Soul Searching Done Right: How to Actually Find Yourself in Berlin

Find Yourself-140734

I’m not really the quarrelsome type. I stand by what I believe in, but I’d never try forcing my spin on things upon you and I don’t mind exchanging thoughts with people that have different turns of mind. However, there’s this one declaration that invariably has the ‘’red rag to a bull’’ effect on me even on a small talk level.

I usually kind of feel it coming, because my interlocutor’s eyes inadvertently betray exactly what mood has just crept into the conversation. It can start inconspicuously with them admitting they actually did not go out last weekend, to which I can often relate. They usually mistake this for an invitation, and the first thing I know is them intimately leaning down in my direction and letting me in on the gist of their self-taught philosophy: ‘’Well, because, you know, Berlin is no place to settle down anyway, right?’’

Michalina by Michalina
on September 11th, 2017
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7 Wisdoms Earned from 10 Years of Blogging


I remember 10 years ago when I started this blog there were no points of reference out there for me. Blogs were just something totally new and we all kind of didn’t know where things would go. I certainly didn’t expect that the blog would one day become the main thing for me taking over my personal and professional life completely. I’m so grateful that I followed my instincts and interests and just went for it. It was a difficult step for me back in 2011 to quit my day job and focus fully on iHeartBerlin, but these six years that came after were more fulfilled and happy than all the time before. I learned so much in these years, it’s a lot of trail and error, testing boundaries, starting over and jumping into the unknown. But the experience and knowledge I gained is something that I never want to miss.

When I became part of Blogfabrik 2 years ago I knew that this would be a place where this knowledge and experience would some day also be transferred to other people starting projects and working in digital media. With the upcoming Content Creation Week where me and my fellow Blogfabrikanten will hold workshops, lectures, key notes, panel talks, the time has come now for me to share with the next generation. To give you a bit of a taste of my own workshop that is about long-lasting and successful content I have gathered my most cherished wisdoms of 10 years of blogging.

Frank by Frank
on September 7th, 2017
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Would I Fuck my Friends?


photos: An.Do

Why The Fuck Am I Single: Lesson #2

Location: Berlin. Display Name: FWB NSA, Some not understandable abbreviation (?). Edit Profile. About Me: Honestly, I am only online because I ate too much pasta and I am too lazy to get up and get a drink and I somehow gotta fill the meantime… (?). Relationship Status: Single.

“Still, single pringle and ready to mingle!” as my dear friend Juan would poetically say. Also, this is no desperate cry-out for immediate attention to my everlasting loneliness. It’s me, merely admitting a very, basic human need. And, it’s not like I’m generally craving for that ONE MAN attached to me all the time, especially not in my mid-twenties. We all enjoy our freedom, our meaningless sexual encounters, and quirky flirting, dating and nasty stories to tell. It’s maybe just that creepy voice in my subconscious screaming: “If you don’t find him now you’ll neveeeer” (fades away with dramatic echo). Anyways, all you actually need for that life phase is your GURLFRIENDS. I just need my boys, a night filled with worthwhile content like the importance of face masks, Jake Gyllenhaal’s well proportioned lower abs, funny stories about genital shapes and two bottles of rosé, and I AM HAPPY! Apparently, the three of us make each other so happy that the outside world perceives us as some symbiotic, interdependent gay organism. “So, Juan, Casper and you are pretty close, huh?” A friend recently asked. “Of course” I replied. He went on: “I always wonder how you gays do it. Being friends and fucking each other, I mean!” I paused. “Wait what?!”

Andy by Andy
on September 6th, 2017
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A Decade of iHeartBerlin & 2 People who could not be more different

Frank Claudio by Katja Hentschel

photo: Katja Hentschel

10 Years of iHeartBerlin! How did we make it so far? I wonder sometimes when I think back to all the crazy shit that happened in the last 10 years. And especially when I look at Frank and me who were two very different people back then. Of course, everybody was a bit different 10 years ago… but believe me… we were unrecognizably different.

Not to show you how much we changed, but rather to show how it does not matter how old you are and how cool you look to make amazing projects happen, I will guide you back to the dawns of time and when Frank and I were still two little puppies playing with bits and bites and with no idea whatsoever that we will stick around so long with each other delivering to you the best stories about our beloved city.

Claudio by Claudio
on September 1st, 2017
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10 Unique German Words of Happiness


illustrations: Berk Karaoglu

The iHeartBerlin team has always been an international cluster of fellows, so we do relate a lot to any struggles you might be having with the German language. I for one can still clearly recall the time that everything I attempted to say in this glorious language was met with a very confused and sometimes almost apologetic ”Wie bitte?”. But still – your Berlin experience gets even more holistic once you’ve mastered German, so we’re trying to encourage you as best as we can. After we’ve explained some of the most common examples of ”casual” German and enabled you to make lots of new friends with some exquisite German insults, the time has come now to present you with 10 words relating to the feeling of happiness that have no ample equivalents in English.

