Berlin Art: An Interview with Pola Sieverding


Some might call her art grotesque, others will call it majestic. In any case the artworks of the Berlin-based artist Pola Sieverding is one of a kind. Reflecting multiple aspects of masculinity her videos and photographs called our attention and made us curious for more. Therefore we connected with her to learn more about her vision and her artistic approach. Read the full interview and enjoy her sexual and sometimes revolting artwork.

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on December 19th, 2014
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Friends with Books – A Different Kind of Book Fair

doppel edition eosmin

Doppell Edition – Eosmin

Are you friends with books? Do you have friends with books? By books I don’t mean Kafka, Harry Potter or Steven King. I’m talking about really special books with artsy content to contemplate about and wonder. Books that look really cool in any place inside of your apartment. Books that will inspire you to create collages. Books that will make you chuckle but you don’t know why. Books that will make your imagination go bananas, like in a Wes Anderson film. Books that when you by one only you and maybe 3-4 other really cool people will own. Welcome to the world of art book publishing.

Friends with Books is a new book fair dedicated to exactly these wonderful types of books. It will happen for the first time this weekend a Cafe Moskau. Not only will you be able to flip through and purchase the art books of over 100 artists and publishers from all over the world, you will also be able to join discussions, readings, book signings and performances, one of them being the live creation of the next edition of Messy Sky Magazine happening during the time of the book fair. After the jump we have selected some of the most interesting looking books from the Berlin-based participating publishers, along with the details about the fair.

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on December 10th, 2014
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Architectural Hypnosis – Berlin Photography from Markus Studtmann


Photo: Markus Studtmann

Berlins rough and urban architecture is not always appreciated as it should be. Sometimes you need a photographer and photoshop artist to refocus your perspective on the visual highlights Berlins facades have to offer. Markus Studtmann creates magical hypnotic photographies that reminds artwork from M.C.Escher. Watching the spiraling staircases, waving windows and infinite houses too long can cause a bit of a headache. Still you should enjoy this little photoshop masterpieces rethinking the boundaries of space and creating new architectural dimensions. More pictures after the jump.

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on November 18th, 2014
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GIF-Love: Berlin in Motion by Erdal Inci


Maybe some of you remember our first curated exhibition with animated Gifs called GIF.ME.BERLIN. Not just since then we were big fans of animated GIFs and can’t have enough of them. So it is probably no surprise for you that we want to share with you this nice discovery. The Turkish artist Erdal Inci creates interesting video art with looping effects. On his Tumblr you can look at some of his artwork transformed into a GIFs. Recently he payed a little visit to Berlin and used our beloved city as a frame work for some new art. The results, moving phantoms all over Berlin, are quite impressive. After the jump we have some of his looping GIF magic for you.
UPDATE: Inci just released a wonderful GIF from the Lichtgrenze-Celebrations you have to check out.

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on November 8th, 2014
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The Magical Berlin Illustrations of Cosimo Miorelli

passante CosimoMiorelli

Especially in Autumn, Berlin has this magical dreamy feeling. You realize the city is going into hibernation for the next months and somehow everything slows visibly down and becomes obscure, dark and mysterious. Apparently I am not the only one with this vision. Berlin-based visual artist, illustrator and live performer Cosimo Miorelli shows Berlin’s dark and mystical side. In his illustrations and comic books Berlin reminds me more of Gotham City mixed with the Wonderland of Alice and a novel of Edgar Alan Poe.  The results are dark and dense illustrations with iconic Berlin buildings surrounded by magical creatures like flying whales or lonely city foxes in search for some human warmth.

From November 6-12 his art will be on display at the HB55 Kunstfabrik gallery. Tonight he will also perform a special live painting set with techno music called Der Träumer at 21h. After the jump some of his artworks and a trailer of his live sets.

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on November 7th, 2014
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A “Well-Constructed” Exhibition – Korean Photography in Berlin


photo: AANDO FINE ART, Osang Gwon

Ever since I can remember I have been intrigued with contemporary photography and fascinated by the possibility of stories being captured in a single image. That explains not only why the European Month of Photography, happening right now in Berlin, is my favorite time of the year but also why I’m so excited to share with you an upcoming exhibition entitled Well-Constructed. Embracing the current burst of South Korean culture and photography, the gallery space AANDO FINE ART in Mitte is bringing 5 internationally renowned Korean photographers to Berlin.

