Happy Easter!

Easter Special

The Easter bunny is really pleased. All of his baskets of the iHeartBerlin.de Easter Special have been found. We hope you enjoyed the little egg hunt and we thank you for participating. Read on to see what all of the baskets looked like, what was inside of them and where they were hidden.

Easter Special

Basket #1 was hidden at Redspective. It contained a CD with Russian music, a small comic book and Russian chocolates.

Easter Special

Basket #2 was hidden at Trueffelschwein. It contained 2 pairs of colorful Italian designer socks. The lucky finder posted about his discovery here.

Easter Special

Basket #3 was placed at Cupcake. It was filled with a candle, a Chai tea pack, a small kitchy bracelet, a pink key ring, a button and some stickers.

Easter Special

Basket #4 was found at Found. It contained a scented soap.

Basket #5 is shown in the first photo of this post. It was hidden at Episoda and contained a purple necklace.

We wish you all a happy Easter weekend!

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