Wie man in Berlin verliebt bleibt

Foto: Mike Kotsch

Alle Beziehungen sind mit harter Arbeit verbunden. Auch deine Beziehung mit Berlin dreht sich nicht nur ums Tanzen und Glitter. Vielleicht bist du müde oder enttäuscht, sehnst dich nach den Zeiten, als Berlin noch eine völlig unentdeckte Insel war. Ich manchmal auch. Wie ich damit umgehe, liest ihr im englischen Teil.

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on Februar 28th, 2018
updated on Februar 28th, 2018
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5 Responses to “Wie man in Berlin verliebt bleibt”

  1. Seána Kehoe Says:

    I’ve been entirely smitten for over a year now..before I moved here I started a small ‚one second a day‘ project which documented my move (I think I did it for a month or two):

    and recently myself and a few Irish folks that flew over for the project continued my ‚day in the life‘ and madeit into a music video:

    Berlin has been wunderbar!

  2. Alex Says:

    I’ve never understood people who romanticize Berlin. It’s an amazing city but it’s also just a place where normal people work and live. Just because you move to Berlin, doesn’t make you „cool“ or change you. I’m from New York City originally and it sort of reminds me of how people wax poetic about New York who move there from the Midwest while the locals just roll their eyes.

    I have friends who were born and raised in Berlin who get sort of confused by how expats talk about it. There is a certain point when a city gets branded too much as being „cool,“ that it is no longer cool. It’s what happened to Brooklyn and I see the same happening in Berlin. Just live! It’s a city like any other and life is life. There are boring days and fun days. It’s a bit odd to treat a city as if it’s just a playground for fun.

  3. Frank Says:

    If we would write our stories with this attitude the blog would be pretty depressing.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Best answer Frank

  5. Camille Everaert Says:

    Omg totally loving your answer Frank ! 🙂

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