Ein Düsteres Puppenspiel vom Staatsballett Berlin

Ein Düsteres Puppenspiel vom Staatsballett Berlin


Normalerweise denkt man bei Ballett an sehr familienfreundliche Vorstellungen mit pinken Tütüs und Nussknackerzauber. Das trifft alles gar nicht auf die neuste Trilogie vom Staatsballett zu. Bei Dodas, Goeckes und Duatos Choreographien scheinen die Tänzer von bösen Flüchen befallen ihre Körper aufzugeben und sich in Märchen aus einem schwarzen Buch wiederzufinden. Kein Wunder also, das Kinder erst ab 12 Jahren in die Komische Oper gelassen werden.

Wir verlosen für diesen einzigartigen Abend düsterer Ballettkunst 2×2 Tickets. Wie man gewinnen kann, erfahrt ihr im englischen Teil des Artikels.

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on Mai 25th, 2018
updated on Mai 27th, 2018
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  1. Regina Says:

    Wow… sounds great! I‘d really love to win those tickets!

  2. Natasha Says:

    This looks great, we are all puppets to a certain system!

  3. Anna Says:

    That show looks amazing, I’d love to get a chance to see it!!

  4. Lorenz Says:

    Wahouuu!! Looks so nice! 🕺🏻💃🏻🕺🏻💃🏻🕺🏻💃🏻

  5. Ivana Says:

    Looks amazing, i would love a chance to see it 😊

  6. Silvia Says:

    Yaaasss! So much beauty 🖤

  7. Agata Says:

    I would love to see it.

  8. Yulia Says:

    Woa looks so good. Would love to Ein These tickets, im a huge ballet fan but still havent made it to watch some in Berlin.

  9. Hung Says:

    Would love to see the show!

  10. Delphine Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Can’t wait to see it

  11. Ece Says:

    I saw a ballett show only once while I was a student in the university and it was not in Germany. Some years after graduation, it would be so nice to see this amazing ballett show.

  12. Melody Says:

    This looks amazing, I’d love to get to see the show and bring my best friend visiting from the States!!

  13. Demy Says:

    Must be so beautiful!!! I really wish to win the tickets 🙂

  14. Lucy Says:

    Sounds so interesting! Would love to win tickets to see the show 🙂

  15. Steff Zeuner Says:

    The puppet player theme fascinates me for a long time. Seeing the pictures here is awesome, I love the bizarre beauty of it. I would really like to be there on Sunday <3

  16. Camilla Says:

    I would love to see more movement then just those pretty gifs 😉
    Since this piece looks amazing!

  17. Lan Says:

    thanks for the recommendation, hope to get tickets

  18. Lan Says:

    love too see this

  19. Ana Says:

    That’s a perfect way to spend rhe weekend! Would be awesome to win the tickets 💃🏻

  20. Carmen Says:

    That would be amazing 🙂

  21. Khaled Says:

    Wow! Looks awesome, would be happy to have a chance to see this!

  22. Sara Nowar Says:

    Seems super interesting!! Would love to see the performance!

  23. Carise Says:

    Wow, that’s amazing and I’d love to win the tickets to see it!

  24. Julia Says:

    OMG!!! Looks breathtaking and I would be honored to go!

  25. Hanna Funk Says:

    I´m very curious about these themes

  26. Lena Says:

    I’d love to win these tickets in order to see the puppets on the strings! It looks like a super interesting interpretation of modern Ballett that I would be more than happy to watch.

  27. Olga Says:

    Sounds and looks great, I’d love to experience this!

  28. Alex Says:

    E Pur si Muove

  29. Tina Says:

    I have always loved ballet and was considering to look for performances in Berlin. This particular one seems to be beyond special: dark, twisted, vulnerable and intense. Just like Berlin. I would love to experience it in person!

  30. Francesco Says:

    It looks amazing! I’d love to see it! 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

  31. Francesco Says:

    Wow! It looks amazing! I’d love to see that! 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️👯‍♀️

  32. Alexander Says:

    This looks really amazing! Would love to surprise my boyfriend with the tickets. He loves modern performances just as much as i do. 🙂

  33. Mariona Says:

    I would love to see the ballet!

