10 Fun Activities to Get Rid of Your Winter Blues in Berlin

The beloved cozy Christmas atmosphere with all its lights, markets and holiday feels are gone, even the excitement and glitter of New Year’s Eve has faded. The new year leaves us longing for more happy celebrations, but instead, gloomy January has taken their place to spread his dreaded winter blues. I can’t tell you how bad it gets to me, every time. Since I was very quickly over Netflix and couch after the fourth night in the row, I thought about what other activities in Berlin could brighten up this dark January. So this list goes out to everyone suffering from the January blues – let’s get off the couch and have some fun!

1.Make use of the season and go ice skating

Winter is here to stay, so we might as well make use of its cold and engage in some wintery activities! To me, going ice skating and making a huge dork of yourself together with your friends or your partner is essential to winter time and great to make memories. My favorite places to ice skating are the Horst-Dohm-Stadium in Wilmersdorf, the Eisbahn Lankwitz and the ice stadium in Neukölln!

photo: rawpixel

2. Take a stroll on an indoor flea market

In case you don’t want to spend another sunday on the couch or at Berghain, we got a fun alternative for you. We know that Berlin is truly a city for flea market lovers, even during winter season. Instead of freezing your butt off outside, come to stroll at the huge 3.000m2 indoor flea market at Arena and find peculiar things to wear or decorate your flat with! It’s located at Eichenstraße 4 and opens its holy halls every sunday and saturday at 10am.

photo: Andrea Padoan


3. Bring back the magic when listening to fairytales at “Märchenhütte”

Every winter, the ensemble of the Monbijou Theatre is bringing classic fairy tales written by the brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen to live. In order to give their performances that extra magical sparkle, they built three fairytale cottages in Monbijour Park called “Märchenhütte”. This is where they perform their fairy tale pieces during the cold months of the year. I went there many many years ago, and it was all in all so magical, I remember it to this day!

photo: Märchenhütte

4. Take your friends to a Spa

During the dark winter months, I often feel cold and tense with my skin dry from all the heating air. If you need some time to unwind and go on a mini vacation, try grabbing your partner or friend and treat yourself to a long day at a public bath or spa, anything that does not involve your bathtub – again. Take a steamy bath and have a good swim at Vabali or Ono Spa, Stadtbad Neukölln or Charlottenburg instead!

photo: iHeartBerlin


5. Take a walk through the warm glasshouses of the botanical garden

I know, summer is still months away, but wouldn’t it be nice to take a stroll in nature now, with your jacket off and warm humid air all around you? Escape the concrete jungle for a few hours and come to Steglitz to take a walk through the huge glasshouses inside berlins botanical garden, daily from 9am – 7pm. With exotic plants all around you, winter won’t feel that grim anymore, I promise!

photo: iHeartBerlin


6. Go for a wintery hearty dinner

With summer far away and the lust for dumplings, red cabbage, roast pork and fondue is still very real, you can finally ditch your kitchen and have someone else prepare it for you and your friends. We heard that Repke Spätzlerei has incredible Spätzle and Maultaschen, while you can try 30 different kinds of tasty Fondue at Feuer und Flamme.

photo: Jason Leung

7. Have fun during an indoor activity

The most important part about fighting your winter blues is getting off the couch! I know it’s cold outside, but how about engaging in a fun activity, that’s indoors and something else than Netflix? You could have a fun afternoon at Sprungraum, jumping on all their trampolines or get a solid workout while bouldering at the Südbloc bouldering hall. Also, have you already made a fool out of yourself singing karaoke at Monster Ronsons? Go for it!

photo: Alicia Kassebohm


8. Movie night and popcorn

With weather like this, we all like to get cozy and watch movies at home. Everyone can do couch and Netflix. Still, the blockbusters running at berlins mainstream cinemas don’t really seem to get us out of the house anymore. So, instead of going to the same cinema, again and again, we suggest you visit these sweet little program cinemas like Il Kino, Babylon, Wolf or Ladenkino, where you can enjoy an alternative movie program.

photo: Wolf


9. Visit a themed market and absorb the atmosphere

You have probably had your fair share of market strolls this winter, but never the less, visiting markets with your loved ones keeps being a charming winter activity, even though Christmas is over. The Arminius-Markthalle and Markthalle 9 are both hosting big indoor markets, that follow new themes and stage events every week. If you are a cheese and wine lover, into breakfast and books or delicious street food, get ready for a meet up with your friends for a glass of wine and food you’ve never tried before.

photo: Markthalle 9


10. Go experience a concert or dance show

In December we made lots of memories with our loved ones, why should we not continue to do so in January? When one weekend looks as grey as the other, it’s nice to light it up with an exciting event, that you can look forward to. Check koka36 and treat yourself to a concert or show at Tempodrom, a new theatre or dance piece at HAU or Volksbühne or check the diverse program of the amazing Radialsystem.

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