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Starstyling Summer 2008

At least that is what the name of the shop indicates: Starstyling. While I have no confirmation of any celebrities who shop at this place I can assure you that you will find many pieces that you can only wear in a music video, or to a costume party. You can also call it vanguard if you want. Of course there is a lot of actually wearable stuff in this collection, too, but showing the eccentric outfits is just more fun, don’t you think? See some pictures of the shop and more exaples of their colorful summer 2008 collection after the jump.

Starstyling Summer 2008

Starstyling Summer 2008

Starstyling Summer 2008

Starstyling Summer 2008

Starstyling Summer 2008

The Starstyling collections seem to be especially popular in Japan as you can tell by their list of Japanese stockists. Their store is located at the Mulackstraße which is a side street of the Alte Schönhauser Straße in the Hackischer Markt area. This street has developed into a serious fashion zone with a lot of trendy boutiques opening up one after another.

Starstyling Shop Berlin

You can see their full summer collection on their website.

Starstyling Shop


10119 Berlin


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