10 Großartige Burger Restaurants & Imbisse in Berlin

Heute haben wir wohl den dicksten und saftigsten Guide für euch seit langem! Unser Bloggerkollege Simon von Chessy Burger hat für uns einen sehr abwechslungsreichen Burger Guide für Berlin zusammengestellt, in dem er 10 seiner Lieblingsburger vorstellt. Von klassisch, über vegetarisch und vegan, bis hin zu asiatisch ist alles mit dabei und jeder sollte für seinen Geschmack etwas finden. Im englischen Teil des Artikels gibt es ausführliche Reviews und hier im deutschen Teil die Liste seiner 10 Tipps. Guten Hunger!


(Der Klassiker)

Burgermeister, Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Open Mon – Thur: 11:00 – 03:00, Fri – Sat: 11:00 – 4:00, Sun: 12:00 – 3:00

* * *

Bun Bao

(Bao Burger – Asiatisch)

Bun Bao, Kollwitzstraße 84, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Open Mon – Thur: 12:00 – 22:00, Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 23:00, Sun: 12:00 – 22:00

* * *


(Delikatess Burger aus dem Foodtruck)

Bunsmobile, verschiedene Food Markets und wechselnde Locations

* * *

Ruben & Carla

(New York-style Burger)

Ruben & Carla, Linienstraße 136, 10115 Berlin-Mitte
Open Mon – Sat: 12:00 – 23:00, Sun: closed

* * *

Tommi’s Burger Joint

(Klassischer Burger)

photo: Tommi’s Burger Joint

Tommi´s Burger Joint, Invalidenstrasse 160, 10115 Berlin-Mitte
Open daily 12:00 – 22:00

* * *

Shiso Burger

(Koreanischer Burger)

Shiso Burger, Auguststrasse 29, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
Open daily 12:00 – 24:00

* * *

An Einem Sonntag im August

(Vegetarischer Burger)

An Einem Sonntag im August, Kastanienallee 103, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Open daily from 9:00 – late

* * *

Dudes Delikatessen

(Der Burger Himmel)

Dudes Delikatessen, Schlesische Strasse. 19, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Open daily 12:00 – 23:30

* * *

Piri’s Chicken Burger

(Der beste Chicken Burger)

Piri´s Chicken Burger, Wiener Straße 31, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Open daily Mon – Sun 12:00 – 22:00


(Der neue Burger in der Stadt)

5Places, Simon-Dach-Str. 30, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Open Mon – Thur: 11:00 – 01:00, Fri – Sun: 11:00 – 03:00

Text & Fotos: Simon Algren

* * *

Welche Burger in Berlin mögt ihr am liebsten? Lasst es uns in den Kommentaren unten wissen.

Für ausführliche Burger Reviews schaut am besten mal auf dem Blog unseres Gastautoren Simon vorbei: Chessy Burger.

on Juni 23rd, 2015
updated on Juni 23rd, 2015
in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg

25 Responses to “10 Großartige Burger Restaurants & Imbisse in Berlin”

  1. bollywood Says:

    Yo Yos in friedrichshain has to be worth a mention. for me the best vegi burgers I have found in Berlin. Closely followed by Piri Piri’s cheese tofu monster!

  2. Fanette Says:

    Burger shops have been popin‘ everywhere for a few years, and today you have to find The One (or The Ten, heh).
    My personal favorite is not on this list and is the pulled pork burger from the Gorilla Barbecue truck, every time I crave a burger I stalk them and go wherever they are, haha. I also love Tommi’s and never heard about Dudes Delikatessen before so I sure will go there this week and try their pulled pork burger!

  3. Jacqueline Says:

    ive tried Bun bao 3 times now to get a rounded opinion and taste different burgers. I’ve had the original and I found the meat so chewy.. The prawn one tastes so plain. The burger is made for display and practically impossible to eat like a burger. The bun is delicious but most of it sticks to your fingers! And the paper they put it on dissolves. I find it more of a struggle… And INCREDIBLY overpriced. But they do have the most delicious sweet potato fries I’ve ever tasted but seriously.. 1€50 for that special Mayo??
    Shiso burger is really the best;) value & taste

  4. Sidewalker Says:

    Burgeramt on Boxhagenerplatz is a solid burger with a good selection of cheeses for cheeseburger aficionados. Unfortunately, it’s always packed these days.

  5. Ruben Says:

    You are missing the bird, probably the best one in Berlin (up to a point, is a matter of taste)
    PD: You live in the future? I quote:“When I moved from Denmark to Berlin in October 2015…“ :)))

  6. Farhan Says:

    Butter Bronsons burger is hands down the best ive ever had in Berlin!
    Buttermilk chicken in a brioche bun..!


    Definitely check it out if you havent had it yet!

  7. Rachael Says:

    You missed BBI! BBI in Kreuzberg is my favourite – a great burger selection and the veggie burger is fantastic.
    I also love Tommis and Piris.
    I’ve written a list of my favourite burgers, too. Check it out here 🙂 https://berlinmilch.wordpress.com/2015/03/22/the-best-burgers-in-berlin/

  8. Omer Says:

    There’s a great place on Potsdamer Straße called Neffes, I always visit there when i’m in Berlin, great burgers and lovely staff:)

  9. Lola Says:

    I’m hungry, aren’t you?

  10. Tom Says:

    And what about the bird? The one @ Pberg, not Xberg tho

  11. imaic Says:

    What about gluten free, tho?

  12. Cedriklas Says:

    You missed the french Burgers in Lafayette, ClassiC Colette Burger is amazing, Fanette, Babette, Henriette, luv the veal burger with black sesam bun 🙂 Thanks for all the recommandations ! As evrybody say… ^°^ Bird is fantastic !

  13. Alex Says:

    I’m sorry, but I had a terrible experience at Dudes. The meat was dry with not a lot of flavor, the potatoes had no seasoning, but the good part was the atmosphere I guess. How is Burgeramt not on here? That place is, in my opinion, the best burger in Berlin

  14. Francesca Delbono Says:

    C’mon!! BURGERAMT!
    and there is a new one in Wedding Pankstrasse…Burger 65 cheap, tasty but without bacon.

  15. Tanden Says:

    What about Yellow Burgermanufaktur Schönhauser Allee 122? great taste, but not much room to sit. Very good meat!

  16. Phil Says:

    You totally forgot Uncle Sam in Zehlendorf!

  17. Doreen Says:

    Rembrandt Burger! http://kleppiberlin.de/2016/01/rembrandt-burger-the-dutch-art-of-taste-in-berlin/

  18. Seda Says:

    Piri’s Burger, in front of Görli is the place.
    I kindly recommend trying the Rhino burger. Its soooo big its impossible to finish at once.

  19. Gerhard Says:

    There is a world on the left side of the Brandenburger Tor! Windburger (Windscheidstraße 26, 10627 Berlin)

  20. Isabelle Says:

    The Bird, Schillerburger, Burgers International and LILYBURGER!!! (The last one is by far the best!)

  21. Gus Says:

    A hidden gem and one of my favourite burger places: Burgerwehr in Rigaer Strasse – Fhain

  22. Marc Logemann Says:

    No burger list is complete w/o recommending „Fritiersalon“ on Boxhagener Str.

  23. Ilya Says:

    Hei, u missed a few, though it s a matter of taste: kreuzburger at papplelsalle in Over and zra-zra in Schoenberg

  24. Judith Says:

    Miam miam ! J’aime !

  25. Nami Says:

    This isnt a good list at all ! what about Berlin Burger International or Rembrandt or Burgeramt !!!!!!!

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