  34. Paul Hilgedieck Says:

    Oh I wish I would win, it looks spectecular, I definately would love to go.
    I also want everybody else to win thow, to get a chance to see it. 😊
    Good look to everybody 😊🍀✌️

  35. Gözde Says:

    I would be delighted to see this magical show!

  36. Natalia Says:

    Awesome. Would love to go!

  37. Brigitte Says:

    This looks amazing! Fingers crossed for the tickets

  38. Marcin Says:

    Carpe Diem!

  39. Constantina Says:

    😍 😍😍 love it ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Patricia Asunja Says:

    It has been very long since I went to the Ballet and would very much like to see a performance again. I would only need one ticket, as I do not know anyone of my buddies who likes Ballet. 🙂

  41. Shailyn Shah Says:

    Looks amazing! Would love to go there!

  42. Lisa Says:

    I love this! Iheartberlin always makes me discover new events and parts of the city. I would love to win tickets too see this piece.

  43. Lisa Says:

    Amazing ! Would love to see this!

  44. Rita Says:

    I LOVE the ballet amd I absolutely must see this piece!!! I would be so thrilled to win these tickets 🙂 🙂

  45. ebaa eltamami Says:

    Intriguing description of the piece, beautiful photography. Looking fwd to it.

  46. Sof Says:

    best plans for the weekend 😉

  47. Ilka Says:


  48. Laura Says:

    I wrote in a novel I’m working on exactly the same scene, of dancers and actors hanging on strings, so incredible!! Would love to go

  49. Anna Says:

    What incredible piece of art, would love to experience it live!! 🤗😊

  50. Oliver Says:

    I’ve been in Berlin 5 years and I still haven’t seen the staatsballet perform. Now it’s the time I think!! Fingers crossed…

  51. Elizabeth Richey Says:

    I would love to see this! I hope I win!!!

  52. Lena Says:

    yesss!! i am a dancer myself and saw a couple of their shows but a while ago. would love to see how they are developing now!

  53. Martina nyvlt Says:

    I would love to see this extraordinary piece of contemporary art!!

  54. Rebecca Says:

    I would absolutely love to see this Staatballet! The pieces by the different choreographers look incredible and all so different, and watching the mastery of these ballet dancers in person would be breathtaking!

  55. Janina Says:

    „so findet sich auch, wenn die Erkenntnis gleichsam durch ein Unendliches gegangen ist, die Grazie wieder ein; so, dass sie, zu gleicher Zeit, in demjenigen menschlichen Körperbau am reinsten erscheint, der entweder gar keins, oder ein unendliches Bewusstsein hat, d. h. in dem Gliedermann, oder in dem Gott.“

  56. Andreas Says:

    Thanks for the review, would love to see this

  57. Wendy Says:

    How wonderful, this looks amazing!

  58. Greta Says:

    I have never seen a ballet before and this one looks stunning so would would be a great way to start!

  59. Kala Says:

    Yes please!

  60. Olga B Says:

    It looks awesome!!

  61. Irene Says:

    I will certainly see the show! It would be a blast to have had won the tickets!

  62. Mariona Says:

    This looks amazing!!! I’d love to see it pleeeeasseeee universe send some luck my way! 🙂

  63. Vesna Says:

    wow! always loved ballet but this seems something totaly cool!
    would looooove to see it!

  64. Tea zugec Says:

    Sounds amazing to watch!
    Hope to win the tickets!!! 🙂

  65. Esther R. Says:

    I would love to see this tomorrow! Please let me win haha ❤

  66. Stephanie Says:

    So much inspiration! #want

  67. Mike Says:

    Beautiful, I’d love to see this! 🙂

  68. Stella Says:

    I’d love to go!!!!

  69. Erika Says:

    Would be great to see the show!

  70. Erika S Says:

    Looks great, would love to see it!

  71. Alice Says:

    It’s look so amazing ! I would love to see more, it will be a beautiful sunday.
    Thank you for sharing nice ideas !!

  72. Iván Says:

    I love Nacho Duato and all the work I’ve seen of him in Berlin. Truly remarkable. Congrats!

