The Magic Flute in Berlin’s Tube

Zauberflöte in der U-Bahn by Oliver Wia

It’s hard to overlook: The Magic Flute is in the tube. And just as everybody can use the subway, everybody can now go and see this contemporary version of the magic flute. Instead of obscure symbols and fairytale-like visions the audience gets served a series of slapstick moments and clichéd characters in a pseudo-modern setting of everyday life in the subway. Jokes about current personalities and wordplays with the original textbook are used to keep the attention in between the singing parts. It’s a pity that all the jokes make the Magic Flute anything but magical. But it seemed that the masses liked it and if you don’t, you better watch out for the queen of the night because she’s not the type of girl to mess around with…

Zauberflöte in der U-Bahn by Oliver Wia

photos by Oliver Wia

Die Zauberflöte in der U-Bahn

April 26th – May 25th 2008

U-Bahnhof Bundestag

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