Michalina by Michalina
on August 25th, 2017
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The Pleasures of Berlin’s Abundance of Green

Parks Berlin-7118

Berlin’s green spaces are probably one of its most cherished assets – and rightly so. They are as diversified as the city itself and will easily transform according to your daily agenda, no matter if you need a sunny picnic spot, a peaceful field for your yoga session, or a chilled location to drink up your recent Späti purchases.

Indeed, 59% of Berlin’s whole surface has some vegetation going, and although this does not place our capital anywhere close to the top ten of Germany’s greenest cities (and 12% shy of Hamburg’s score), I like to think we’re doing our best. Just take a look at all the random plants people put on their balconies (or sometimes windowsills) in no particular order, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘’urban jungle’’.

Michalina by Michalina
on August 15th, 2017
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Berlin Biting you in the Ass

Berlin by Tania Strauss 1

photos: Tania Strauss

My story is not different from anyone who has moved to Berlin and got stung by its venom. The venom is strong enough to infect you and leave you alive with its side effects, happily suffering. My friend describes it as “Berlin biting you in the ass”. This is quite accurate. You see a bite in the ass leaves a mark, a literal mark and a feeling. So does Berlin.

I moved to Berlin exactly 300 days ago. Just writing this is making it even harder to believe. 300 days. That is the longest I have ever been away from home. Well, I am kind of confused now as to where home is, but Berlin seems the most appropriate next to this word. I have found a home in the coldest, greyest, probably cruelest city in Germany. It is also the coolest, most liberal, accepting and very different from the rest of Germany.

by Guest Author
on August 9th, 2017
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A Guide to Getting it Together


illustrations: Berk Karaoglu

There are certain typical Berlin problems that we have seen too many times; too many fresh starts that just ended in a year of doing nothing, too many conversations about amazing, innovative, entrepreneurial projects that were never realized. We’ve heard too many stories about dating neuroses and complaints about being single, the weather, tourists, gentrification or life in general. Even if there’s NOTHING to complain about! Yes, Berlin is the destination for procrastination but it’s 2017 y’all! Let’s make it the year we all start to get it together! Especially, if you relate to one or more of the following 5 shortcomings.

Andy by Andy
on August 7th, 2017
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Why the Fuck Am I Single?

Gay Dating Berlin Grindr-0380

photos: Stella Manouseli

Location: Berlin. Display Name: … Remember to pick a super funny and witty name later. Edit Profile. About Me: …Uhm… Well, twenty-something, decent height, well proportioned, I’d say, comparably smart. Looking for… Mr. Right …or Mr. Right now (?). Relationship Status: Single.

That’s probably what I typed into some dating app 5 years ago after moving to Berlin. Things changed, but that one thing hasn’t: Relationship status: Single! Single, Single, SINGLE! Let’s be honest here, I want a boyfriend, no denying that. We all want a professional cuddling partner. So, no shade! People have said I’m “damn cute”, “oh so hilarious”, “definite bf material” and I have spent a whole lot of time on living up to my own visual expectations. Time that I could have easily used on pizza, beer, and Sex and the City binge watching. Still, I can tell many bed stories, but no love story. So, seriously guys, why the fuck am I single? But, as the hopeless, self-ironic optimist that I am. I see every awkward date and disturbing sexual encounter as a funny, absurd life lesson to learn from, laugh about and carry on. And, as I am such a talkative person I will let y’all participate now, life lesson by life lesson. And maybe by the end of it all I will write ‘Lesson #378: How I got my boyfriend’ … but first things first:

Andy by Andy
on August 3rd, 2017
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Dancing in the Streets of Berlin

Dance Street Berlin Karneval

photos: Min Kyung Choi

Dearest Berlin, let us dance!

Already wearing your prettiest summer-dress and smiling your brightest smile!
Finally your days are long, your nights short. Melt into each other. Have no beginning and no end.
The melancholic spirit of winter seems long past and is forgiven.
Dark November blues melt simultaneously with my frozen lemon popsicles.
The sky painted in radiant blue. This is why I fell in love with you, Berlin.
Everything is blooming and the city is raging with life. Listening to street musicians while bathing in the sun.
Watching shimmering shadows dancing in the moonlight.
Dreams seem to come true during summer.

by Guest Author
on August 1st, 2017
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