Italienischer Lifestyle in Berlin

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on September 14th, 2016
updated on Januar 29th, 2018
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5 Responses to “Italienischer Lifestyle in Berlin”

  1. Zool Says:

    You have to try the family restaurant Jamme Ja near Ostkreuz! A place where food is not only food but also culture! Original recipes from Naples and south of Italy!

  2. Lia Says:

    Keep an eye on Wale Cafe‘
    Italian bookshop, Cafe‘, Bar, creative laboratory: true italian style ❤️

  3. Alessandro Says:

    What about CAFFEGGIANDO in Anzengruberstrasse Neukölln? Best bar for snacks and sandwiches in Berlin

  4. Sergio Says:

    You should try The Pizza Club in Spandau

    Check online

  5. Arcadio Says:

    Everyone knows how difficult it is to get good and authetic Italian Olive Oil in Berlin, Olio Costa delivers directly withs its Piaggio Ape to your place

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