Kaltstart & Hack.Fem.East at Kunstraum Kreuzberg

Kaltstart Flyer

The „Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien“ at Mariannenplatz never belongs to Kreuzberg for me. When you step into the lobby it seems to be more of a strict boarding school. But when you pass through the lobby into the kitschy colored hallways the Kreuzberg feeling totally comes back to you. The art exhibitions that take place there are very often quite interesting and this time I think remarkable.

At the moment there are two different exhibitions. In the Project Space 1 you’ll find a presentation of the work from the winners of the Mart Stam Sponsorships of the Art school Weißensee. They present their works under the name Kaltstart which means a cold start…

Kaltstart - Maren Geers

Kaltstart - Maren Geers

Maren Geers

The most impressive work is from a stage designer called Maren Geers. Geers is capable of letting the audience search for the view in to her art pieces. In little boxes she hides humanlike creatures which perform different activities. On the boxes are written phrases which made me think and sometimes smile. But the most funny moment is when you realize that your are also in a black box with little holes where you can be observed from the outside.

Kaltstart - Fiete Stolte

Fiete Stolte


The other art-exhibition is called Hack.Fem.East and as the title already implicates it is about hacking, women and East Europe. We haven’t had the chance yet to see it but we will at the 7.6.2008 where there will also be a dance performance.

Hack.Fem.East - Zvonka Simcic

Zvonka Simcic

The exhibiton “Kaltstart” is open until June 1, 2008 every day from 12-7h. Hack.Fem.East is open until June 22, 2008.


Maren Geers, Bühnen- und Kostümbild

Berit Greinke, Textil und Flächendesign

Ildiko Hetesi, Textil und Flächendesign

Antje Kalus, Mode-Design

Fiete Stolte, Bildhauerei



Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

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