10 Reasons to MELT!

MELT! Festival 2008

The spectacular MELT! festival is only a month away and we can hardly wait for it to come. Last year we only had the time to be there for one night, but this year we are planning on doing all three days! If you haven’t made up your mind if you want to go there or not read on for our 10 reasons to MELT! and one to stay in Berlin.

10 Reasons to MELT!

1. The Sun

In the 11 year old history of the festival there has been only one time when there was rain and that was a really long time ago. In the last 4 years that I went to the festival it was always warm and sunny. But you might need a sweater for the night.

2. The Lake

The festival is right next to a lake so it only takes a jump to cool off.

3. The Location

Ferropolis is a former surface mining area and there are still some kranes and heavy machinery standing around and making up a fantastic scenery. When you walk away from the festival at sunrise you can see some amazing silhouettes that look like giant dinosaur skeletons.

4. The Camping

The camp sites are getting bigger each year. Due to the good weather it never becomes a mud fest like so many other festivals. The further you get away from the festival the calmer the camp sites get so there is a good chance you can actually catch some sleep. You might wanna think about bringing just a sun shield instead of a tent. Because as soon as the sun rises in the morning, your tent is going to heat up so badly that you won’t be able to sleep in it. There are no trees.

5. The People

The crowd is getting younger each year. So if you want to camp in piece choose your spot wisely. Since it is an electronical festival I was a bit afraid of the audience before I first came to MELT! But when I was there I just felt like being in a big cool club right in Berlin. I’m always amazed by how many acquaintances and old friends you can run into at MELT!

6. The Bands

Franz Ferdinand, The Teenagers, Hot Chip, Fotos, Hercules And Love Affair, Editors, Adam Green and Klee to name only a few…

7. The DJs

Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Steve Bug, Sascha Funke, Henrik Schwarz, Marcus Meinhardt, Ellen Allien, Alter Ego and many many more.

8. Booka Shade

These guys rock. Everyone who saw them last year was blown away and you will be, too. Can’t wait to hear the songs of their new album live!

9. Roisin Murphy

She is such a fierce performer and her new album is just a blast. Sadly, her last Berlin concert was cancelled due to an accident in Moscow and the substitute concert was sold out so quickly that we missed our chance. But now we will finally lay our eyes on her again.

10. Björk

This is Björk’s only concert in Germany for her Volta Era. And this might also be your only chance to see a live brass orchestra on stage any time soon.

And the reason to stay in Berlin:

Fashion Week!!!! Why did they put it on the same fucking weekend? This is not fair!

MELT! 2008

July 18th – 20th

80 EUR for all 3 days

65 EUR for 2 days excluding Sunday (Björk)


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