10 Dance Pieces to See at the Tanz im August Festival 2022

After two years of a compromised festival due to pandemic restrictions, this Tanz im August 2022 festival edition finally brings all the international dance artists back to Berlin to celebrate the art of contemporary dance. We made a list of the pieces we really look forward to watching. 

When most theaters and opera houses are on their 6 weeks summer break it is always a pleasure to have Tanz im August back in town to bring so many international talents and combine them with the Berlin dance scene in their program. The festival takes place at the most important dance stages in town and we are really looking forward to seeing the Haus der Berliner Festspiele again after their renovation.  This year’s edition not only has Adam Lindner and Jefta van Dinther as Berlin-based crowd pleasers but also some really interesting pieces from all over the world we listed below in our highlights.

What I was happy to read is the fact that the festival is giving a big focus to artists with an indigenous background in this year’s edition. It is time to finally hear the voices of indigenous artists on our western stages, not only to get out of our comfort zone on topics regarding colonialism and our violent past and the consequences today. But also because indigenous wisdom can teach us to save the planet or at least to try our best on it. Dancing has always been one of the strongest rituals to create a community. I hope this year’s edition will show us how beautiful and powerful this ritual is. 

Note: The below-listed pieces all have multiple shows/dates, the list only shows one date each. If you click on the piece you will get the full info and schedule per piece.

Tanz im August: Marrugeku – Straight Talk

Tanz im August: Sebastian Matthias – Urban Creatures

Tanz im August: Daina Ashbee – Time, Creation, Destruction

Tanz im August: Maija Hirvanen – Mesh

Tanz im August: La Veronal – Sonoma

Tanz im August: Jefta van Dinther – Unearth

Tanz im August: Urban Feminism – Strike a Rock

Tanz im August: Martha Hincapie Charry – Amazonia 2040

Tanz im August: Adam Linder – Loyalty

Tanz im August: Bruno Beltrão – New Creation



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