10 Awesome Podcasts from Berlin You Should Tune Into

The Kyoo. 

Whether you’re currently exploring previously unknown levels of boredom, or looking to take your mind off your own anxious thoughts around the continuing corona crisis, listening to some podcasts might be just what you need! Check out these ten diverse recommendations with topics ranging from yoga and meditation to news and culture. Some of the podcasts might also give you a chance to work on your German!


Europe to Date


Europe to Date is a Berlin-based podcast in English that tackles pertinent political issues. Each episode is hosted by the foreign journalists’ duo Clare Richardson and Rebecca Ritters.


photo: Europe to Date


BBQ – Der Black Brown Queere Podcast


The Black Brown Queer is a podcast in German co-hosted by Domink Djialeu (who’s also the co-founder of the party series Berries). Together with the co-host Zuher Jazmati, they invite guests to discuss issues especially relevant for queer people of color and their allies.


photo: bbq.podcast


Heiliger Bimbam


Rebecca Randak is the founder of the German blog fuck lucky go happy about yoga and spirituality. In 2018, she launched the Heiliger Bimbam podcast. Rebecca invites her guests to share their thoughts about all kinds of things, from personal choices and experiences to questions of how do we make the world a better place.


photo: Jule Müller


Radio Spätkauf


Radio Spätkauf is a podcast in English covering local Berlin news. It can become quite a useful tool to navigate life in the German capital if you don’t know the language. They even have an entire section dedicated to Berlin’s recent rent freeze.


photo: Radio Spätkauf


Hotel Matze


This podcast in German from one of the founders of MitVergnügen is a well of inspiration. You can browse through almost a hundred episodes featuring interviews by Matze Hielscher with all kinds of intriguing people.


photo: Hotel Matze


The Kyōō


The Kyoo is a podcast in German co-hosted by Michaela Aue, a Berlin yoga expert and a dear friend of iHeartBerlin. As Michaela said in an interview on the blog, the Kyoo is ”about everything that has to do with wellness and health”. Together with her co-host Anni, they interview experts from various fields. Some of the recent topics include the beauty industry, autoimmune diseases, and Tarot.


photo: The Kyoo




Schnapsidee is a podcast presented by Im Gegenteil, the German online magazine about all things related to love. Accordingly, the hosts of Schnapsidee muse on subjects such as sex drive, long-distance relationships, one night stands, and more.


photo: Schnapsidee


Tanti Table


Tanti Table is a podcast in English discussing ”Thinkers, Anecdotes, News, Taboos and Intersectionality of Berlin and beyond”. The hosts are three womxn of color, and together with invited guests, they cover topics as diverse as ”Carnival X Colonialism” or ”Literature X Liaisons”.


photo: Tanti Table Podcast


Pornceptual Podcast


Pornceptual podcast is only published every two months, but definitely worth the wait. Each episode highlights a particular electronic music artist and is accompanied by 5 questions each of them has to answer. Check out the archive here.


photo: Pornceptual


The Corona Diaries


In the Corona Diaries, the hosts Jill and Julia document the impact of the Corona crisis in Berlin by sharing stories from their lives as well as consulting others.


Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 6.43.02 PM.png

photo: Bear Radio Network



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