Art Weekend

Totally Berlin by Totally Wreck Collective

There’s a lot going on these days for our art friends. Not only are we in the middle of the 5th Berlin Biennial, there are also a bunch of other exhibitions opening this week end. In The Future Gallery you can see the work of the American artist collective Totally Wreck. The Strychnin gallery switches off their lights to show you the light boxes of French artist Bijou. On Friday you can see the revival of the 7. Produzentengalerie with a revision of their famous exhibition Alles ganz große Scheiße!! Dokumente einer Blockade (die Zeitungen der Frau B.). On Saturday you can join a Complaints Choir at the KW. And if that is not enough you can check out Wolfgang Tillmans‘ current exhibition Lighter at the Hamburger Bahnhof. More infos and images after the jump.

Totally Berlin
New Work from the Totally Wreck Collective

Opening Hours:

Friday, April 11 (6 – 10 pm Opening Reception)
Saturday, April 12 (4 – 8 pm)
Sunday, April 13 (11 am – 4 pm Closing Reception)

The FUTURE Gallery is proud to present Totally Berlin, an exhibition featuring new work from the Austin-based artist collective Totally Wreck. This exhibition marks the first European showing of this young group’s work. The collective consists of emerging American artists focusing on new media practices. The following are the current members: Ben Aqua, Johnny Cisneros, Mike Ruiz, Mark Hensel, Lanneau White, and David Salinas.

The Future Gallery
Hasenheide 56
10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Bijou at Strychnin Gallery
The Universal Order of the Kaleidoscopic Society of Skulls
Opening Reception: April 11th 2008, 19-23h
April 11th – May 12th 2008

Highly detailed kaleidoscopic landscapes in all colors of the rainbow. Skeletons meeting for a Danse Macabre. Vibrators set up like nuclear warheads between cauliflower florets and children’s toys: this is the multi-colored plastic world of French artist Bijou.

Strychnin Gallery
Boxhagenerstr. 36
10245 Berlin

The 7th Produzentengalerie lives: for one night only…
Dieter Hacker

Friday, April 11th 2008, 19-24h

Dieter Hacker reconstructs the exhibition Alles ganz große Scheiße!! Dokumente einer Blockade (die Zeitungen der Frau B.) (All Big Shit!! Documents of a Blockade [the newspapers of Ms. B.]), which he originally opened on April 11, 1974 in his Produzentengalerie. As in the 1974 exhibition, reconstructed here in its original space (but for one night only), the gallery is filled with the newspapers of a certain Ms. B, an ordinary citizen, who scribbled her copious and biting comments on the media and the world events reported in it directly on newspapers, day after day. The exhibition offers a unique view onto the period and the blurring of art and everyday life, while also paying homage to the aims of the 7th Produzentengalerie, which from 1971 to 1984, sought to reflect on artists’ working conditions and to imagine possible alternatives for a new “people’s art.” Dieter Hacker was born 1942 in Augsburg (DE), he lives and works in Berlin (DE).

7. Produzentengalerie
Schaperstrasse 19
10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

9 Easy Steps to Organise a Complaints Choir
Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen

Saturday, April 12th 2008, 20h

People like to complain. People like to sing. When done simultaneously—that’s a complaints choir. The initiators of the worldwide complaints choir movement, Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, will demonstrate how you, too, can organize a complaints choir. An evening full of complaints, video clips of choirs around the world, and an adhoc complaints choir conducted by Miss Le Bomb. Free entry! Free meal included! Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen live and work in Helsinki (FI).

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststrasse 69
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Wolgang Tillmans - Lighter


Wolfgang Tillmans

March 21st – August 24th 2008

German artist Wolfgang Tillmans became known in the 1990s with highly original portraits and snapshots from the realm of pop culture. In 2000, he won the coveted “Turner Prize” in London for an installation consisting of portraits, still‑lives and city views. Since then, Tillmans has continually expanded the range of his work, and has concentrated on photographic processes themselves, on the structures and properties of photographic paper. These new, often entirely “abstract” works stand at the center of this exhibition, the largest of Tillmans’ work to date in Germany, and consisting of more than 200 works from the years 1986 to 2008.

The title “Lighter” (i.e., cigarette lighter) refers to a series of works which revolve around the magical qualities of illuminated paper. Photography no longer functions here as a medium of representation, but instead mainly as a material object. In the so‑called “paper drops”, the real effects of the paper are translated into compositions that are almost graphic in appearance, and hence rendered almost “palpable”. Other works are dominated by printing processes, generating a provocative interplay between motif and surface, image and object.

Hamburger Bahnhof
Invalidenstraße 50- 51
10557 Berlin

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