Berlin’s Most Beautiful Men

photo: Hannes Gade

Berlin might not have a reputation for being the place where the most beautiful men reside, but that’s only because we have to wear coats seven months of the year. So Rio, you can officially pack your bags!  Since Berlin men are so open-minded, liberal, and often don’t even mind stripping it all down on social media, we now have visual proof: Berlin’s got it! And, Berlin got dem boys! So, while you might be alone in bed, possibly building prince charming out of pillows and blankets, or maybe you have a sadomasochistic moment and want to destroy your self-esteem, go ahead, and look at the following divine selection of Berlin specimen – And just imagine all the rest … That is awfully superficial, I am aware. But it just happens, you know. Suddenly, you find yourself staring at your screen. These men just upload too many well-lit photos. So, let’s all be honest with ourselves and indulge in this short, shallow moment of social media desire. Knowing, these men might wait just around the corner and not at the Copacabana. Enjoy…

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on February 22nd, 2018
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Soul Searching in the Clubs: Berliners & their Relationship to Nightlife

photos: Ema Discordant & Michal Andrysiak for Buttons

Berlin nightlife draws adventurous minds to our city like moths to the flame, craving to understand the myth of a Berlin night. Week after week, countless Berliners go down, down the rabbit hole to sweat, to move, to dance. Buttons at ://about blank is one of Berlin’s most infamous party nights. They have not only created a place where people of all sexualities and backgrounds can come together on the dance floor but established a diverse community of like-minded people. Their monthly photo reports are a unique visual collection of those who have a strong, personal connection to Berlin nightlife. Every dance floor has a unique story to tell, whether good or bad, a story of liberation, or escapism. We wanted to get to know these stories and asked around.  Let’s go on a journey through the mind of a Berlin night.

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on February 9th, 2018
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The Bizarre World of Extraweg: An Interview with the Berlin-based Artist

Just a little over a year ago motion designer Oliver Latta a.k.a. Extraweg started to share his artwork on Instagram and, quickly, hundreds of thousands of people fell in love with his unusual and captivating animations. Especially his recent videos, marked by their unique clean pink style and the elasticity of his figures, fascinated a whole generation of social media users and left us questioning: What is it that he created, that holds such a strong spell over the viewer? But before you get lost in one of his captivating loop videos, make sure to check out our talk with him. He, who we found through his artwork on his Facebook page, has one especially important message about that: Find inspiration in everything everywhere – outside of the realms of phones and computers.

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on February 7th, 2018
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Quiz: How much of a Berliner are you?

illustrations: Sophia Halamoda

They say every city can be a bittersweet experience, but Berlin has a penchant for taking everything to the absolute extreme; it’s syrupy like Glühwein and pungent like take-away coffee from a Turkish run späti. No mouthwash – not even Pfeffi – could ever make you forget its taste.

How did you feel when you realized Berlin is the World’s Greatest Circus, and upon moving here, you could leave the audience and get on stage? Everything is improvised, it can get ugly – and the only character that’s even trying to be funny is the BVG. But you stayed, watching others, trying to learn the cues, and ultimately you fell in love with the beautiful mess around you.

How well do you know it now? Can you tell the cliches from the truth? Have you been to the wild side? Are you even vegan?! In other words: how much of a Berliner are you, really? Let our quiz be the judge.

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on January 24th, 2018
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Why the Fuck is Everyone a Sex Tourist?

photos: Pornceptual

Location: Berlin. Display Name: German flag – English flag – Arrow sign – Random vegetable – Teddy Emoji?. Edit Profile. About Me: I re-downloaded this 5 minutes ago, didn’t come up with something cool just yet. Sorry. Looking for: Uhm… Relationship Status: Single.

It’s a new year, a blank page before me, a land full of opportunity to… regain my optimism about finding love, even in Berlin. Ok, maybe not love, let me downsize this, someone who asks me for my name and not my dick size… Yeah, that should be doable, right? 2018? You game? In a city where gays from all over the world basically live door-to-door, (Literally, I’m pretty sure my next-door neighbor is gay) it can’t be that hard to find someone who’s compatible in bed – watching Disney movies, eating chocolate chip ice cream and … Oh wow, romantic comedies fucked up my expectations! Anyways, hopeful, and possibly delusional, I log into my dating app of choice and … Aaah that was why…!

