Warum bin ich verdammt noch mal Single?

Location: Berlin. Name: … Denk dran dir später ’nen super witzigen, sowie subtil intellektuellen Namen auszudenken. Profil bearbeiten. Über mich: … Ja also, Mitte zwanzig, normale Größe, ganz gut proportioniert, würde ich jetzt mal sagen, vergleichsweise intelligent. Auf der Suche nach… Mr. Right oder… Mr. Right Now (?). Beziehungsstatus: Single.

Das habe ich vor fünf Jahren in irgendein Dating Profil getippt, so oder so ähnlich. Viel hat sich geändert, eins nicht: Beziehungsstatus: Single! Single, Single, SINGLE! Ja, ich hätte gerne eine Beziehung. Das darf man ja wohl noch sagen! Wir wollen alle gerne einen professionellen Kuschel-Partner. Manche geben das nur nicht zu. „Man du bist so süß!“, „Du bist so lustig!“, „Dich kann ich mir VOLL in einer Beziehung vorstellen!“, nichts was ich in dem Kontext noch nicht gehört habe. Und all die Zeit, die ich darauf verwendet habe meinen visuellen Vorstellungen gerecht zu werden, hätte ich auch mit Pizza, Bier und Sex and the City Marathons füllen können. Nichtsdestotrotz, ich kann so einige Bettgeschichten erzählen, aber keine Liebesgeschichte. Also jetzt mal ganz ehrlich: Warum, verdammt noch mal, bin ich Single? Aber als hoffnungslos, selbst-ironischer Optimist sehe ich all die absurden Dating Erfahrungen und verstörenden sexuellen Begegnungen als lehrreiche, witzige Lebenslektion und weiter geht die wilde Fahrt; ein Hindernis nach dem anderen, bis zum „Und sie lebten glücklich bis…“ … Naja mal schaun. Kleine Brötchen backen.

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on August 3rd, 2017
updated on August 3rd, 2017
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8 Responses to “Warum bin ich verdammt noch mal Single?”

  1. Dw Says:

    Pfff Berlin is about ass fck – thats it. U will never find here the true love …probably u not even looking for it.

  2. Hendrik Says:

    Wait ? This, hum….it’s a text from 1996 when gaychat went live, ain’t it ? Not sure what has changed.

  3. Dan Says:

    True, simple and thank you! <3

  4. Everton Says:

    Well, you probably know better now than me where we could potentially find the Mr. Right.. if yes tell me 😉

  5. Gero Says:

    For a looong time it felt to me like a gay problem but since I talk about it lots of hetero friends tell me the same thing. And I got to the point where I believe that’s two completely different things: having random sex or finding the one.
    For finding random sex Grindr, Romeo, tinder etc work very well – but because they work so well for sex and it’s expected to have all the sexy pics it’s hard to have a proper talk about something else. And for finding the one you need to find a way of connecting beyond dick pics.
    So maybe a platform where you actually chat without any sexy pics appear might work. Maybe a dating platform without pictures altogether would be the solution. So all people on that platform would be willing to write a proper profile, and talk about common interests and could maybe match. Without the hard gatekeeper of „you’re not sexy enough“.

    (The best relationships I had were with guys I didn’t have very good sex with. And that was okay, because it is something different to have sex or to have someone to talk, cuddle and share your life with.)

  6. Frank Says:

    It’s interesting to see how everyone makes really different experiences on those dating apps. I for my part managed to have lovely dates with guys who were looking for more than just sex on Grindr, Scruff and Tinder. It depends a bit on how you present yourself on those apps and what kind of people you approach there. It also requires a certain amount of patience and persistence I would say. Some people don’t appear to have a lot of that these days. I managed to make friends through the apps with guys who I ended up not having a sexual or romantic chemistry with, but generally got along with very well. And ultimately I met my now husband through Tinder. I’ve heard from a few couples who have been together for long who met on apps. It’s not at all an impossibility.

  7. Gero Says:

    I found my last boyfriend on Romeo and we were together for 1.5 years. Sure, it is possible but to me it doesn’t seem very likely. It’s hard to filter profiles by common interests or similar believes when they basically show naked bodies.
    It is possible but it needs a huge amount of time and try and error to find the people who are more interested in you than in your body.

  8. Berlin Says:

    For me personally I prefer to be single than to have an open relationship…

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