Naomi Watts plays Funny Games

Funny Games with Naomi Watts

How violent can a movie be without ever showing any physical violence? Michael Haneke might answer you this question with a remake of his own movie Funny Games from 1997. In this psychological thriller a family played by Naomi Watts and Tim Roth gets tortured by two young psychopaths. In the original version the husband was portrayed by Ulrich Muehe whom you might remember from the movie The Lives Of Others that won the foreign film Oscar last year. Sadly, Muehe who played at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin for several years, died of cancer last summer. Read on for more infos about Funny Games.

Funny Games with Michael Pitt

Funny Games with Naomi Watts

When a friendly young man with white gloves knocks on the door of her holiday cabin to borrow some eggs, the young mother expects nothing evil. She doesn’t know that the young man and his friend are a couple of psychopathic serial killers. So she let’s in the men who will torture her husband and son. A sadistic game begins.

Funny Games will be released to German theaters on May 29th. See the trailer below.

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