Checking Email is the New Taking A Walk

The Future Gallery - Checking Email is the New Taking A Walk

What does this photo above remind you of? Right, it kind of looks like a MySpace profile in real life. It is part of an exhibition called “Checking Email is the New Taking A Walk” by Mikeyawesome at the Future Gallery this coming weekend. It elaborates on the theme of modern communication with different media. Read on for more infos.

“The FUTURE Gallery presents in its inaugural exhibition, Checking Email is the New Taking a Walk, new work from artist Mike Ruiz a.k.a. Mikeyawesome. In this exhibition the artist focuses on the phenomenon of online social interaction. In times of Email, Skype, Facebook, Myspace, and Second Life real physical presence is no longer necessary for social interaction. The times in which people indulged themselves in long conversations over coffee or taking a walk seem long gone. Nowadays we are chatting, emailing, poking or adding friends in the virtual realm. The possibilities of communicating that the internet provides are new and different, and they are revolutionizing the way we interact with one another.”

One of the most interesting parts of the exhibition is The Email Performance Project where he sent collaborating artists instructions via eMail to perform internet-based activitities in public settings. The image above is from that series.

This exhibition is first one of the Future Gallery, a temporary gallery space in Kreuzberg that functions as an experimental platform showcasing new and emerging international artists.

The exhibition will be open:

February, 22 (6-10 pm, Opening Reception), 23 (4-8 pm) and 24 (11 am-3 pm) 2008

The Future Gallery

Hasenheide 56

10967 Berlin

To find out more about Mikeyawesome visit his website at

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