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Björk Declare Independance

Beloved crazy person Björk just released a new single from her album Volta that came out last summer. It’s called Declare Independace and it’s quite catchy actually. We could see this becoming a classic on the dancefloors of the alternative club scene. It’s one of the most interesting songs of the album that came out more experimental than fans anticipated. We actually don’t like the album that much because it has only a handful of songs that are enjoyable to listen to. Her previous album Medulla which was back then called the most unaccessable Bjork album has way more to offer. But we are pleased that she decided to release this particular song because it is one of the most controversial songs she has done so far. It reminds us a lot of Peaches by the way. The video was directed by long time collaborator Michael Gondry. The single includes remixes of Ghostigital (mostly noise and funny sounds) and Mathew Herbert (actually better than the album version, quite dark and grungy). See the video and listen to the remixes after the jump.

Volta (Digi Edt.)

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