The 10 Hot Music Videos from Berlin Artists

Berlin, you have done it again. You brought forward one awesome series of new unconventional music videos that are as cool as your reputation is. We discovered 10 amazing music videos of Berlin-based artists that will teach you more about how the music scene in Berlin has changed and evolved.

Lotic – Hunted

Different, irritating and surprising – the music of American DJ J’Kerian Morgan aka. Lotic. He likes to wrap himself up in his sounds and melt into his music. Lotic studied electronic music and then moved to Berlin to refine his sound. Today he loves to share it with the nightlife of Berlin.


Poison Arrow – If You Do Not Love Me (I’ll Cut Your Face)

You may be familiar with Berlin-based DJ Natalia Escobar from long nights at Säule, OHM or Club der Visionaire. Now she has created the music project Poison Arrow produced by Konrad Black. Her single “If You Do Not Love Me (I’ll Cut Your Face)” is a tribute to Las Hermanitas Calle, a group of Colombian women who struggled to overcome adversity in a sexist country.


Milliarden – Berlin

The Berlin rock band “Milliarden” was born in 2013 originating from the meeting of singer Ben Hartmann with pianist Johannes Aue. Their music can be described as a mixture of indie pop and retro German rock, that has already found numerous enthusiastic fans.


Mikey – Paths

The Australian-born songwriter Mikey Woodbridge is touching some deep-rooted emotions with his track “Paths”. The music video of his hauntingly intense track combines the exploration of gender, sexuality, and expression of emotion through motion.


Lion Sphere – Keep Dreaming

Catch some serious summer vibes with Lions Sphere’s love session music video to their single “Keep Dreaming” from their debut album “A moving Sun”. The band’s unique sound is created by their own synthesis of each member’s musical and cultural background.


Lea Porcelain – Can I Really Decide

Let Lea Porcelain take you on a 4-minute ride through Marokko on their motorbikes while performing their single “Can I Really Decide”. The postpunk-duo from Berlin chose it as the third single taken from their Album “Hymns To The Night” – oh that 90s sound, what’s not to love?


SADO OPERA – You Make Me…Ah!

The queer Russian Berlin-based music group SADO OPERA  is giving us all the theatrical feels with their music video to “You Make Me.. Ah!”. Watch the iconic art scenes of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” (1908) and Magritte’s “The Lovers” (1928) being recreated. Both are repositioned to highlight the limiting forces of heteronormative romance. We love it!


HYENAZ – Proximity

The Berlin-based sonic artists of HYENAZ captivate us with their organic feeling techno translated into the excessive imagery of desire and escapism that create the energy of “Proximity”. Apart from their visual artwork in the video HYENAZ play with the intensity of their sounds that has us on the edge of our seats.


Olmo Rosenthal – Malakoff Kowalski

The Berlin-based Malakoff Kowalski moves his audience with his piano-single “Olmo Rosenthal” from his new album “My First Piano” with calm urgency. The video is simple, but that’s all it takes. At the piano, in black and white like from another time.


Catnapp – Fade

Catnapp combines R&B, rap, breakbeat, pop, drum and bass and other genres resulting in an intense and sometimes nostalgic atmosphere. The music video of the Berlin-based and Argentinian-born artist draws you in with its liquid motions and play of color, that goes perfectly with its ethereal sounds.

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