Berlin – ein Portrait in Worten

Unsere Gastautorin Salma Mansour hat während ihres Studiums für ein paar Monate lang in Berlin gewohnt. Von der ersten Sekunde an fühlte es sich an, als wäre sie mit einem alten Geliebten wieder verbunden gewesen. Nur, dass sie sie ( in diesem Fall die Stadt) noch nie zuvor kennenlernen konnte. Diese Magie und gleichzeitige Dunkelheit hat die Autorin in einem Portrait über Berlin festgehalten. Im Englischen Teil beschreibt sie ihre Liebe zur Stadt.

on Februar 15th, 2017
updated on Februar 17th, 2017
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6 Responses to “Berlin – ein Portrait in Worten”

  1. Sara Samir Says:

    I wanna cry right nowww 🙁 I was never happy as much as I was in Berlin. I hate living in Egypt! It has been a year now and I’m still not over you Berlin :/ loved the Article ya Salma ❤️

  2. Fran Says:

    Really gorgeous piece! Please come back soon and write some more about Berlin :-*

  3. Salma Mansour Says:

    Thank you = ) <3 One day soon, I hope!

  4. Musa Says:

    This article stopped me in my tracks and made me feel like you read my mind and soul about how i feel about the city of Berlin. I to was there for just a couple of months coming from Namibia yet i was never able to put into exact words how deeply this place affected me during my stay… but then THIS ARTICLE expressed it perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you Salma for your beautiful words and insight. This article made my month 😉

  5. Sarah Says:

    Beautiful piece!! I’ve never been, or ever wanted to go till now!

  6. Peggy Says:

    Berlin is my hometown and growing up in this city really shapes who you are as a person. I lived in many different places like Melbourne, New York or Mexico City and none of these places touched my heart as much as Berlin did. I always thought it is because it is home and I would never love another city like I love my place of birth but reading this article and the comments shows me that my love for Berlin is not only feeling home but really feeling the character of Berlin.

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