Bloom of the Shops in Friedrichshain

Unglaublich am Boxi

Friedrichshain, and especially the area around the Boxhagener Platz, is surely becoming a hotspot for fashion shoppers. In the last few weeks a whole bunch of shops opened in that area and I think there are going to be even more come summer. One of them we already talked about this week: the Forme2 store at Wühlischstrasse with their own slick designs. If you walk from there towards the TV Tower you’ll come by the next new store which is Skid Row, specialized on sneakers and urban wear. A few doors down you’ll come by Frei & Wild a small place with lots of colorfull shirts and dresses from Barcelona. Read on for more.

Skid Row Store Berlin

If you walk back to the Simon-Dach-Strasse you’ll find another new clothing store called Waterproof. It sounds a bit like they’re selling diving suites, but what you’ll find there are sunny outfits and lots of accessories. Now take a right into Krossener Straße and grab a sweet treat at Cupcake and then take a left into Gabriel-Max-Strasse where you’ll find the last of the new stores on our list: Unglaublich am Boxi. They’re mainly selling samples from collections that haven’t gone into production yet, which makes some of the pieces quite unique. We also like the fact that they have an extensive range of guy’s clothing.

Forme2 Berlin


Frei & Wild

Frei & Wild

So here is the complete list of shops with addresses in the order mentioned above:

Forme2 – Wühlischstr. 26

Skid Row Store – Kopernikusstr. 18

Frei & Wild – Kopernikusstr. 22

Waterproof – Simon-Dach-Str. 14

Unglaublich am Boxi – Gabriel-Max-Str. 10

10245 Berlin

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