Berlin is… Alternative


photos: Fredrik Altinell

Of all the big cities in the world, Berlin appears to be somehow mainly one thing: an alternative. Not just another option, an alternative. An alternative to the high-pressure in New York, to the expensive prices in Paris, to the suboptimal living conditions in London. Berlin in itself offers so many alternatives. Every culture has a counter culture here. You have the choice to go along with the mainstream, or to take an alternative route. You have the big Berlinale Film Festival with very few women directors, writers and producers taking part, and than there is the Feminist Film Week. You have all the big theater stages with your typical theater fair, and than there are all these small independent ones showing highly progressive and experimental pieces. You have heaps of conventional night clubs and bars, and you have those where you can appear naked or have sex in the middle of the dance floor.

And of course you have the official Berlin Fashion Week with celebrity craze and commercial labels, with its counter part being the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week that brings young, eccentric and creative designers into the limelight. Exactly this BAFW stands as a perfect example for the parallel worlds inside Berlins fashion scene. I have personally been to both, and I can tell you the audiences they attract couldn’t be further apart from each other. If you don’t believe me, believe your eyes this coming Friday and Saturday when their runway shows dedicated to recycled and avant-garde fashion, respectively, take place.

Frank by Frank
on March 18th, 2016
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Stacked Berlin – The Hidden Beauty of the Plattenbau


photos: Malte Brandenburg

What to do when you miss your hometown? Right – you just take it with you, piece by piece!

I always liked Berlin’s post-war buildings, the so-called “Plattenbau”. I spent my fair share in and around them as a kid when playing with my friends who lived there. I think they are a very interesting part of Berlin – they hold a lot of history, the foundation of what makes Berlin a very special place. And I am happy to see that the city is able to re-create itself, that these buildings might be ugly, but people have started to like them again.

With my photo series “Stacked” I simply wanted to be able to see these buildings next to each other, see how similar they are and how nice they look on a bright and sunny day. And by isolating them, I wanted to touch upon this particular concept of urban life, vertical density instead of horizontal density, and how society around these buildings evolves.

by Guest Author
on March 17th, 2016
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The Secret Imaginary Friends of Berlin


photos: AnaHell

Can a city have imaginary secret friends? Maybe not every city, but Berlin is different in my opinion. Our dear Berlin gets run over by so many kooky inhabitants – why shouldn’t it have some nice imaginary friends to cope with all the mess going on? At least that was the idea of multimedia artist and photographer AnaHell when she came to our beloved city. In her childhood she invented weird but lovely friends to spend her time with and play. Imaginary creatures with little secret stories to live all kind of adventures with. Fortunately for us, AnaHell did not forget about her childhood fantasy and recreated it with the photo series Secret Friends, a playful narration of this story. Documenting a parallel reality of bent-over humans, which form a new creature that share our world but cannot be seen by us ordinary humans. With the Berlin series of Secret Friends she wants to show different aspects of life in a our city, from the clichés to real people in their homes doing what they normally do.

I am totally in love with the concept and the realization of this playful idea. I guess we should all search once in a while after our imaginary secret friends from our childhood. Maybe they are just sitting next to you in the U-Bahn or waiting in line with you at Berghain. What I want to say is that we should be open for the wonder and for the surprise that can come by reactivating our childhood fantasy. Berlin especially is a place that rewards this kind of openness with a charming magic, you won’t find anywhere else. More Secret Friends by AnaHell after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on March 11th, 2016
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Gender as a Spectrum

Gender as a Spectrum Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert 3

photos: Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

Gender, identity and self-expression are very delicate, intimate subjects to address.
The true kaleidoscope of human identities, facets and preferences is as diverse as there are people on this planet. Beyond a world of black and white, there is a whole range of color, which makes life interesting. Yet we all want the same thing: recognition for who we are and what we feel.
And to get said recognition, visibility is crucial.

“Gender concerns anybody and is part of every identity,” says Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, author of the new book ‘Gender as a Spectrum’.

The photographer teamed up with entertainer, artist and Transgender activist Kaey, and portrayed people from Berlin and various places on the planet. All of them are a facet of the kaleidoscope, moving between the polarity of gender. For over two years Ohlert worked on this book with Kaey, capturing people in an authentic, emotional way that is both raw and rare. While Ohlert took the photographs, Kaey interviewed the portrayed people, so the reader gets to know the personalities behind the picture even better, learning about their personal self-concepts, self-definitions, views and wishes.

And maybe the reader starts asking himself these questions, finding answers about himself, or maybe just learning about the people that are all with him on the kaleidoscope of being a person.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on February 25th, 2016
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The Secret Ingredients of Foodporn


photo: Our Food Stories

Fashion changes and beauty fades, but one thing that will always play an important role in our everyday life is food! No surprise that food blogs are on the rise, and my Instagram feed is full of amazing food creators. Yes, food photography, food styling, food art and #foodporn: we just can’t get enough of it. Maybe because pictures of food inspire us in the kitchen, encourage us to change up the menu and discover new, interesting and healthy recipes. It’s something that seems beneficial for our own heart, body and soul.

