The best for 2008

Best calendars for 2008

The new year is coming closer and it’s about time to get a new calendar for 2008. Since the usual calendars with animals, landscapes and naked people are getting kind of boring over the years, we thought you might like our selection of art calendars. We picked out 4 that we liked best: The Küssen 2008, the Zozoville Kalendarium, the Spooky calendar and the Crackpot calendar. Read on for more images and details.

Küssen 2008 Kalender

Küssen Kalender 2008

Küssen Kalender 2008Küssen Kalender 2008Küssen Kalender 2008

The calendar is a limited edition print of only 190 pieces. It features a variety of artists from Berlin including Nepomuk and Boxi. You can get it for example at the cute little book shop Lesen und lesen lassen at Wühlischstr. 30 in Friedrichshain for 50 EUR. They also have other art calendars and a nice selection of German and English books.

Zozoville Kalendarium

Zozoville Kalendarium 2008

Zozoville Kalendarium 2008Zozoville Kalendarium 2008

The Zozoville Kalendarium is a limited edition print of only 50 pieces. It features the art of Johan Potma and Mateo whom we recently interviewed for our feature series The Makers. You can get the calendar for 39 EUR at the Zozoville gallery at Mainzerstr. 12 in Friedrichshain or at the book shop Lesen und lesen lassen.

Spooky Calendar

Spooky Calendar 2008

Spooky Calendar 2008Spooky Calendar 2008Spooky Calendar 2008Spooky Calendar 2008

Order the Spooky calendar online for 19,95 EUR here.

Crackpot Calendar

Crackpot Calendar 2008

Crackpot Calendar 2008Crackpot Calendar 2008Crackpot Calendar 2008Crackpot Calendar 2008

This small calendar is available for 14,90 EUR at Schwesterherz at Gärtnerstr. 28 in Friedrichshain or online.

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