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Berlinstories Preview - Outfit by Visby

So far has been mainly about informing you guys about cool new stuff in town. Now we want to take it a step further and experiment a little in the entertainment section. Next week we will be introducing a new series called Berlinstories. Various authors will contribute witty little stories and incidents of their daily life in Berlin. To illustrate them we will make our own little photo shoots in a street style manner on locations and in situations related to the story. The outfits will be provided by stores and designers from Berlin. With our first story we will also introduce a new author: Dina. She will tell us a little story about a crush, a detour and the Rigaer Strasse. Read on for another preview image.

above: Dress by Raasta from Visby

Berlinstories Preview - Outfit by Episoda

Coat by Gestuz from Episoda

If you have a funny Berlin story you would like to share here on we would be happy to hear it.

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