Danse En France


I’ve witnessed a live concert of Fischerspooner a few years back at the MELT! festival and I remember being slightly put off by their bizzare stage show. The flamboyant singer Casey Spooner really had a wild energy going on while performing. Maybe it was the unfortunate timeslot in the early morning of the second festival day that didn’t let me get into it that much. But I totally loved their music when I first heard their records #1 and Odyssey a bit later. A new record is already in the works and they just released a set of two EPs that I can heartly recommend if you need to warm up on a Friday night before you go out. Read on for more infos and photos.



The two new EPs are The Best Revenge and Danse En France, we especially liked the d.i.m Remix of the later. You can get them at your local vinyl store or at iTunes.

There is a great new interview with Casey on knicken that you should definately check out if you want to learn more about Fischerspooner and listen to some of their new tracks. Below you’ll also find a link to their last album Odyssey.

Odysssey +2 [Digipack]

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