I heart Rigaer Strasse

You know the problem. After a perfectly innocent and casual make-out session with a cute guy you kind of feel the urge to see him again, but you don’t want to give him the impression you’re running after him. And anyway it would be totally up to him to call you. In my case I had the fortunate advantage of knowing that he lived on the Rigaer Strasse, just as I do, only at the other end of it. This opened up a whole bouquet of opportunities for me.

It all started out by taking occasional but well considered detours over the Bersarinplatz, with one goal only: passing by his house. After a while these occasions became more frequent and without noticing it I had fully integrated the whole length of the Rigaer Straße into my daily way home. Not only did it give my life this little extra pinch of excitement. I also discovered that the Rigaer Strasse is actually quite pretty. A lot of nice old buildings, funny people at day and night, colourful, here and there a quirky old drinking hole, cute little shops in the side streets, and there’s this fascinating part of the street where the construction sites are located so unfortunate that you have to change sides every few steps.

All these little peculiarities inspired me to some adventurous actions I could take to raise chances of a “coincidental” meeting, like going to mass at this incredibly monstrous church that was practically across from his doorstep. Or I could dress up in fur and bling, walk up on one of the many squatted houses, wait until the radical anarchists start chasing me with paint balloons, and then run up his door desperately knocking for help.

You can tell that this street is a source of inspiration and joy for me. Even more than that. It became a piece of beloved homeland that I love to walk through so much that I totally forget to wonder if today’s outfit looks really good or just good. Sometimes I ask myself if my affection to this street is a little bit odd. But then again I feel so much at home here. This lovely stroll all the way down to my house became such a pleasure, how can that be wrong? And you never know who I could run into after all…

Outfits by Visby. Model: Anna Werner, Styling: Julia Karutz, Photos: Frank, Story: Dina

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