Die besten Coworking Spaces in Berlin

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In unserem heutigen Guide geht es mal zur Abwechslung um ein Business-Thema, und zwar eines, welches besonders für die Freiberufler unter uns interessant ist. Es hat sich ja in den letzten Jahren so ein bisschen eingebürgert, dass wir Freiberufler (zu denen auch ich mich zähle) so ein bisschen wie Nomaden von diversen Orten arbeiten, sei es aus dem Bett, aus dem Cafe nebenan oder aus einem Gemeinschaftsbüro. Genau letzteres hat natürlich den Vorteil, dass man sich mit Gleichgesinnten vernetzen und austauschen kann und natürlich auch gemeinsame Ressourcen teilt. In Berlin gibt es mittlerweile eine ganze Reihe von tollen Co-Working Spaces, die alle doch recht unterschiedlich ausgelegt sind und dabei auch verschiedene Preise anbieten. Wir haben euch mal unsere Favoriten in der Stadt rausgesucht. Gebt uns gerne in den Kommentaren Feedback, welche Co-Working Spaces ihr noch empfehlen würdet. Im englischen Teil mehr zu unserem Guide.

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on Dezember 3rd, 2015
updated on März 7th, 2017
in Kreuzberg, Mitte, Neukölln, Tiergarten

16 Responses to “Die besten Coworking Spaces in Berlin”

  1. Sam Says:

    I currently sit in the coworking space at Factory Berlin! It’s really awesome, great crowd, plenty of friendly faces and a plenty of perks.


  2. Holly Says:

    I recently had a small event at Roof Up in Schoneberg. The space is large, light and has plenty of outdoor work space on the roof for those nice warm days. The staff is super friendly and helpful and the location is near transit, bars and good restaurants too. Check it out!

  3. Fanette Says:

    We actually are opening a coworking soon, and will be hosting events too. You can subscribe to the newsletter on bisberlin.de and will be notified when the website – and by extension, the coworking – is open !

  4. René Says:

    Co-up http://co-up.de/ in Kreutzberg (right near Kottbusser Tor UBahn) is really wonderful too. They do a LOT for the Berlin community.

    Including this brilliant thing… „To help close the gender/race gap in IT, we’d like to support people in underrepresented groups in tech by offering a number of discounted memberships for women, POC, queer/trans people, & people affected by classism.“ — http://co-up.de/pricing.html

  5. Holger Says:

    Take a look at http://www.houseofclouds.de/ inexpensive, short contract periods, an easy and friendly atmosphere

  6. Joeri de Zeeuw Says:

    I’m working now at Enklave (http://www.enklave.de)! It’s a great coworkingspace in Neukölln, desks are good, people are nice and always fresh baked cookies 🙂 . It’s in contrast to the most coworkingspaces a real community. They are doing a community-lunch on monday where a coworker cooks for everybody, there is a group who are going for a run on wednesday and they have a beertasting every fridayafternoon so you can get to know the other coworkers.

  7. Michael Says:

    If you are searching for more coworking spaces in Berlin, so here they are: http://www.b2bspace.de. You can also find furnitured Apartments if needed!

  8. Oda Says:

    The best venue for meetings, workshops and offsides up to 15 people is Guice, the creative space in the Zionskirchstr.63, next to the Rosenthaler Platz.
    You have the hole space on your own for small money.Really nice hosts and great located in the heart of Berlin..

  9. Ollie Says:

    I work over at Noize Fabrik in Alt-Treptow/Neukölln. They have a large co-working space dedicated to people in the audio industry. Because of this, they have 3 music studios perfect for people like myself who do audio-book voice overs and need both a treated room and a productive place to work.

    Roughly the same price for co-working per month than all the other co-working space in the area (if not a little cheaper…!)


  10. Britta Says:

    My favourite coworking space was „Pulsraum“ at Kottbusser Damm (Neukölln, http://coworking.pulsraum.de). But there are heaps of new nice places too. I think it depends on the area and the crowd, where its best to join. I don’t like to travel 50 min to work 🙂

  11. Jannis Says:

    My favorite co-working space is Thinkfarm Berlin. It’s a self-organized space for ecological or social businesses, start-ups, researchers and NGOs. And it’s actually having some free desks at the moment. So check it out: https://berlin.thinkfarm.de

  12. Ori Says:

    I had a very negative experience with Enklave. For some reason they are treating members very bad, being clueless with their deposits and generally displaying a very strange behavior when it comes to other people’s money. Think twice before you go there.

  13. Danny Miller Says:

    I used to work at Office Club in Prenzlauer Berg for almost two years before leaving the city. Met some great people there incl. the staff (hey Betti!) 🙂 The place itself is great too if you’re looking for a cosy, friendly atmosphere https://www.officeclub.com/en/

  14. Bastian Says:

    Ikonic Studio is a crossover of craftsmanship and digital media on two floors of an old industrial Loft in Berlin Neukölln. The Studio is an unconventional and stylish office space with creatives from different fields. On two floors you find a fully equipped fashion atelier ( altendorfer-studios), a motorcycle workshop (Ikonic-bikes), and a professional Photostudio. The Team is super nice and will show you around. Schedule a free Trial day and check it out.

  15. Bastian Says:

    here you go: http://www.ikonic.studio/

  16. Thomas Meyer Says:

    Already startet to blog about good recommendations in Berlin for Coworking spaces!
    In Berlin geht Coworking gerade so richtig ab. Ich habe bereits viele Anbieter getestet und meine Erfahrungen unter https://coworking-space.online/berlin niedergeschrieben. Die Anbieter unterscheiden sich immens. Ich bin gespannt wer sich auf lange Sicht durchsetzen kann – bin mir aber sicher, dass Coworking die New Work Szene in den kommenden Jahren deutschlandweit extrem prägen wird.

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