventually.

The search for your ‚true‘ self gets even harder, when identity and integration come into the mix and interfere with your general soul searching. Suddenly, to find an in-group, as social identity theorists would call it, you need to check their markers and face possible rejection. The fear of the Unknown comes with obsession of control, dividing more than including.

To fit in, one has to adapt. To be recognized, one has to fit in a box. To be equal, one has to be the same. At least, that’s what society taught us. Is it right though?

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on December 1st, 2015
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Help, Don’t Hate! – Supporting Refugees through Collective Love


Working together with different people coming from different places and backgrounds is a wonderful present we enjoy every day at our office. Even more amazing is the chance to work with people with a good heart capable to move the world around just with their power of will. Some of our colleagues at Blogfabrik like Jule from im gegenteil were active volunteers during the refugee crisis that started this Summer. But as the situation got worse and worse we felt that we had a chance (and duty) to do something as a community.

This is why we connected our brainpower and creativity to create an interactive donation campaign called #HelpDontHate for all our social media channels. Showing our faces and and standing strong against hate towards refugees and foreigners we want to give a clear signal. We all realized that even the smallest helping gesture already changes so much so we want to empower more people to do so.

With the campagin #HelpDontHate not only the whole team of iHeartBerlin but all the people from the Blogfabrik network are showing their support to the people leaving countries in war for a better future. Find out which organizations our donations will go to and how to be part of our campaign after the jump.

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on November 30th, 2015
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Snippets Of A Lifetime: A Look Beneath The Surface of Berliners

Snippets of a Lifetime-1

We pass thousands of strangers each and every day and we tend to forget, that behind every person there is a unique life story; an individual path that led those strangers to be where they are today and right in this moment. Intrigued by this thought and her passion for the stories beneath the surface, Carolin Kraft spend the last 2 years working on her film project Snippets Of A Lifetime.

So far Carolin filmed 12 episodes, following 12 totally different individuals from Berlin, Chemnitz, Switzerland and Senegal into their personal universe, letting them talk about their ups and downs in life. Carolin’s short films remind us how important it is to look beneath and listen to people and their valuable lessons they have to share. Learn more about this beautiful project after the jump…

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on November 29th, 2015
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The Berlin Experts: The Hundert – A Magazine about Start-Ups

The Hundert

photos: The Hundert /Irene Wissel

About 5 years ago Jan Thomas arrived in Berlin with a plan to do “something big” here. His professional background was marketing but his main interest was the thriving startup scene in the city that he didn’t know much about at that point. He started to write about it on his small blog called “Berlin Valley”. While writing, analyzing and reading other blogs and media, he learned very quickly how the scene works, what its problems and needs are. He went to all kinds of events, where he met a lot of people and collected their business cards. After a year he had a large pile of cards lying on his table and Jan began wondering, how he could use all of his new contacts on his blog. First idea – ask the ten most important players he knew to write their statement on the Berlin startup scene. It should be simple but interesting. Yet he struggled to narrow the group down to ten, so broadened the number of participants to fifty and then quickly to a hundred – the concept of the Hundert began to take shape. From this simple idea a new magazine completely dedicated to the startup scene in Berlin was born and the first issue came out in October 2013. Since then 6 issues of the Hundert have been released, with currently 4 editions a year.

We spoke with the editors of The Hundert about the advantages of Berlin as a base, how to start a project, how to network and how to find investors. Read our interview in a new edition of The Berlin Experts after the jump.

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on October 23rd, 2015
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The Berlin Experts: Give Something Back to Berlin

Volonteer Alejandro Martha Gemeinde

photos: Kalle Kuikkaniemi

In our time it’s increasingly important that we all work together and no matter where you come from – humanity is of great importance! For our next edition of The Berlin Experts we interviewed the makers of a great platform that offers a variety of social projects in Berlin. Everyone can join the projects and “give something back to Berlin”. There is already a huge amount of hard-working volunteers and since 2012 the platform organizes community projects that aim to better the lives of many different groups of people in Berlin. There are language courses for foreigners who migrated here, creative evenings, workshops, food events and so much more. Since 2013 there are also many projects to help refugees and other people in need.

Read the interview after the jump and have some impressions from the work of Give Something Back to Berlin.

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on October 6th, 2015
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