Fancy Tree, Part 1

KaDeWe Winterreise 2007 

Christmas is less than a week away and I guess most people already have at least a bit of Christmas decoration in their houses. Unlike Americans, we Germans wait until Christmas Eve before we put up our trees and decorate them with ribbons and ornaments. I think this year you all might consider to buy some fancy new things for your tree. Here we have three suggestions where to buy the best Christmas deco in town.

KaDeWe Winterreise 2007

Let’s start with the number one place for all tourists: The KaDeWe. Although we prefer to review smaller shops there is just no way not to mention the KaDeWe, especially for Christmas. Their theme this year is Winter Journey and they have ornaments with popular sights of Berlin, London, Paris and Moscow, as well as glamorous Matryoska candles.

KaDeWe Winterreise 2007

When you enter the lobby and see all the shiny things you might think that most of it is not affordable. But if you start digging through you will find some nice ornaments starting at 1 EUR. There is some more Christmas decoration and ornaments, as well as wrapping paper and ribbons in the 4th and 5th floor.

KaDeWe Winterreise 2007

The KaDeWe is located at Wittenbergplatz, but I guess most people know where to find it. In the next few days it will be open until 22h and on Sunday it will be open from 13h-20h.

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