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on January 19th, 2018
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The Berliner’s unbreakable Do-It-Yourself Spirit

The Crew of Jonny Knüppel.

More action and fewer words: This has always been the Berlin-way! More than any other city mother Berlin had to deal with the circumstances thrown at her. Wars, tyranny, division, misery, she has seen it all. Possibly, it is for that reason Berlin is this unique place where people get together and decide to do something, no matter what! Especially in a lawless, post-wall vacuum, there was freedom to just take space and create. A pioneer spirit that made the millennial Berlin thrive and the global place-to-be.

In over 20 years since the German reunification, Berlin has put on an ever-changing coat. The Wedding might still be “im kommen”, yet, Prenzlberg has become yuppie town, and Neukölln five years ago is far from what you will encounter nowadays. Still, in all these transitions, Berlin won’t put down its DIY spirit. A place where funky ideas become lived reality. Where a group of friends opens a community garden in the middle of the hippest neighborhood, or a bunch of party kids build their own club at the Spree. We collected a few of our favorite sucess stories.

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on January 15th, 2018
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4 Green Berlin Startups that Change the World


Berliners love it green, not only when they go shopping, but also at the workplace! So it was time for us to have a look around for the most innovative, green ideas in the capital. For this we teamed up with GASAG Berlin who are amidst their new campaign for their climate-neutral “Strom Fix” electricity produced with 100% renewable energies. Just like us they like the idea of Berlin getting greener and greener each year thanks to all the pioneers of sustainability out there.

But now let us introduce you to four young start-ups and projects that are not only eco-conscious and fair-trade, but are also fun and look good!

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on January 3rd, 2018
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Is Berlin for Dreamers or Settlers?

For many, Berlin equals that nice kid on the playground you could always turn to without getting picked on. A big toy box where, magically, all squares, balls and triangles fit into the same hole. A safe space to announce becoming a lawyer on Monday and a modern artist on Thursday – basically a place where individualism bites conformity in the butt.

During my first internship I met heaps of creative people who just moved to Berlin and I couldn’t help but wonder: What is the fascination this place seems to hold? And most of all, can those who joined us here imagine to stay or just call this a phase and leave us behind? We know that Berlin is a stimulating place for people of every industry. Some people come uninspired only to find something they become passionate about, some come with a plan and see where it takes them, some got pulled in by a job offer only to apply for something else a few months later and some moved here for love, only to stay for something completely different.

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on December 27th, 2017
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Be Part of the Human Chain in Berlin to Save the Whole World!

Sometimes Berlin is such a tolerant and peaceful place to live that we tend to forget how fucked up certain things really are. I mean, of course, there are many terrible and dangerous things going on (climate change, terrorism, HIV and so on). But certain things are beyond bad. They are so bad that we can’t even believe that they actually exist and are a real threat to us. I am speaking about nuclear weapons, which became more like an abstract concept in the last 25 years of the end of the cold war (at least on European soil).

But nuclear weapons are absurdly real and in times of Trump and Kim Jong-Un they get even closer to our privileged peaceful lives. This Saturday there is an incredible opportunity to fight them here in Berlin. ICAN – the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons who won the Nobel Peace Prize this year are organizing a Human Chain between the Embassy of North Korea and the US-Embassy. I had a little chat with the Board Member of ICAN Germany, Leo Hoffmann-Axthelm, born and raised in Berlin, about the protest and why we should all show up there.

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on November 17th, 2017
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Berlin Music Artists to Watch Out For

MIKEY. photo: Rebecca Dorothy

“What’s going on musically in Berlin?” – you ask? Don’t worry, iHeartberlin comes to the rescue. We put together a list of artists who are pushing the capital’s music scene right now. These artists are far from interchangeable, or even remotely comparable. They stress what Berlin is today: An international, inclusive and diverse metropolis. Their music is the product of a city where you can do what you wanna do. Berlin’s creative freedom is what brought them or kept them here, and still is what makes our city different from other places. The results are loud, emotional, strikingly weird at times, sometimes obscure and sometimes catchy as f***. Let’s take a look and a listen…

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on October 31st, 2017
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