Becoming a food blogger might seem easy because, well, we all know how to make pancakes and a quiche. But that’s not completely right – there is a big difference between cooking for yourself and cooking for a bigger audience, like for the eyes of a thousand followers. Food blogging is a new form of art, and only true creators of real foodporn know: there is a lot of work and practice behind creating a meal that does not only taste good, but also visually appeals to the world on Facebook and Instagram. We asked three specialists of the German food blog community about their secret ingredients of foodporn. The answers and amazing photos after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on February 4th, 2016
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The New Face Of Fashion: Berlin


photo: Glen Luchford/Gucci

Berlin is famous and loved for its style-less culture, whatever you want to wear, you can wear. There doesn’t need to be a difference between your comfortable home look and your Berghain outfit, but with the Berlin Fashion Week starting today the city is once again about to get busy, trendy and super chic. But it’s not only the Fashion Week that gives our ‘poor fashion city’ some attention from the big names in the industry – Berlin itself has moved into focus and is the secret star of two major fashion campaigns, released last week.

Yes, Gucci and Givenchy both decided to shoot their campaigns for 2016 in different iconic areas of town – using the historic vibe of the 70′s/80′s and the Plattenbau-chic to support their new fashion creations. Berlin is the place to be for music, art, culture and obviously the new face in fashion. Check out the full campaigns after the jump…

Kate by Kate
on January 18th, 2016
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Dangerous Photography: The Berlin Underground

Underground Jeisson Martin

photos: Jeisson Martin

Beauty is everywhere, you just have to know where to look. I guess this also means taking some steps into forbidden territory sometimes.

We already told you a bit about young photographer Jeisson Martin, who is taking his photographs with a certain attitude that could be described as wild and adventurous. And that’s exactly what it is: wild. Jeisson, not afraid to take risks for the ideal shot, is going the extra mile if he has to. And this means he won’t be intimidated by a “No Entry” sign. His photographs revolve around unusual spots and restricted areas of all kinds. There is a metallic beauty about them that is both sharp and soft at the same time. Vibrant, colorful, full of life and yet with a distinguished retraction. We love his shots, so we curated them for our #berlin exhibition some weeks ago.

For his latest coup, the urban explorer took us with him, down the stairs of the Berlin subway for a shoot ‘down under’. Of course these excursions are dangerous and forbidden, so don’t even think about following in his footsteps! Check out the beautiful results and the exciting making-of video that he made for his new YouTube channel #exploreeverything after the jump.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on January 10th, 2016
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From Dusk till Dawn: Berlin by Night


Berlin is often described as grey, dirty and noisy. In some way this is true – it’s the bitter side of the otherwise sweet fruit that is our city. Especially now in Winter the grey of the city can become a bit overwhelming. In this season, it’s the night that brings back color into the city with its many artificial lights. They create a very own atmosphere that can range from mysterious and haunting, to playful, exciting and even romantic.

Berlin-based photographer Alex Niklass has a special focus on the late hours in his work that perfectly captures the spirit of the nights of Berlin. In his photos he shows us places that are quite ordinary during the day, but that come to life in the night and tint the city in its magnificent light. After the jump you can see a couple of our favorite shots from Alex. If you like what you see you can follow his work on his Instagram stream under all.x.

Frank by Frank
on January 4th, 2016
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Inspiring Women in Berlin of 2015

Laura Gehlhaar

photo: Andi Weiland

For me personally this year was exceptionally inspiring. Due to my new position at Blogfabrik & DailyBreadMag I had the chance to meet and work with amazing people who are doing a hell of a job in making this city a better place for everybody. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe it’s my subjective filter that made me stumble upon more inspiring women than men. Since I think that the stronger sex (because women are stronger in all ways you can possibly imagine) deserves way more credit I wanted to list 10 inspiring women in Berlin for you to get to know here. These personal highlights are the fabulous women who made me laugh, cry and awe of admiration these last 12 month. Discover my selection after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on December 31st, 2015
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Doggy Style: Meet the Dog Owners of Berlin


photos: Zoë Noble

Our friend Zoë from Überlin is not only a talented photographer. She also loves dogs, which is why she started a new project involving man’s best friend. On her new blog When Olive Met Zoë shows her beautiful photographs of dog owners and their animal friends who she encounters in the streets when she’s out with her own dog Olive in London, New York and Berlin. We took a closer look at the Berlin portraits and selected some of our favorites to show you how many adorable animals are walking around in our capital. On Zoë’s blog you can get to know the owners, the dogs and a little background story creating a family portrait that is unique and charming. Check out some of the beautiful photos after the jump.

Yasmin by Yasmin
on December 16th, 2015
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