Interior design platform MADE.com has a heart for young designers – just like we do! With their TalentLAB program, they offer their platform for upcoming product designers to present their amazing ideas. Designers from all over the world can submit their products and MADE.com will curate the best products into little collections of furniture and home accessories. People can then pledge for their favorite designs with a small deposit in a way similar to crowd-funding which secures them a special early bird price. Those products that reach their pledge goal will actually get produced by MADE.com. For those who pledged for one product that did not reach its goal, they will get a refund.

In their Berlin showroom, MADE.com is showcasing some of the TalentLAB designs that will get produced so that everyone gets a chance to get a preview of the final product. A current highlight of the latest collection titled “Ready-to-Work” is the glamorous copper Lumo Table Lamp by Emma Norlén from Hanau. Her design was actually the first one that reached its pledge goal in the new collection. Others that made it are for example a really cool side bench by Gaetano Avitabile from Italy, a beautiful brass watering can by Aaron Colfer from the UK, and a cute storage shelf by Ateliers Bah from France.

photos: MADE.com

During their second TalentLAB launch event that took place in their showroom, Judith Evans from MADE.com and Anna Ostrowski from Showroom.de invited guests to a panel talk hosted by Jörg Ehrlich (Fashion Council Germany, Odeeh, Meissen). Together with TalendLAB designer Emma Norlén and fashion designer Antonia Maedel from Rudolf Vienna they talked about the work and prospects of young product and fashion designers today and how established brands can be a part of their success stories in sustainable and mutually beneficial ways.

Our dear colleague Olga Khristolyubova took some impressions for us during the event that will give you a glimpse into the MADE.com showroom and the world of their TalentLAB. Make sure to pay the showroom at Friedrichstr. 224 a visit to see the design up close! We are already looking forward to the third collection of the TalentLAB that will go live end of November for voting.

photos: Olga Khristolyubova

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on October 18th, 2018
in Design, Events