The group show investigates ideas of construction and perception manipulation whereby artists stage scenes of reality to create a conceptual narrative on their own. Expanding the possibilities of photography, artists Hongchun Park, KDK, Osang Gwon, Hyungmin Moon and Seungwoo Back are all on board, seeking to describe human experience and question primary visual perception. Among my favorites is Osang Gwon, who composes three-dimensional sculptures out of multiple two-dimensional images. Stunning, aren’t they? Take a minute to look through their works after the jump, before saving the vernissage date (November 07, 2014) in your calendar.

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on October 27th, 2014
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Reif – An Exhibition of the Weißensee Graduates 2014

Reif – An Exhibition of the Weißensee Graduates 2014

After all the different fashion graduates shows of last week we are now moving onward to the work of the art students. This past weekend several universaties and schools had open doors to exhibit the work of their students and graduates. The Kunsthochschule Weißensee opened their graduates exhibition on Friday at the Kühlhaus at Gleisdreieck (those fashion experts amongst you know this place from SEEK). The exhibition titled Reif is still going on until the end of the week with a few special events on the weekend and you should definately check it out as there is some great art to be seen. For me personally I liked it better the higher I went in the building. They actually use the entire space, all 5 floors and the backyard so there is a lot to discover and the art ranges from sculpture, installation, film, photography and painting. My absolute favorite was the toy man by Aimo Gräven which you can see in the detail shot above. Enjoy more impressions after the jump on 2 pages.

Frank by Frank
on July 22nd, 2014
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Hotspot for Contemporary Art: Luxembourg

Hotspot for Contemporary Art: Luxembourg

Lee Bul at Mudam

Luxembourg was never really on my radar when speaking about fancy art travel destinations. But as we attended the opening of the Luxembourg Design City Biennale we had to re-adjust our mindset about the small state between Germany and France. We spend a couple of wonderful days and enjoyed not only high class contemporary art at one of the most beautiful museums of the world, the Mudam, but also indulged in delicious food and breath-taking panoramas. Since Luxembourg is just a one hour flight away from Berlin it is the perfect weekend escape. After the jump you find our little art and travel guide with our favourite spots in town.

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on June 11th, 2014
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The 8 of Paths – Art in Beijing

The 8 of Paths – Art in Beijing

Contemporary art from China is almost only known under the prominent name of Ai Weiwei. Obviously such a huge country has far more creative talent than only one single individual, even though being an artist in China is probably not the easiest job to pursue due to the dictatorial regime.

One interesting opportunity to discover new talents from China is the current exhibition The 8 of Paths which showcases a generation of artists who have gained new possibilities and new freedoms to express themselves. Presenting 23 positions by young artists living in Beijing the goal of the exhibition is to promote China as a vibrant and artistic country. Even though this goal leaves some question marks inside my head, I really enjoyed visiting the exhibition at the Uferhallen in Wedding. The artworks are very diverse and showed me really interesting cultural insights into Chinese society and their art world. The exhibition runs until July 13th 2014 and every Wednesday they are also showing cinema screenings at 19h. My photographic impressions and the address and times after the jump.

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on June 5th, 2014
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10th Anniversary of Pictoplasma – A Decade of Character Love


illustration: Beck O’Brien

Since we love all things cute and colorful we were enthusiasts of Pictoplasma from its first events on. During the past decade the Pictoplasma project has hosted, encouraged and pushed forward a unique, playful and amazing portfolio of visual artists. To celebrate the 10th anniversary edition the festival for character design starts with the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery at Kaufhaus Jandorf, an exhibition presenting original works by the 100 artists who have most influenced the festival in the past (open from May 1 to May 11). Just like in the past years you can wander around town and plunge into the Character Walk enjoying  numerous exhibitions by emerging and established artists. The freshly graduated alumni of the first Pictoplasma Academy, held in October 2013, will present their works at Urban Spree. On three nights the Babylon Mitte brings unique animations to the big screen and on Saturday night everything culminates in the inevitable Big Birthday Party at Urban Spree. Plenty of opportunities to discover your playful side and celebrates creativity and fantasy. More pictures of what you can expect after the jump.

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on April 29th, 2014
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