Look for the Nines

 The Nines

Gary is an actor in a popular TV show. But as so many of his kind he is troubled. When his abuse of illegal substances causes him to have a car accident he gets put under house arrest. But having to be all by himself might be the worse punishment.

Gavin is a TV producer who’s shooting a pilot for a tv show with his best friend in the lead role. While the network is attached to the story of his show they are not so convinced about its star. So he has to make a decision between his friendship and his career.

Gabriel is a successful video game designer. When his car battery dies on a trip with his family he gets lost in the wilderness with only a dubious stranger left to help.

All three have something in common. They all notice something is wrong with the world. And it seems it is all connected to the number nine.

 The Nines

It’s kind of difficult to categorize the movie The Nines. Maybe that’s what makes the film so interesting. The first comparable flick that came to my mind after watching it was Donnie Darko, althoug The Nines is by far not as dark but equally mysterious. The main three characters are all portrayed by Ryan Reynolds whom you might have seen in Blade Trinity, Amityville Horror and, just recently, in Definately Maybe.

The Nines

Fans of Reynolds will be delighted to hear that his abs get a lot of screen time.

 The Nines

The Nines is the directional debut of John August who is a long-time-collaborator of Tim Burton, producing his films Big Fish, The Corpse Bride and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The film was produced independantly and first screened at the Sundance Film Festival of last year, before it got a limited release in the States.

 The Nines

It has not been released in Germany, yet, but you can get a UK-Import of the DVD with extra scenes and alternative ending from Amazon.de quite conviniently. See the link in the bottom.

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