  73. Momo Says:

    I’d love to go there!!!!

  74. Caroline Says:

    Me please! Tomorrow’s my birthday ❤️

  75. Cecilia Kruszynski Says:

    Wow! This seems amazing! I want to go!!!!

  76. Lucas Bernal Says:

    Such an inspiring description and photography, I’d love to be on it!

  77. dilara Says:

    very inspirational! would love to see! <3

  78. Manon Lescaut Says:

    Wow. This looks amazing! I would love to see this piece of art.

  79. Alina Says:

    I have seen a lot classical baletts. But this sounds pretty gorgeous too!

  80. Ringo Says:

    that would be a nice evening after raving against the „Afd“ … and also some inspiration for the next Sunday @ Berghain;-)

  81. Sibyl Says:

    It looks incredible! I would be so grateful tof win a ticket!

  82. francesca Says:

    whao..the dark side of the ballet!! i really wanna see it!

  83. Sophia Stern Says:

    This looks really exciting!! I would be thrilled to go see this!

  84. Ali Says:

    I have to see it for getting new inspiration for my dance style in berghain

  85. Cassandra Says:

    This looks lovely! I would love to go!

  86. Kilian Says:

    Looks really interesting. Would like to see it with my own eyes

  87. Kilian Says:

    Looks really interesting, would like to see it with my own eyes

  88. Marcus Says:

    Good luck to me 🙂

  89. Tiziana Says:

    My Mom was a ballet dancer & I would be trouly happy to surprise her with this show!

  90. Clara Says:

    It reads and looks spectacular! I would love to experience it by myself! 💖

  91. Jorge Says:

    Wow! I really would like to win one of the
    Tickets!!! I love dance.

  92. Isabel Says:

    Never been to a Show of staatsballett Berlin! would be a big pleasure to start with that one!

  93. Ina* Says:

    Love, love, love it! ❤️
    And would love to win 2 Tickets, too!

  94. Peter Says:

    Never been there before … 🤞🏼

  95. Antoniya Ivanova Says:

    It looks amazing and so inspiring! I would love to see it! Keeping fingers crossed!

  96. lil Says:

    wow, would love to experience the show! xx

  97. inga Says:

    …would love to win and go to see this!

  98. ilil Says:

    amazing! I would love to win 2 tickets!

  99. Peta Says:

    After having just seen the ballet in Russia I never thought I would be so excited to go to the Ballet in Berlin. From these photos and gifs: this looks like an incredible artistic experience that can’t be mussed. Help a poor student out to see a ballet that matches her slightly dark personality 😛

  100. Alice Talkington Says:

    I thought about going to see the premiere of the triple bill but wanted to read some reviews first. I would love to take my house guest from the States to see this performance! I am a former dancer who is unfamiliar with the work of Dodas. I like Nacho’s work. My Pilates teacher knows him actually. Thanks for sharing.

  101. natalia Says:

    wooow, I’m in, wanna go! looks fantastic.

  102. yve Says:

    my sis anke and i would love to see it…
    #sistersouting #iheartfrank

  103. Leonie Olivia Says:

    Fan of Goecke after seeing Nijinski at Berliner Festspiele. As a poor recent graduate, I’d would love to win these tickets!

  104. Roy Says:

    Great text and seems like a fascinating show

  105. Marc Says:

    Dance the pain away.

  106. natalie caldarola Says:

    ❤️would love to see this❤️

  107. Siham Says:

    Gathering my karma points to win those tickets

  108. Gabriel Says:

    I want to take my girl to see this!

  109. Gabriel Says:

    I want to take my girl to see this

  110. Luana Says:

    Dance always affect me. I have been growing looking dance performance, because my beautiful sister, she dedicates always her life of this wonderful art. I love dance, dance is like poem, you can like or like not, but if the performer act deeply his role, he/she will leave a trace on your heart forever.

  111. Daniela Says:

    This looks incredible! I’ve never seen pieces by Doda or Goecke and would love to 😬😍

  112. Hugh Says:

    Sieht super aus! Würde gern die Karten winnen!

  113. Eva Says:

    It’s midnight, time for a dance.