Germans are famous for their grumpiness – and sometimes it feels like the new expats are adapting it quicker than they would admit themselves. While gentrification is a real issue, we cannot stay entirely focused on that, because that leaves us with no time to support new initiatives with the potential to have a really positive impact on our city. Today, we are presenting 5 such ideas from the minds of our local visionaries – the future may not be as dim as you’ve thought!

Radbahn Berlin – the Bike Highway under the U1

One could say that the Berlin community as a whole is divided into two groups: those riding bikes and those fearing for their lives and doing their best to stay out of the bike lane. It would seem like the priorities of these two groups are irreconcilable, and yet – once this new project becomes reality, it will make life easier for everyone.

The idea behind the Radbahn is the creation of a highway for bikes along the elevated subway line U1. This stretch of land has extreme potential – it covers the very diverse, vibrant route between Zoologischer Garten and Warschauer Straße and, for most of its length, has a roof thanks to the elevated U-Bahn line above it. And yet today it is mostly underdeveloped, nearly forgotten – providing the city merely with some parking spaces.

Finally, taking into account the fact that more and more Berliners abstain from owning a car, turning this currently slightly forgotten area into an environment-friendly commute alternative that will contribute to improving safety and promoting healthy habits is something one just can’t help but support.

photo: Reindeer Renderings

Flussbad Berlin – Splashing in the Spree

The innovative minds behind the Flussbad project acknowledge the fact that right now, the historical center of Berlin is way more of an enticement for tourists than for the city’s inhabitants and they want to change that by introducing a leisure activity that you could have only dreamed of so far.

The section of Spree between the Humboldt Forum and the Bode Museum will be cleaned using a natural plant filter and all you eager Berliners will be able to take a plunge, admiring the stunning architecture of the Museum Island from quite another perspective.

The project will change our relationship with the Spree and water resources for the better: it will revitalize the waterway that was once vital for Berlin’s urban development, enable more animals and plants to inhabit the area, and maybe even put Mitte back on your weekend agenda!

photo: Perspective James-Simon-Galerie (2016 realities:united/Flussbad Berlin e.V.)

Museum der Moderne

Good news for all art lovers out there! Berlin is planning to open a new huge museum specifically devoted to the art from the 20th century. The actual location will most likely be in the vicinity of the Kulturforum. The construction works are said to be starting in the foreseeable future.

Once they do – we’ll all be in for a treat. The future Museum der Moderne will be working together with the Neue Nationalgalerie, finally providing the space for many artworks that currently don’t fit on the display. Apart from those, the new Museum will also become home to many artworks from private collections. You can find out more here.

photo: © Herzog & de Meuron, Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten

Back to the Spreepark

Chances are you’ve heard of Spreepark – the eerie images of the abandoned amusement park that was opened in 1969 with the huge Ferris wheel and decaying roller coasters can come back as a setting for some pretty bizarre nightmares.

Ever since its closing in 2002,  Spreepark has been the most popular destination among the thrill-seeking explorers of bygone locations. But over time, the access has been getting more difficult.

The current state of affairs suggests that after debates with the representatives of the Berlin community, it was finally decided the Spreepark would be developed into a recreational park without tearing down the existing installations, some of which have meanwhile become quite recognizable – like the famous Ferris wheel.

photo: Team Latz + Partner / die-grille, 2017, Copyright: Grün Berlin GmbH.

Haus der Statistik

Maybe you haven’t heard the name, but you must have seen the building – it’s this huge GDR relict on Alex that has stood empty for the last 10 years.

That’s about to change soon – the former ”House of Statistics” will get a brand new purpose – actually more than one, if the current prognosis is to be believed.

The today desolate building is supposed to be developed into a center designed for art, residential, social and administrative purposes. If the rent turns out to be relatively affordable, the former Haus der Statistik can really turn into a vibrant melting pot for Berlin’s creatives across many different fields.

photoPascal Volk/ cc


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on June 19th, 2018
updated on June 20th, 2018
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