Abstract Views of Berlin – Jan Herdlicka


One of the photographers of our recent WE ARE BERLIN exhibition has just announced the release of his new book which will come out on December 14th 2014 and we thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about it considering it would make an excellent Christmas gift for every Berlin lover. At our exhibition Jan Herdlicka contributed one work of his subway door series but his book is taking another, more abstract course. He combined all of his more melancholic black and white photos, contrastic scenes of nature with the harsh geometry of subway stations and sky rises. We’ve selected some of his works as a little preview for you to get an impression. With this series he is capturing different architectural landmarks of the city, but layering them on top of each other with other buildings and coulds by multiple exposure thus creating dramatic and sinister looking collages. Enjoy the photo series after the jump.

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on December 2nd, 2014
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Berlin is always there – A Weekend in Deauville

Kristine Thiemann

photo: Kristine Thiemann

The days are getting shorter, it’s cold outside and we are facing at least three months of Berlin winter.

So a few weeks back, I jumped to the opportunity of a little getaway weekend in France. A couple of days in Paris and a few relaxing nights in Deauville near the ocean sounded simply perfect. Little did I know about all the extravaganza the tiny village had in store for me, even a piece of Berlin crossed my path on the nomadic coast…

Lia by Lia
on November 28th, 2014
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Architectural Hypnosis – Berlin Photography from Markus Studtmann


Photo: Markus Studtmann

Berlins rough and urban architecture is not always appreciated as it should be. Sometimes you need a photographer and photoshop artist to refocus your perspective on the visual highlights Berlins facades have to offer. Markus Studtmann creates magical hypnotic photographies that reminds artwork from M.C.Escher. Watching the spiraling staircases, waving windows and infinite houses too long can cause a bit of a headache. Still you should enjoy this little photoshop masterpieces rethinking the boundaries of space and creating new architectural dimensions. More pictures after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on November 18th, 2014
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The Beauty of the Hinterhof

Hinterhof by Marc Gruninger 84

Berlin is maybe one of the coolest, but not necessarily the most beautiful city in the world. Well, at least not at first sight. But if you get to know it a little bit you might find some of its hidden beauty. For American photographer Marc Gruninger it must have been an experience like that. With his photo series Hinterhof he captured a hidden side of Berlin that many of those living here or visiting might never have noticed before. But all you have to do is step into the backyard of your house and look up and you might also find one of these stunning framed views of the sky. Enjoy some examples of his unique series after the jump.

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on November 12th, 2014
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25 Years of the Fall of the Wall: Photography from Now and Then


The commemoration celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall are creating quite the buzz around the city. Apart from the extremely beautiful idea of the light balloon project happening this Sunday, so many side events are also worth your attention. You can find a full list of events over here.

Today we want to focus on one particular exhibition from Yven Augustin. As a 19 year old boy he took pictures of several places around East Berlin. After 25 years he went to the same places and took the same photos again. This time experiment not only shows the changes of a quarter of a century but also the change between a socialist society and a capitalistic one. These images represent a memory for the changes happening in the city. Most of Berlin’s special character is due to the decades of separation.

Now unified and strong city, let’s hope the future will bring not just more gentrification and social injustice but also creative and intelligent solutions to the problems of a modern life in big cities.  I am sure Berlin can set a good example to the world how a city can be a better living place for it’s inhabitants. More photos of Yven Augustin and information about the exhibition after the jump.

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on November 6th, 2014
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Souls in a Box – Creative Berliners in their Homes

Souls in a Box – Creative Berliners in their Homes

Souls in a Box is a super charming portrait series by Italian photographer Alessandra Mannisi who has captured creative Berliners in their very unique homes. “This is a photography and anthropology project that draws insight into people’s lives focusing on their own personal intimate living space. Every box is a collection of memories, dreams, obsessions, hopes and points of view. This is a report about special people and their stories, but also a big window into our contemporary world. The purpose of this project is to show how different spaces can represent people’s personalities, but especially, to explore a contemporary and extraordinary generation from the inside and through many different lives,” explains Alessandra about her series. To complete a full set of 100 Souls in a Box she is still looking for more artists and creative individuals of any nationality, age, social extraction, culture, taste or art stream who have a unique home. If you fit this profile or know someone who does, please contact Alessandra and maybe you can soon be part of this amazing collection! Enjoy some of her photographs of this series after the jump.

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on November 4th, 2014
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Welcome back C|O Berlin


photo: David von Becker

Tonight, Thursday October 30th, starting at 19h is the grand opening of the C/O Berlin in their new venue Amerika Haus. We got a sneak peek yesterday and say: It’s definitely worth a visit. All information about the opening exhibitions and the new venue after the jump.

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on October 30th, 2014
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A “Well-Constructed” Exhibition – Korean Photography in Berlin


photo: AANDO FINE ART, Osang Gwon

Ever since I can remember I have been intrigued with contemporary photography and fascinated by the possibility of stories being captured in a single image. That explains not only why the European Month of Photography, happening right now in Berlin, is my favorite time of the year but also why I’m so excited to share with you an upcoming exhibition entitled Well-Constructed. Embracing the current burst of South Korean culture and photography, the gallery space AANDO FINE ART in Mitte is bringing 5 internationally renowned Korean photographers to Berlin.

The group show investigates ideas of construction and perception manipulation whereby artists stage scenes of reality to create a conceptual narrative on their own. Expanding the possibilities of photography, artists Hongchun Park, KDK, Osang Gwon, Hyungmin Moon and Seungwoo Back are all on board, seeking to describe human experience and question primary visual perception. Among my favorites is Osang Gwon, who composes three-dimensional sculptures out of multiple two-dimensional images. Stunning, aren’t they? Take a minute to look through their works after the jump, before saving the vernissage date (November 07, 2014) in your calendar.

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on October 27th, 2014
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Boys on Bikes in Berlin – A Portrait Series


Photo journalist Guney Cuceloglu used to take portraits of New York City and has proven to have quite the keen eye on how to capture the urban charme of the metropolis on the other side of the Atlantic. Now that he has relocated to Berlin he is faced with a different pace and aesthetic and is eager to explore the city from all its compelling angles. One of his first series of photos that he has been doing here is titled #BikeBerlin and is basically about people and their bikes in their Berlin neighborhoods. We selected our favorites from the series which were the boys of course. Enjoy some boys on bikes in Berlin after the jump and if it gets you into the mood to explore Berlin by bike than check out Claudio’s bike route guide.

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on October 15th, 2014
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WE ARE BERLIN – A Group Exhibition presented by iHeartBerlin

WE ARE BERLIN – A Group Exhibition presented by iHeartBerlin

photo: Katja Hentschel

Berlin is not made of its museums and monuments. It’s not defined by its architecture or geographical features. Berlin is not only about its history or its bad weather. Berlin is not Germany, it’s the entire world in one place. Berlin is made of the diverse, colorful, creative, grumpy, carefree, poor, hard-working, clueless, happy and lost people that live here. We are Berlin.

Today we would like to proudly announce our new group exhibition WE ARE BERLIN that will be open to the public from September 17th til 24th 2014 at a brand new venue at Leipziger Straße 60 with a big exhibition party happing on Saturday, September 20th 2014, in conjunction with our 7th Anniversary Party. The exhibition brings together the works of many of the creative talents that we have featured here and worked with over the past 7 years, as well as contribitions of our fellow bloggers including iGnant, Dandy Diary, Pieces of BerlinFinding Berlin, Paperboats and Pornceptual.  More about it after the jump.

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on September 15th, 2014
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