5 Filme, die den Sound Berlins perfekt einfangen

Keine Stadt in Europa hat so viele drastische Veränderungen in den letzten 100 Jahren erlebt wie Berlin. Und jede neue Dekade brachte mit ihren Turbulenzen auch neue Klänge in die Stadt.

Inspiriert vom Sound Berlins, wurde für das neueste Kapitel des Audi Zeitgeist Projekts ein einzigartiger Film erschaffen. Der Kurzfilm Symphony of Now – inspiriert vom Film der 20er Jahre, Sinfonie der Großstadt, bringt mehrere namhafte Musiker zusammen um die Musik dieser Stadt festzuhalten. Zeitgleich zur Berlinale wird der Film am 14.2. Premiere feiern. Inspiriert davon haben wir im englischen Teil des Artikels 5 Filme zusammengesucht die den Sound der Stadt in den verschiedensten Jahrzehnten perfekt widerspiegeln.

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on Februar 8th, 2018
updated on Mai 7th, 2018
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43 Responses to “5 Filme, die den Sound Berlins perfekt einfangen”

  1. tinytee Says:

    I would like to see the movie! 😉

  2. Izabela Says:

    Would love to see it!!!

  3. carlo Says:

    great selection!

  4. Flo Says:

    Would love to go!

  5. Elisa Benatti Says:

    A real treasure!
    I lost my heart on the big B. many years ago. Really looking forward to see the Film!
    Excited af! 😉

  6. Mary Lou Says:

    „Die Sinfonie der Großstadt“ is one of my favourite movies. Can´t wait to see this new one…

  7. Bruno Says:

    Symphony Of Now – Ja, bitte!

  8. Sanne Says:

    Yaaaaay I would really like to win the tickets!
    <3 your articles and interesting content about this vibrant city!

  9. Bene Says:

    I’d like to win the tickets!

  10. Shauna Kehoe Says:

    Sweet post as always and sweet raffle!

    I’m giving a talk based on my PhD research that day so to celebrate later on with a wee movie would be ace! Although..I’d have to find a date..And I’m terrible at finding dates..Are you possibly raffling off a dark, tall, and handsome Berliner with those tickets by chance?..

  11. Stefanie Says:

    here here here please 🙂

  12. Ga Says:

    Here is my comment! Thanks for tip anyway if I don’t win the tickets, Symphony of Now looks über interesting:)

  13. Marina Says:

    Would love to go 🙂

  14. Meg Says:

    Sounds great! :p

  15. Marlene Says:

    Yes yes yes

  16. Florian Schuster Says:

    Ich hätte gern 2 Tickets für symphony of now.

  17. Jonas Says:

    Would be absolutely fantastic to see Symphony of Now, well,…Now?

  18. Laure Says:

    Really cool project to see the real beauty of Berlin. Very interesting art project! would love to see the movie 🙂

  19. Lisa Simone Says:

    So cool!

  20. Nicole Says:

    Wow so exciting! I love all these films.

  21. Nia Says:

    Great selection of films. B-movie is other that can be in the list.
    Hope to get the tickes! : )
    Thanks for the opportunity, guys!

  22. Nadia Says:

    Thank you for this article & the daily input of @iheartberlin team ❤️

  23. Eeva Says:

    What is the best sound of Berlin?

  24. Yulia Says:

    I would love to support my husband who writes his thesis now and take him out for couple hours.

  25. Malgorzata Says:

    I leave a comment 😉

  26. Jonathan Says:

    I would love to see it ! It would be really awesome !

  27. Marcin Says:

    I have to win!

  28. Valeryia Says:

    Choose me!!! 😉

  29. Audrey Says:

    Really wish I can go. The last time I’ve seen a movie was before I gave birth. My kid is now 7months, this would be a perfect movie to go back to the 7th art. Love

  30. Nerea Says:

    Please! I always wanted to watch the original one, it would be awesome if I can watch the new one at least!!

  31. Velizara Says:

    Sounds interesing, would love to see it

  32. arianna Says:


  33. Kiki Says:

    ‚Sounds‘ like a lot of fun! 😅

  34. Emery Says:

    Please for the love of Berlin ! 😅

  35. Maxel F Says:

    Hope to get the chance to see and HEAR this masterpiece with Âme’s mastermind and many more!
    PS: Great collection of movies, iHeart! My weekend will be spend digging into those, I haven’t seen yet.

  36. Morta Kaz Says:

    I would love to see the movie!

  37. Nicola El-Labany Says:

    Would LOVE to see this. I have just moved to Berlin, so I would love to take one of my new friends

    🙂 x

  38. K Says:

    hear the sound on screen yes yes 😉

  39. Diana Says:

    yes please <3

  40. Dario Says:

    The sound of Berlin

  41. Sonja Says:

    I would love to go!

  42. Caroline Says:

    I would love to have the chance to go!

  43. Marika Aviva Pradler Says:

    Symphony of now! Feeling it already

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