Scary delivery

Scary Video Still

Yesterday we got a strange delivery to our home: A pizza we haven’t ordered along with a 1GB USB stick that read 03/11 in black marker. On the stick there was a scary little video called “Pass auf mich auf” (Keep me save). See the video after the jump. The words “Don’t push the button” as well as the url briefly appear in the video. On the website you can see an elevator that counts down the levels from 0 to -11. It will reach subfloor eleven on monday the 19th. Who knows what will happen then? Prior to receiving this video we had already heard about it from other bloggers who received the same. Everyone has their own idea of what this could be. Viral Marketing, an alternative reality game, a trailer for a film or book. My guess would be it’s a teaser trailer for an art event with video installations. Or maybe this is part of a dissertation about the meaning of blogs for alternative advertising campaigns. Everything is possible these days… A list of all other blogs who received this after the jump. (11/11) (10/11) (08/11) (07/11) (06/11) (03/11) (01/11)

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