Die Events der Woche

Hipster Olympiade, Foto: Katrin Köbbert

Diese Woche ist wieder alles beim Alten bei unserem Eventguide. Die Highlights diese Woche umfassen ein Gig von Hush Hush im neuen Chalet Club von den Machern der Bar 25, die erste Kiez Oper im Salon Zur Wilden Renate und die zweite Hipsterolympiade, die sich mal wieder an die üblichen Hipsterklischees ranmachen wird. Viel Spaß diese Woche, mehr Events nach dem Klick.

Tuesday, July 17

Dancing with Sand in my Crotch at Badeschiff, Eichenstr. 4, starting at 18h with the pool open until Midnight (party goes on for longer).

Raw Food Special of Family Times with a free basic menu at Merkezi, Adalbertstr. 5/6, 19h.

The Mobile Kino at Naherholung Sternchen is showing a selection of Short Films, starting at 20:30h at Berolinastr. 7.

Wednesday, July 18

As part of their current Global Revolutions, Local Contradictions project the Mindpirates are screening a selection of political video art films tonight at Schlesische Str. 38, starting at 20h.

Crazy hoot Mary Ocher is playing live at Ä Neukölln, Weserstr. 40 starting at 21h.

The excentric Hush Hush is playing live at the new Chalet Club, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 3, his concert is around 22h. I have heard only good things about this place so far and I really need to go there!

Thursday, July 19

Artconnect Berlin is hosting their next Networking Breakfast at Boddinstr.62 from 10-12, this time with hosts Editude Pictures and Beatriz Crespo. Price: 8,50 or 12 EUR.

JD Samson (MEN, Le Tigre), Kool Thing and Kim Anh are playing DJ Sets at Südblock, Admiralstr. 1-2, 22h.

Friday, July 20

The first Kiez Opera is taking place this Friday and Saturday at Salon Zur Wilden Renate at 20h. It’s an hour-long, post-apolocalyptic, untraditional version of the opera Dido & Aeneas (In its original English by baroque composer Henry Purcell) that takes place outdoors in the garden with an afterparty inside. Admission is 10 EUR and includes the party.

Opening reception of the international group exhibition From Waste to Resource. Recovering sustainable Attitudes at Kohi Kraftwerk, Rungestr. 20 in Mitte, starting at 19h. The exhibition that focusses on waste as material for art runs until July 30, 2012.

Shameless Limitless with Teengirl Fantasy live at Naherholung Sternchen, Berolinastr. 7, starting at 23h.

Saturday, July 21

The second Hipster Olympiade takes place at Postbahnhof today at 12h. Last year they had a lot of fun with „Club-Mate-Kisten-Laufen“, „Jute-Beutel-Sackhüpfen“ and „Schnauzbart-Malen“, this year there are even more games, such as „Hornbrillen-Weitwurf“, „Skinnyjeans-Tauziehen“ or „Apple-Produkte-Preisraten“. You can of course take part in the disciplines. There is also going to be DJs and live music, a little market and exhibition and a big after party at 22h.

Blackbird Fleamarket at Sing Blackbird, Sanderstr. 11, 13-19h.

Artparasites are hosting the group exhibition Empty Space at HBC this Saturday, from 15-19h there is going to be a BBQ outside, at 19h the exhibition opens and at 22h there are going to be some experimental concerts. Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9.

The students from the design school Best Sabel are showcasing their work form the field of graphic design, photography and fashion at Uferhallen, Uferstr. 8 starting at 18h. There is going to be 2 fashion shows. Cover charge for non-students: 5 EUR.

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  1. Kiez Oper Says:

    Kiez Oper event page:


  2. Dirty rocker Says:

    Sa. 21.07.2012 ab 20:00Uhr

    Live: The Tunics – Indie Rock from UK

    The Tunics re-located to Tempelhof in the southern part of Berlin in November 2011. They live together under one roof. In this space the band has been striving to find themselves, their sound and write the songs for their next body of work.
    The Tunics have released 2 albums to date: „Somewhere In Somebody’s Heart“ (2008) and „Dabblers‘ Handbook“ (2011). The band is no longer an indie-outfit though. Their songwritting has evolved alongside their own maturity through these formative years. Now 21 Joe Costello has spent the last 6 years of his life knowing little more than making music.

    In November 2011, The Tunics began a journey of individual and collective discovery which saw us leave the familiarity and comfort of loved ones and relocate to one of the most creatively significant city in the world – Berlin. In November 2011, The Tunics began life.

    Our aim is to write a truly open and honest piece of work, one that we can all identify with. This is a formative period in our career.
    The Tunics

    Fiery urgent tunes with a brutal honesty and earnestness NME

    „a wonderful sense of english melancholy and romanticism“ The Fly

    The Tunics beherrschen den britisch gefärbten Indierock, haben Hummeln im Hintern und immer ein melodisches As im Ärmel. VISIONS

    support band:
    The Ecklebergs – Indie Berlin

    Dirty dancing music, music with the lights off, a heady blend of sparking drums, growling bass lines, gravelly vocals and gentle falsetto. Not just about what happens on the dance floor, but what happens after – with the lights off and the doors closed.

    Fusing roadside blues hollers with the fragmented recall of lovers fumbling in the backseat, soulful vocals with jagged guitars, The Ecklebergs strut and fret a fresh blend of seventies streetwise grooves and intoxicating lyricism – distinctive 3 piece alt-blues.

    After five albums and twenty years on the Sydney scene, Australian TJ Eckleberg gambled on Berlin – arriving in 2010 with freshly recorded lp ‚West & Lime‘.

    Drummer Afonso Ribeiro and bass player Frederic Alvernhe heard a revelation.

    Eintritt: 5€ bsi 22:00 H / danach 7 €

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