Exploring Berlin Places with Jan Blomqvist & Antony Morato

Exploring Berlin Places with Jan Blomqvist & Antony Morato

Berlin is known worldwide for being home to one of the most influental and thriving scenes for electronic music and club culture. Countless musicians and DJs are based here and are successful with their productions and in the clubs, not just here in Berlin but also all over the world, often with the “Made in Berlin” seal of approval.

Jan Blomqvist is one of the young talents of Berlin’s electronic music scene that managed to stick out of the masses and within only a few years he gained a huge fanbase that reaches far beyond the city limits. He grew up with the success of legendary clubs such as Bar25 and its follow-up Kater Holzig. Now he plays in the most popular clubs in the world and at big festivals. His music is a clever fusion of melodic electro-pop, deep house and minimal techno – a combination that melted the hearts of many club goers and music lovers. His last EP was released back in July and features his summer hit Time Again which is one of his most impressive tracks to date.

We visited Jan in his studio on a lovely Autumn day and talked with him about his music and his relationship to Berlin before we went with him to explore some of his favorite places in the city. Enjoy our interview and exclusive photo series with Jan Blomqvist after the jump. We would like to give a warm thank you to Italien menswear label Antony Morato who supplied us with oufits for the photo shooting and inspired us with its #antonymoratoplaces focused on creative European cities. Enjoy the perspective on our city through the eyes of one its most promising musicians

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Listening to Music with Niconé

Nicone Interview

Since 2007 Niconé brings together urban club and fashion culture. Alexander Gerlach and Helena Kapidzic combine passion, style, elegance and humor. The music has become synonymous with a versatile vision of contemporary house music that isn’t afraid to surprise as being mature and playful in equal measures. In 2011 Niconé released the Romantic Thrills album together with his good friend and constant partner in crime Sascha Braemer. Now, two years later, Niconé is presenting the first full-length solo album, Let Love Begin, on Stil vor Talent.

In our interview with Niconé we talked about music by Blümchen, Casper, Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell, Lorde, Snoop Dogg, Village People and Mano Le Tough.

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Interview: Listening to Music with Booka Shade

Booka Shade

There is no need to introduce Booka Shade. The Berlin-based duo is one of the world’s most successful acts in electronic music. Most of the time, Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger are touring almost non-stop: in Germany and Europe, in South and North America, in Australia and Asia. Nevertheless they have found time to produce their fifth album Eve which was published just recently. It contains 12 songs and features collaborations with Fritz Helder (Azari & III), Groove Armada’s Andy Cato and Fritz Kalkbrenner.

In our interview with Booka Shade we talked about music by Yello, New Order, The Cure and dOP. More after the jump.

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Interview: Listening to Music with Eric Pfeil

Eric Pfeil

Eric Pfeil was the man behind legendary German music TV shows such as „Fast Forward“ featuring Charlotte Roche or „Sarah Kuttner Show“. After a while he got tired of television and started to work for FAZ, where he wrote a diary about Pop music. In 2010 he published a book called Komm, wir werfen ein Schlagzeug in den Schnee at Kiepenheuer & Witsch. Now he released his first album Ich hab mir noch nie viel aus dem Tag gemacht. The music is a combination of Italian Pop, Jonathan Richman, Kevin Ayers and Lloyd Cole.

In our interview with Eric Pfeil we talked about music by Flaming Lips, Bruce Springsteen, Ja, Panik and Raffaella Carra.

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Interview: Listening to music with Super Flu

Super Flu

“Feel-good Tech-House” – this is how the press text describes Super Flu . And that is just what their music is about as anyone who has seen them performing can confirm. In the end of October Super Flu released their second album Halle Saale (named after their home town). In our interview we talked to Super Flu about music by Blümchen, Cocorosie, David Bowie & Queen and Whirlpool Productions. More after the jump.

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Interview: Listening to Music with Ladi6

ladi6_pressefoto_2 Robin Smith!

photo: Robin Smith

Germans love to travel. In fact, they are known to be “Reiseweltmeister”, the world champions of travelling (maybe because Germany is so boring?). With people under the age of 30, there seems to be one country which is extremely popular: New Zealand. When I was there, I could hear people speaking German in literally every hostel I stayed at. Everywhere I met 19-year-olds on a trip after their “Abitur”. For a good reason they picked New Zealand, which actually is one of the most interesting and beautiful countries in the world.

Musically, there is something going on in the country on the other end of the world as well: there is Lorde, Fat Freddy’s Drop – and Ladi6, who is a big star in her home country already. The singer based in Christchurch with Samoan roots combines influences of Soul, Hip Hop, Funk and R&B in her music. Her third album Automatic was published in Germany in August. In our interview we talked about music by The Supremes, Salt N Pepa, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Wu-Tang Clan. More after the jump.

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Interview: Listening to Music with Girls in Hawaii

Girls in Hawaii Simon Vanrie

photo: Simon Vanrie

Frankly, I don’t know much about music from Belgium. Which is a pity. Obviously there seems to be really interesting stuff going on: There is BRNS for instance, an exceptional indie band from Brussels that I interviewed two weeks ago. Today, I am going to introduce you to another fantastic Belgian indie band (just in case you don’t know them already): Girls in Hawaii. In their home country they are already really popular. Now their album Everest has recently been published.

In our interview we talked to Antoine and Daniel about music by Pixies, Pavement, Johnny Cash, Nancy Sinatra and Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave.

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Interview: Listening to music with BRNS


photo: Julie Calbert

“From the medieval and postmodern corners of Brussels come BRNS, a mesmerizing experiment in dusk, dance, and the fullness of sound. Like the dark-yet-vibrant images of Brussels’ artist Yardz, this quartet of talented multi-instrumentalists weaves together tunes that are mystical, moody and insatiably catchy.”

This is how the Fusion announced the performance of BRNS at this year’s festival. There is nothing to add to that. On the occasion of the release of their album Wounded a few weeks ago, we talked about music by Animal Collective, Wu Lyf, Huey Lewis & The News, Sepultura and Beastie Boys.

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on September 20th, 2013
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Interview: Listening to Music with Heathers

Heathers Band

The band HEATHERS consists of twin sisters Ellie and Louise Macnamara. In their home country Ireland the pop folk duo is already a star. Now, there album Kingdom was also released in Germany. In our interview with Ellie and Louise we have talked about music by Simon & Garfunkal, Florence and the machine, Elliot Smith and Leonard Cohen. More after the jump.

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Interview: Listening to Music with In The Valley Below

In the valley below Interview

photo: Eddie Chacone

The name “Los Angeles” evokes certain associations. Indie music is maybe not something you would think of first, even though there are a couple of great bands based in the Californian city – In The Valley Below for instance, which were a part of my personal summer soundtrack. In our interview talked about music by Phil Collins, Tokio Hotel, Robin Thicke, Depeche Mode, Guns N’ Roses and Chopin.

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